Isaac A. David School Clocks 50

The main campus of the school in Paynesville

What started on March 3, 1968, as study class by Mrs. Sadie Deshield and Mrs. Christine T. Norman with just 11 students, only in the beginner class, has grown to a full-fledged standardized high school with current enrollment of 375 for academic 2017/2018 with a limit on the number of student per class.

This figure represents pupils from the pre-grade class to 12th grade.

Now at 50, the Isaac A. David Memorial School, located in Paynesville City, has some of the highly qualified instructional and support staff, who are working diligently and tirelessly to ensure that the students acquire quality education in a clean, safe, healthy and secured environment.

The upcoming fête, which the administration described as, “Golden Jubilee Celebrations,” will be held under the theme, “Fifty Years of Excellence and Still Counting….”

As parts of the activities, the administration over the weekend released the calendar which they say will begin on Sunday, March 11, with Thanksgiving Service to be followed by parade and contests on Monday, March 12, beginning at 8:a.m. respectively.

Other activities will include an indoor program (Tuesday, March 13), Costume/talent show to be characterized by life skills sales/science Expo (Thursday, March 15), sporting events are planned for Friday, March 16, to be climaxed on Saturday, March 17, by jamboree/Life Band Music that will bring on stage burlesque of cultural shows/Life skill Sales.

According to release, the goal for the 2017/2018 academic year includes, but not limited to the construction of a multi-purpose building to contain a gymnasium and an auditorium, and the upgrading of the school’s Department of Sports to motivate teams to bring victory from most games, if not all.

“We give God the glory for 50 years of service to the country’s student community,” the release said.

When the school was established, classes were held in a rented building at the start and within a few months, a parcel of land was acquired for the erection of the school facilities.

In December 1969, construction work began on the first building under the leadership of the leadership of the late Mrs. Victoria A. Tolbert, then chairperson of the Board of Directors.

Mr. Isaac A. David, Sr., in whose honor the school is named, formerly served as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

Authorities of the Ministry of Education has accredited and registered the school as a full-fledged senior high school offering Computer Science and Life Skills to students from grades 6-to 12, while Domestic Science is taught from grades 5-9.

Meanwhile, the school invites all parents and the public to attend the various activities in support of the students.


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