Is Rep. Korgar Behind Proposed Nimba Division?

Rep Korgar, 2nd from left receives the petition

Last Monday, a group of Nimbaians seeking for the division of Nimba County on the popular Facebook page, “Nimba Future Generation,” presented a petition to Nimba District #5 Representative Samuel G. Korgar at an entertainment center in Monrovia, calling on him to present the petition on  their behalf to plenary.

In his reaction on Radio Kehgheaman on May 24, Representative Korgar defended those pushing for the division of the county by citing several constitutional provisions, which he claimed call for the right of citizens to freedom of expression and also the right of the legislature to create a new county.

He could not say categorically whether he is in support or not but argued that it was the citizens’ right and, as sitting lawmakers, they can present a petition if they deem it necessary.

According to Korgar, the group wants Nimba to be divided into three counties and to be named Northern Nimba County, comprising of Sanniquellie Mah and Gbehlay Geh; Central Nimba County, which will include Zoe Geh and Saclepea Mah and Southern Nimba County, which will comprise of Yarwin Mensonnoh and Tappita, respectively.

Representative Korgar said there will be six senators if Nimba is divided in line with the petition presented by the group of citizens. He explained that Nimba will have a regional status and the Gio and Mano will still have their traditional link.

“If the county is divided there will be less people contesting for the representative seat; there are going to be six senators and there will be more job creation,” he said on the radio.

When asked whether he is in support of the bill, he could not say yes or no. Rather, he said, he will consult his constituents and whatsoever they say will be his position.

It may be recalled that Representative Korgar met a major challenge in his second term victory in the last election and there still remains strong political differences in the district.

He and his cousin, Senator Prince Y. Johnson, from the same town and quarter are yet to settle their differences, after the war of words in the media, which almost led to Representative Korgar losing his position in the new government.

It has been insinuated in Nimba that there are some lawmakers who are strongly supporting the call for the division of Nimba. But with Representative Korgar single handedly receiving the division’s petition, many callers believe that he is the main character behind the division.

Many prominent and influential leaders of Nimba County have repeatedly opposed the division of Nimba, with some of them arguing that the greatness or uniqueness of Nimba is based on the population and the traditional link among the tribal groups.

Among the lawmakers who appear to be against the division of Nimba are the newly-elected representatives, which include Roger Domah of District 7, Dorwon Gleekia of District 6, Edwin Sonwabi of District 3,  Johnson Gwaikolo of District 9 and Jeremiah Koung of District 1.

In the reconciliation ceremony in Ganta recently, Rep. Domah and Sonwabi definitely stood for one Nimba and promised not to listen to anyone who would use the media to divide the county.

In 2011 Nimba’s division came under the spotlight after the general elections, but it died down slowly after a majority of the citizens opposed it.


  1. These are lazy politician who has no new ideas for the development of our County . Division is not development because County development fund of $200. 000 will not and can not build a single Middle School for the new County

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