Mohammed, “Another Comforter after Jesus Christ”?

Sheikh Awal

Claims Visiting Sheik who says Christians should be tolerant of Muslims; Boko Haram and ISIS are not representation of Islam

A US-based Islamic preacher, motivational speaker and prolific writer, Sheik Ahmed Mohammed Awal, has said that in spite of Islam being the fastest growing religion in the world, misconceptions and misunderstandings have caused the religion to be secondary, violence oriented, and always at the back seat.

The Islamic preacher said the prophet Mohammed and Jesus Christ are both prophets of God, and that Mohammed is the comforter Jesus Christ mentioned in John 14:15–18, a claim that Christians worldwide would refute.

“If you love me, keep my commandments. And I will pray for the Father, and He will give you another Comforter, to be with you forever, the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees him nor knows him; but you know him, for he dwells with you and will be in you,” he quoted John 14: 15-18, a verse Christians worldwide know to be in reference to the Holy Spirit of God.

The Sheik spoke to thousands of Muslims at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium in Monrovia on Sunday, July 9, which marked the Liberian Muslim community’s first international Islamic Outreach Program, called Dawah, under the theme: “Peace, Reconciliation, and Religious Tolerance.”

Partial view of the crowd at the ATS who came to listen to Sheik Ahmed Mohammed Awal

The Sheik is in the country as a guest of several Islamic organizations, including the Al Noor Committee, the Liberia Muslim Women Network, the Muslim United to Invite Scholars and the Sisters in Islam, among others.

Sheik Awal claimed that the original text of the Holy Bible, which was written in Hebrew, mentioned the name of the prophet Mohammed, but the English versions called him the “unlettered prophet,” citing Isaiah 29:12: “And when they give the book to one who cannot read, saying, “Read this,” he says, “I cannot read.”

He stressed that Islam is a religion of peace, “and the way Muslims pray, prostrate and stand, were copied from the prophets, including Jesus Christ.” He said Abraham, Moses, and Joshua of the “Old Testament in the Holy Bible” prostrated to pray to God.

He quoted Genesis 17:3; Deuteronomy 4:30 and Joshua 4:15 as some of the many scriptures where prophets prostrated in prayer to God. The Sheik further argued that even Jesus Christ prostrated to pray, as indicated in Matthew 26:39 and Mark 14:35.

The Sheik frowned on the statement that Muslims worship the black stone in Mecca, which used to house over 360 gods.

Sheik Awal said the pilgrimage to Mecca to worship is scripturally sound, quoting Isaiah 21:13, which said: “The oracle about Arabia. In the thickets of Arabia, you must spend the night, O caravans of Dedanites.”

The black stone is a rock set into the eastern corner of the Kaaba, the ancient building located in the center of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, he said.

Meanwhile, the Sheik said Boko Haram and ISIS are not a representation of Islam because the Quran strictly prohibits the killing of another man.

He challenged Muslim and Christian leaders in the country to lead the process of national peace, reconciliation and religious tolerance among Liberians. He explained that religious leaders who command hundreds of worshipers at their places of worship have critical roles in ensuring the maintenance of lasting peace in Liberia.

Sheik Awal also wants the introduction of a regular interfaith dialogue in Liberia to enable people from various faiths understand the religions of others as a means of erasing the misconceptions and misinformation that are responsible for the problems in the country.

“We in America normally open our mosques under a theme called the ‘Open House’ where people of the Christian, Jewish and even atheists come in to read and understand the Islamic religion. Do not shut the door of your mosques to them, it also belongs to them,” he noted.

Sheik Awal also admonished Liberians to see the 14-year civil conflict in the country as a wake-up call for them to cultivate the doctrine of peace and reconciliation in their hearts.

In order to ensure lasting peace and reconciliation in the country, he urged Liberians to ensure the provision of quality education to the youth to shift their minds from hatred to love for their fellow Liberians.

Meanwhile, five persons publicly converted to Islam on Sunday after the Sheik’s presentation.


  1. Surprisingly, the implication of Sheik Awal’s statements makes sense. Never mind what we believe as Christians and Muslims, neither Jesus nor Mohammed is God: they’re prophets/ teachers who “prostrated” and prayed to the one God of Abraham/ Ibrahim. Perhaps, if we understand that the religious experience is actually a guide cum comforting in a world rife with strife, and the hoping for an afterlife – heaven – is a transitioning from such a terrible world, our different spiritual worldviews wouldn’t be causes for perennial hatred and wars.

    Even ancient Egyptian religion which predated Judaism, at one time in the worship of one God (the Sun god) while other religions worshipped multiple gods, believed that death is not the end of life. No wonder then the elaborate preparation for an afterlife through the building of pyramids, which stood the tests of times, mummification of their dead and the process of entombing them with the best of their worldly possessions including servants for the powerful. In other words, to live after death one has to be ready for the next stage of the imagined or expected existence.

