Islamic GroupJoins Poverty Fight


A local Muslim organization, the Islamic Society of Liberia for the Advancement of Mankind Incorporated (ISLAM), has donated US$4,000to residentsofBarchue Community, Congo Town.

Barchue Community is an impoverished settlement, where baby mothers, children and the elderly are struggling.

Sheik Imam Mohammed A. Dukuly, founder and CEO of ISLAM, said the donation was part of the organization’s way of identifying with people residing in the area and who are living in deplorable condition.

Mr. Dukuly noted that it is very frustrating to see the masses suffering and cannot help them, and as such, “My organization thought it wise to be a blessing to them because they earn less than a dollar for ends meet.”

According to him, residents of the Barchue community are poverty-stricken, who need attention from humanitarian organization toenable them sustain their families.

Quoting the Holy Quran, Sheik Imam Dukuly said it is obligatoryforevery Muslim to at least seek the wellbeing of God’s people.

In this vein, the Imam said it is theirdesireto make people important of being human as others are.

ISLAM incorporated also pledged to providehousingmaterialsas well as manpower to renovate make-shift structures for poor families in the community.

Earlier, ISLAM’s head of communications,Momodu Sirleaf, said the organization’s paramount aim is to provide minimum assistance to people in need.

Residents of the community thanked the Islamic organization for the gesture and promised to use the funds wisely.

The moneywasdivided in various amounts in accordance with need of families.

Some received US$60, $100 and $140 in separate envelops based on condition and need identified by ISLAM.


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