‘It Will Be a One-round Race’

-19 Senators, endorsing VP Boakai

19 Senators, endorsing VP Boakai

At a well-attended program in the Rotunda of the Capitol Building, 19 Senators from 14 of the 15 counties, yesterday performed an unprecedented political ceremony by endorsing the presidential candidacy of Vice President Joseph N. Boakai in the upcoming elections.

The 19 Senators included Geraldine Doe-Sherif (Independent), Montserrado; J. Milton  Teahjay (UP);  H. Dan  Morais (NPP); J. Gbleh-bo Brown (Independent), Maryland; Edward B. Dagoseh and Varney G. Sherman (UP), Grand Cape Mount; and Henry W. Yallah (PUP), Bong.

Others were Thomas S. Grupee (UP), Nimba; G. Alphonso Gaye (UP), Grand Gedeh; George T. Tengbeh (UP), Lofa; Morris G. Saytumah (UP), Bomi; Jim W. Tornonlah (PUP), Margibi; Armah Zolu Jallah (NPP) and Daniel F. Naatehn (ANC), Gbarpolu; Peter S. Coleman (Independent ) and Albert T. Chie (Independent), Grand Kru; Dallas A. V. Gueh (LTP); Francis Saturday Paye (Independent ), Rivercess; and Matthew N. Jaye (Independent), River Gee.

In the endorsement statement read by Senator Coleman, the Senators noted that the Vice President was chosen among over a dozen candidates due to his humility, resourcefulness, experience and most importantly his reliable and stable-mindedness in making decisions.

Coleman said the presidency of the country is beyond just being a Senator, and is for someone who commands respect in managing people.

“From what we continue to experience, this election is one round, and it will help government to save resources from printing ballots for a run-off.”

Vice President Boakai, who is also President of the Senate, thanked the lawmakers and said if 19 of 30 Senators he interacts with daily decided that he is the most suitable for the presidency, it shows that the people have spoken, because according to him, the Senators were elected based on the majority of their compatriots who trusted them by reposing their confidence in them.

“I agree that we need to make it a one round thing,” Coleman said.

The program was also attended by former lawmakers, prominent among them former Senate Pro Tempore Cletus Segbe Wotorson, who thanked the Senators for completing what they had earlier envisioned while at the Capitol Building.

None of the remaining 11 Senators of the country were around for their reaction to the event, but earlier Margibi County Senator Oscar Cooper during the Senate sitting described the endorsement as unconstitutional and unprecedented, calling the Senators “a group of 19.”  Sen. Cooper himself is running for president in the coming elections.

In furtherance of their endorsement the Senators meanwhile announced that they will be providing 100 motorcycles to enhance Boakai’s campaign for the presidency in October.


  1. How will Boikai be elected President when only 6% of all previous senators from Liberia’s senate Senator Jewel Howard Taylor from Bong County and Senator Prince Y Johnson of Nimba county were reelected?

    94% of these Senators will not return to the Senate.

    Joseph Boikai is really depending on broken stick!

    94% of these Senators will not be able to be reelected!!

    How the hell can they guarantee Boikai’s election when they will loose procedural legitimacy?

  2. Well it sure looks like Boakai has the momentum. However, politics is a funny game. It is not over until the final ballot is counted. All of the media, the polls and Washington heavy weights had written Donald Trump off, but he managed to pull off one of the biggest political upsets in history. We are watching.

    • D.J. Trump did not win by popular votes. In a truth DEMOCRATIC SENSE, everyone knows; Clinton won. If we had the same system in Liberia, as the UHon.Joseph Nyumah Boakai will win by a landslide. You bet!

      • Trust me brother we don’t need that electoral college system in Liberia. It is a complete opposite of what we think of democracy. It is a minority rule.

  3. Liberia is heading to the wrong direction! It’s unbelievable to see opposition senators endorsing ruling party candidate when most of the citizens of Liberia are living below poverty line due to the mismanagement of billions of dollars from the international community by the ruling party.