    The Sheik is also on the money about coexistence of the faiths in Liberia to accelerate reconciliation and foster peace. But for the realization of that outcome, Liberia would need a spiritual rebirth, a sort of cleansing of the sins of murder for money we have been committing against one another for so long; and a cleansing for using the very political power the poor bestowed on us to deprive them of their ancestral lands and share of joint natural resources. Because, for heaven’s sake, how can any good come from a land occupied by men and women of such deadly greediness, heartlessness, and wickedness?

    Unquestionably, Liberia needed those comforting words of Sheik Ahmed Mohammed Awal, but, above all, she needs God to wash off evil motives and agendas; she needs God to guide our voters to elect honest conscientious patriots to start the serious task of sowing seeds of success – concord, unity, and progress. Indeed, not to make the mistake of choosing the same old same old sinister crooks who since the birth of our nation have been keeping it stuck in ungodliness, backwardness, ignorance and poverty: Thank you, Sheik Awal!

  2. Sheik Mohammed Awal’s message sounds as if it brings some kind rest within Liberians.
    Some kind of rest because, seeing what are being done in the name of Islam; ISIS and
    its forerunners Boko Haram, El Gada (Ben Laden’s movement) and Jihadists, etc .. it is
    not only Liberians who fear everyday of that kind of fightings in the country and the
    untold human slaughterings and destructions these delivered.

    But, there is only point I like to correct tough and it is what Jesus Christ promised his
    disciples- the comforter he delivered it. Indeed, it is not Mohammed as Prophet but a
    Holy spirit. Jesus Christ did indeed delivered that holy spirit to his disciples and not
    Mohammed at all!

  3. Thank you Mr. P. Allison Tarlue, Sr. for that take;” as personal as belief systems are, I admire the readiness to express your reservation. If electorates that are distrustful of deceitful politicians do vote with their conscience and not bellies, we should have an ethical, responsive, responsible, and accountable political leadership in 2018: Amen! Amin!

  4. I disagree with everything this Muslim is is saying even his deceptive on peace. Liberia is Christian in practice and the scriptures tells the trinity. Read Malachi 5-6. we do not need Islamic states like Guinea, Arabia, Senegal and others to tell us about our Lord and savior Jesus. We are already on our way to the Father. Liberia is a Christian State already and fiasco Imams will not show us to argue on these facts nor vote to be saved. If Muslims believe in God, Why are them looking for more states. God says we must believe on the Lord and savior Jesus Christ, the son and thou shalt be saved. If I screw a Muslim woman and she gets a son or daughter for me, I do not care if the child believes in a religion or not when he reaches voting age. I do not argue religion. I am a Baptist.

    Do not reply me. I am reading my Holy numbers.

  5. To whomsoever; your comment is an argument, therefore, to say “I don’t argue religion” ….

  6. It is a wise decision when a native reclaims his name rather than hiding in disguise under a settler’s name.
    A faith or belief is not arguable. You take it or leave it. Converts to Muslims as “your comments” must have a choice. Are you a settler or a native? Do you think Muslims believe in God? Argue this and see where you go.
    Vote to elect and not to save. Do not chat with me. This is not a chat room. Respect yourself.
    Chat with the Liberian voters. The media or God.
    Gone to 57% silent majority,

  7. Mohammad was a pedophilic, genocidal demon worshipper. Yeshua is the Lord’s Messiah. NO CONNECTION WHATSOEVER! As for the pedophilic, genocidal demon worshipper being a “comforter” who “dwells inside us”, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell people who go for that.

  8. Islam is Satan’s religion created to make Mohamed Satan equal or greater than Christ Jesus. Islam and ALL Muslim believers condemn themselves to eternity in a place of damnation they cannot even fathom, HELL!

  9. Religious messengers should refuse public properties claim to only holy possessions in Liberia for God’s sake. On the other hand, campaigners and government employees who resign public positions must turn over government’s property to GSA or agencies responsible for save keeping public properties until the next administration comes in on October 2017 to receive proper entitlement from the present silent 57%. Whether before or after elections, the Liberian public will seize its property where ever it is seen in the nation anyway. Let the people(voters + abstinence) know.
    Gone to silence.

  10. @Sylvester G. Moses, your above threads was well written. This is my two cents( (opinion) The lord works in a mysterious way, his message of deliverance and delivery is beyond any human thoughts.Who are thy (any mortar being) to condemn, how, who the messengers or message of the lord words of peace, and unity should and shouldn’t be espouse? When espousing the name of God, all beliver of faith should embrace, worship and praise his God as they see believe.
    Stop this holier than thy crap, and judge no one but yourself. The transformation of man good or bad, will be judge only by God, the creator of all.

  11. Why print the ballots in Europe? Print it in the United States for nothing. Ask U.S. Government to print instead begging for Health care money to corrupt.
    Tell the Liberian people. Gone in silence.

  12. To compare the Son of God to a pedophile and wife beater is ludicrous, and totally expected. Only those uneducated that refuse to seek the truth will be fooled by this misled article, and author.


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