‘It is Sad Being An Innovator in Liberia’

Liberian innovator Reuben Murray

-Liberia innovator Reuben Murray Morris laments his struggles to get funds to start his company

Liberia is blessed with numerous talented people yet remain poor and undeveloped.

One reason for this situation is the lack of support for creative individuals like innovator Reuben Murray, who has not been able to find an investor or get support from the Liberian government for his business that could lead to economic boom and job growth.

“It is sad being an innovator in Liberia’s because you are unable to realize your dreams. There is no policy from the government or the private sector, most especially banks, to make substantial funds available for people like us.

“The money they [would make] available is not free because they will own share in the business which makes them entitled to a profit. I’m even giving up and don’t have the smallest hope that I will ever mass produce my innovation,” he said.

Some of Murray’s works include an engine control system for cars and other moving objects which are controlled via a cellphone by dialing a secret code to either start or stop the motorize object.

The engine control system works by dialing a code through the mobile phone to either deactivate or to start the car or the motorbike engine.

“If someone who is using the engine control system car is stolen, they can switch off the car engine by just by dialing the deactivation code, and it will immediately stop,” said Reuben in an interview with the Daily Observer last year.

Another one of Reuben’s creations is an electronic mosquito net, which goes up and comes down with the help of a remote control.


He also has made a backup system which protects a home from intruder or criminal. The system, when breached, immediately calls the house owner no matter his location who will then communicate with the individual that breached the boundary set up by the system.

Reuben’s devices, unlike other devices that protect homes, works without internet connections and a solar panel which makes it easy to use and accessible to all, regardless of their economic status if mass produced.

Reuben added it is impossible for Liberia to grow and meet up with developed economies in the world if the government and corporate entities do not support people with creative minds.


The Liberian innovator added that if people like him are empowered, it will lead to more creations that will have a positive impact on the science and technological developments of the country.

“The devices are workable but need some finishing touches, that’s all. Yet, I can’t get funding for it. It is about time government start to invest in innovation because it influences strategic planning which leads to wealth creation for the country,” he said, adding that in so doing, it would allow the country to improve on technological developments.

Realizing that Liberia is economically over-dependent on foreign-made goods, Reuben disclosed that he declined an investment opportunity from a Chinese national who wanted the company to be built in China and not in Liberia.

“I declined the opportunity because I wanted to use my talent to contribute towards boosting the economy of [my] country. If I had known, I would not have turned down the investment opportunity form that Chinese guy,” Reuben added.


  1. Most of what Rueben is calling his innovations, have long been invented and already on today’s market. I would be surprised, if no one already have remote-starter car(s) in Liberia. Rueben needs to speak to an invention and patent lawyer; to understand what’s new and what’s not new. You can’t call it an invention, when the product already exists. Most new cars coming out of FACTORIES are computer-equipped with GPS. If a car get stolen, the dealership have the code to shut-off the engine. Shutting off and starting vehicles remotely are nothing new. New car are so well equipped… Good Luck! Rueben. But, it seems you are “Reinventing The Old Mousetrap.” Best you can do in this case, is to wait until others’ patents have EXPIRED. Then you produce you own brand of existing products. Yours must be better than what ever is already available. You can’t use another person’s parts. You have make them-all your original. Unless, you’d be facing a “MASSIVE LAWSUIT(S).” Hey Pal, speak to A Patent Lawyer. There is no shortage of LAWYERS in Liberia. The Liberian Government is BROKED. Your best is to seek financing from The Banks and Private Investors. Perhaps you can offer the bank a share if they show any interest. Again, I YOU LUCK.

    • Henry – I as just about to comment on Rueben’s “Inventions” because he doesn’t know remote starter for cars has been on the market around the world for years now. And alarm systems that can alert homeowners have also been around for a while. He needs to do his research online to find out what’s out there before wasting his time trying to “re-invent the wheel.”

  2. Good effort brother. I highly appreciate your determination. You need to do a Facebook publication/advertisement of your intentions.

  3. iNTELLECTUAL PROPERTIES. this guy is a fraud he did not invent anything. I can go to any auto parts store in the USA and get all of the devices he just listed. Home depot is where i could find the alarms

    • You will be sued for INTELLECTUAL THEFT OF PATENTED DEVICES. nothing i see is new here this article should have been thoroughly vetted before publication. He is not an innovator he is just selling what others invented. these devices have been around for the last 20 years.


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