  4. Looking at what we see, this is only a publicity to persuade voters that Joseph N. Boakai will be the President regardless of voters’ choice. They are forgetting that this is an Election that carries one man one vote and the Candidate with the majority VOTES wins. The Election will not be decided by these corrupt and overly paid Senators. I also believe they are in FEAR that their ends are near. They will soon be private Citizens because they will be voted out of OFFICE and VP, Joseph N.Boakai will indeed loose the Election. Liberians have had enough of this corrupt Administration and their Leaders. It is time for Liberians to choose a NEW LEADER and get better result. THE OLD LEADERSHIP HAS TO GO!!!

    • VGG; I’d rather have J. Nyumah Boakai whom I know; than some one unknown to me. I sure won’t vote for any able body man/woman, who finds pleasure in riding a HAMMOCK on the heads/shoulders of INDEGENOUS LIBERIAN PEOPLE.

      • Mr. Freeman, African Tradition has longed been the practice of our Indegenous peoples. Riding a Chief in a Hammock is an appreciation and honor to our Leaders. It does not mean SLAVERY or force Labor. They were not forced to carry Mr. Cummings in a Hammock. Respect and Honor are the best ways to appreciate our Leader. Mr. Cummings will be your next President. The surprise is coming soon. Thanks

        • V.G; Mr. Cummings isn’t the Chief yet. I bet! He knows better. No matter what, he will never try that stunt again. As a matter of fact, this one is the beginning of the end of his Presidential ambitions. Some of our traditions time have come and gone. Riding a HAMMOCK ON THE HEADS OF INDEGENOUS LIBERIANS; by a Congo/Americo Liberian Presidential candidate is one of them. G, do you believe we should still pepper someone on their GENITAL when they do wrong? Or should we still be accusing People of Witch Craft just because they look different. Perhaps we should have trials by ordeal; no due process of Law. Those are all parts of our Liberian/African Traditions. How about that? By our African Traditions, each Candidate should offer a Human Heart to his God; for good luck. Isn’t that your logic? Come on “G” give me a break. You know better! My Regards!!

          • Henry, your contradiction and and views are odd when it comes to our Natives’ Tradition. I have lived it in rural Bassa. My Late Father was a Paramount Chief for (18) years in #3A Chiefdom, now called Gorblee District. Due to his overwhelming cares for his Native Peoples they showed many Practices as appreciations and taking him in a Hammock in time of a special Occasion were one of those appreciations. The practice that your are against has never been forced on our Native Peoples. Please, do not single out Mr. Alex Cummings as a slave Master. He is the most qualified CANDIDATE in the Liberian Presidential Election. He will win the Election. Believe this and Call me.

        • “G”; ok! Why don’t you advise Alex Cummings that when he goes campaigning; he shouldn’t forget his HAMMOCK and of course enough Natives, to carry him on their heads/shoulders… You didn’t answer my other questions. Please do. I’m waiting. Regards.

          • First of all , Mr.Cummings does not own a Hommock. It was used as an appreciation and showed of overwhelming support at that welcoming celebration of their next President. They saw a fresh Leader who is not corrupt and will create a better future for them. Take it from me, he will be your next President. A big surprise!!!!

  5. Sycophants trying to secure more gravy for themselves. This will just be a continuation of a corrupt regime that has held us hostage for 10 years.

  6. Is it only the ruling Party that rules the country?.What is the position of the oppositions who served in the Government?.

  7. Liberia is an interesting country giving the ways and manners in which some of Leaders conduct themselves.The very senators who crafted the Code of conduct are now using Capitol Building to endorsed a failed Unity party vice president Bokai.What sense does it make when we are keep talking about respecting and enforcing our Laws in order to make our country better.Is this action on the part of the Senators not a violation of the Laws? Is daily observer journalists objective when referring to senators like Sheriff Doe and sen.Coleman who were both elected on CDC ticket as independent? What an unprofessional journalism?

