Itinerary for Representative Youngblood’s Funeral Released

The late Munah E. Pelham Youngblood

— Government opens book of  condolence for Rep. Youngblood as President Weah describes her death as a great loss 

Itinerary outlining activities leading to the internment of Liberia’s fallen lawmaker, Munah Pelham Youngblood has been released, with the grounds of the Capitol building was restricted, securities assigned at the entrances as president George M. Weah on Tuesday, August 4 led a delegation of members of the Executive to the signing of the Book of Condolence.

As state securities restrict people entering the grounds of the Capitol, members of the ruling CDC were immune from the restriction as they surrounded the building while few media institutions (especially government-run media outlets) were allowed in the rotunda of the Capitol building for the signing ceremony.

Speaker Bhofal Chambers of the House of Representatives led his colleagues while Senate Pro-Tempore Albert Toe Chie and the President of the Liberian Senate, Jewel Howard Taylor led members of the Senate for the signing of the book of condolence.

In a brief interview after signing the book of condolence, President Weah said: “We just pray that her soul rests in peace.”

The Liberian leader dressed in black clothing depicting a sign of mourning for the death of Representative Youngblood recounted his last interaction with the late Lawmaker. He said, “The lawmaker said she was tired and wanted to rest.”

Also speaking, Acting Foreign Affairs Minister, Henry Fahnbulleh, said “she was a floor fighter. She commanded her presence wherever she went”.

Following the President and his team and the Legislature were the Chief Justice and Justices of the Supreme Court, former Heads of State and Vice Presidents, the Doyen and members of the diplomatic corps, and political parties.

On Wednesday, August 5, the clergy, National Muslim Council, Autonomous Agencies, officials and citizens of Montserrado District #9, and the general public are to go and sign the book of condolence for the fallen lawmaker.

The body is also expected to be escorted from the St. Moses Funeral Parlor on Thursday, August 6 to the headquarters of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) in Congo Town, and on Friday, August 7 it will be taken to the Capitol to lie in state.  On Saturday, August 8 the body will be taken to the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex where the funeral service will be held and interment will follow at the Congo Town Back Road Cemetry.


  1. According to Weah and as reported by the Daily Observer, the late Rep. Youngblood confided in him saying “… she was tired and wanted to rest.” Now, wait a minute. How come she has not been laid to rest then?

    This lady died on July 8, 2020, and the time will soon approach a month from the date of her passing away till now. Is that how a confidential friend grants another friend’s death wish? Not by sight, and I beg to differ.

    Come on now Weah! Please stop using this poor woman’s death as one of your CDC campaign showcases. I did know her personally while she was alive and neither was I acquainted with her family’s or relative’s economic background. These are the ones who are now left to fend for themselves.

    But what I know as a fact, times are high for many folks in Liberia, and so one good deed you could do at this time in remembrance of this stalwart CDCian is to rally the base to collect some assistance for the family members instead of parading her body from one venue to another and engaging in empty displays of sentimentality.

  2. “Blamah Zoebohn Price”, so just because you may never again be given a government job, you are not able to think correctly? Or is it the nehnsee affecting you in your old age?

  3. She’s already dead keeping her for long will never bring back her life, that’s not the way of showing love . love should be showing to the person while they are alive yes she needs to rest she have suffer a lot.

  4. Alaska M Feika , be perfectly honest and serious in everything. The body has absolutely nothing to do with the resting of THE INDIVIDUAL – THE SOUL! The rest of one who has transitioned or has died, begins upon the “dropping” of that body! This is why MANKIND IS TOLD in all of the HOLY BOOKS: “DUST THOU ART WAS NOT SPOKEN OF THE SOUL”!!!


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