Islamic Scholar Calls for Peaceful Coexistence Among Faiths

Sheik Khalid Yasin

A United States-based Islamic scholar, Sheik Khalid Yasin, has said the peaceful coexistence between Muslims and Christians along with other faiths is needed to protect the future of Liberia.

Yasin said coexistence is an essential Islamic principle which must be practiced.

The 71-year old Muslim teacher advised the youth of all faiths against undermining the country’s coexistence by causing division.

Yasin told over 15,000 young Muslims on Sunday, October 22 at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium in Monrovia to respect “Scriptures, social and family values” in their drive to coexist with Liberians of different faiths.

Sheikh Yasin, who said he was a former gang member, urged the youth to seek academic or technical education, and to refrain from violence, terror, and destructive behaviors.

He advised them not to allow themselves to be used to bring chaos and division in the country.

Yasin said, “Life is like a passing boat, and they (youths) should not be allowed to drill holes in the boat of life of Liberia or Africa.”

He told the audience that “while Africans were asleep at midnight, strangers came and locked the doors of their natural resources and hid the keys. The keys could only be found if the youths are educated and have good behaviors,” said Sheikh Yasin.

He noted that since the Liberian Constitution is modeled after the United States Constitution, Liberians should not base the means to elect the country’s leaders on religion and must also not use only the Bible or the Quran in certain public areas.

He hailed President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for her 12 years of leadership, which he said were “peaceful,” and also thanked her for the peaceful transitioning.

He indicated that at the age of 78, President Sirleaf should be appreciated for “quietly turning over” the reigns of leadership to the next president.

Sheikh Yasin was invited by the Muslims United to Invite Scholars (MUTIS) to preach on the topic “The 21st Century Islam” as part of evangelism (dawah) by Liberian Muslims.

Sheikh Yasin is an American convert from Christianity and frequently travels to spread his faith. He calls himself a “Bedouin,” clarifying that “Bedouins” are willing to settle wherever there is “water and shelter.”

He has spoken on a variety of issues. In a 2010 documentary, Yasin said “in the eyes of God everyone is equal,” according to the principles of Islam, and that homosexuality is “a pervasive and a criminal behavior. But we need to be tolerant. We are citizens, we need to be tolerant.”

His lectures are aimed at reforming the Islamic community.


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