    • S.G; No! The Senators are not violating any LAW(S) of Liberia. Being a Senator, doesn’t forbid anyone from endorsing a Presidential candidate. We all have a Constitutional right to endorse/support who we want as our President.

  8. The Liberian Senate is not a ground for political endorsement and I wonder what is happening at Capital building? Do our people really understanding their roles in Parliament? I really think said move is backed by some hidden motive that are not intended for public good but private. Majority of these Senators have over the years acted in their self interest and I am sure this makes no difference.
    I just wish our Liberia well!!!!!!!

    • ATS; You’ve got to be kidding. That place sits at the helms of most political activities in Liberia. There’s nothing illegal; about the Senators’ ENDORSEMENT of the VP. It’s within the norms.

  9. Even if 19 senators will not returned to the senate, there will still be people who will cast their votes for them, and those votes will help Boakai to win. I believe they have the numbers as well. Also being able to convinced 19 senators and Ngafua, shows that Boakai will be a good administrator for this country.

  10. Do not mind this crap! This is A MERE CHEAP PROPAGANDA of which the Daily Observer is the ring leader. Even If all of the senators or the entire legislature it is no guarantee for AN UNPOPULAR CANDIDATE AND ITS HATED PARTY (the Unity Party) to even take a fifth Place…not to talk about qualifying for a run-of with such very populär coalitions, parties, and candidates as George Weah’s, Prince Johnson’s, or even Brumskine’s! Boakai IS DOOMED TO LOOSE BIG TIME!

    Remember, the 1997 election when all the so called book people supporter Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and she was only able to get 10 % of the vore as compared to the so called uneducated people 75% vore which landed Taylor in the Mansion?

    The two Most populär people in Liberia are George Weah and Prince Johnson whether “we” like it or not! And of Course, as happened Before, Prince Johnson’s coalition with Urey’s ALP is set to be THE KING MAKER which of Course, shall happily give their votes to their natural social and political allies – that very Huge and tumultous following of the football legend Senator George Weah whose rubbing mate Jewel Howard and her NPP supporters to whom neither the Brumskine, the ANC, not to talk about HATED BOAKAI AND HIS HATED UNITY PARTY IS A MATCH! So, again do not mind that cheap propaganda by a faction of THE ELITE AND Boakai’ s friend Kenneth Best who of Course would be against a President Weah!

  11. The real president that will develop Liberia is still in preparation. Joseph Boakia will not do any better than failed Ellen sirleaf. His presidency will serve only one purpose: to shield Ellen and her gang of rogues from prosecution.

  12. Siezie Siefa I agree with you that 94% of the senators lost their seats in 2011 and 2014 and most of them may be unpopular in their counties. But one thing I know and you know is that these senators still have people that believe in them. It is these people that believe in them that every presidential candidate want including the candidate you are supporting. If these senators were to endorse your candidate today, you and your candidate would have been happy persons today.

  13. Siezie Siefa I agree with you that 94% of the senators lost their seats in 2011 and 2014 and most of them may be unpopular in their counties. But one thing I know and you know is that these senators still have people that believe in them. It is these people that believe in them that every presidential candidate want including the candidate you are supporting. If these senators were to endorse your candidate today, you and your candidate would have being happy persons today.

  14. I here my people crying out. I will come to in August if the lord allows me. I am of the ROYAL BLOOD KING TOLBERT. I HAVE SEEN AND HERD ENOUGH. PRAY AGAIN I SAY PRAY

  15. “Picture is deceiving” as the saying goes, however, to me, Varney does not look well here. But then again, according to the reports, he danced to the cultural beats moments before the sad occurrence. We really pray that God breaks-up and extinguishes all the odds and bring His dear servant Varney on his feet. Varney Sherman is a fine man. Jehovah God in His divine omnipotence will certainly see His son through!


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