Is President Weah Involved in Corruption?

Representative Kolubah maintains that President Weah’s string of ongoing construction projects around Monrovia are being financed by money illegally sourced from state coffers.

This is the question lingering on the minds of the public in the wake of a spate of allegations by Montserrado County District #10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah, accusing President George Manneh Weah of involvement in corruption.

Appearing on a local talk show on Sky FM recently, Representative Kolubah accused President Weah of complicity in the alleged missing billions of Liberian dollars, as well as in the alleged misapplication of the US$25 million said to have been infused into the economy by Finance Minister Samuel Tweah.

Representative Kolubah maintains that President Weah’s string of ongoing construction projects around Monrovia are being financed by money illegally sourced from state coffers. Defending his claim about the huge sums of money being spent on the President’s various construction projects, Representative Kolubah challenged President Weah to prove him wrong by publicly displaying his (Weah’s) bank statements since January 2018 and declared he would resign his post as lawmaker, should President Weah prove him wrong.

Continuing, he declared that information available to him shows that President Weah’s combined bank accounts at the Ecobank and the United Bank of Africa (UBA) did not exceed US$10,000 while his Chase Manhattan Bank account in the US was in the red.

He noted that President Weah, when serving as Senator for Montserrado, told a US court in a child support case brought against him by Meapeh Kou Gono, that he was earning a monthly salary of US$1,000 which was not enough to provide him the ability to pay child support claims.

Stopping just short of declaring that President Weah was untruthful in his deposition before the US court, Representative Kolubah wondered how come President Weah would now be spending huge sums on personal construction projects when he had made a sworn statement declaring that he was virtually broke.

The lawmaker maintains that attempts are being made to silence him by threats of expulsion from the House of Representatives, which he insists will not work. According to him, some of his colleagues, having taken on to themselves lawyer roles, are suggesting that they should organize their law firms and place them at the disposal of the President.

He reminded House Speaker Bhofal Chambers of what he termed as gross disrespect shown to former President Sirleaf by then Representative Chambers who, according to Representative Kolubah, called the former President the worst names and even refused to shake her hand when she extended it.

In a related development, and in what appeared to be an attempt to heel Representative Kolubah into line, some of his colleagues have called for the House to also invite Hot Pepper publisher, Philpbert Browne, to provide explanations or reasons for accusing President Weah and some legislators of having received, for their personal use, portions of the alleged missing billions.

Publisher Browne, appearing on a local talk show on November 14, 2018, claimed that he had evidence to show that about 50 legislators had received bribes for authorizing the printing of L$15.5 billion banknotes, stating that they received the money at two separate locations in Monrovia.

One of such locations, according to Browne, was at the parking lot of the Central Bank and the other at the T-Five Academy, a school said to be owned by Montserrado District #5 Representative Thomas Fallah.  Browne and Rep. Kolubah have both been accused of defaming the President by falsely accusing him of connections to the alleged missing billions.

Meanwhile, a phone call placed to the Executive Mansion to get reaction to Rep. Kolubah’s public comments was met with a rather curt response from Mr. Orlind Cooper, who declared that in the absence of a Press Secretary, all such queries should instead be directed to Information Minister Eugene Nagbe.

When contacted for reaction to Representative Yekeh Kolubah’s claims, the Information Minister simply responded with a text message which read: “Those comments by the representative are completely ludicrous; they deserve no further response from the Government at this time”.

But aside from Representative Kolubah, many other Liberians have expressed concern about what they say is a sudden but high increase in corruption since President Weah assumed office. A recent Afrobarometer survey reports that almost half of Liberians say the level of corruption in the country has increased.

The government institutions that are most widely perceived as corrupt, according to the Afrobarometer survey respondents, are the Liberia National Police (62%), the National Elections Commission (49%) and the National Legislature (49%). Rather interestingly, a large majority (83%) of Liberians say the rich are more likely than ordinary persons to get away with paying a bribe or using personal connection to avoid taxes; avoid going to court (89%) or register land that is not theirs (87%).

It can be recalled that President Weah, in his inaugural address to the nation, promised to fight corruption and warned his officials that now was the time to work in the interest of the Liberian people and not for themselves, stressing that those found in corrupt acts will face the full weight of the law.

“It will be my task to lead this nation from division to unity. I will not let you down. It is my belief that the most effective way to directly impact the poor, and to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor is to make sure that public resources do not end up in the pockets of government officials.” Those promises, according to observers, have since fizzled out as government officials appear to be making sure that public resources end up in their pockets.

They cite as examples, his failure to act on the recommendations of the Special Presidential Committee set up by him to probe into allegations of bribery against former officials involved in the crafting of the ExxonMobil concession agreement; his laissez faire approach to the alleged infusion of US$25 million into the economy; the case of the missing billions and the failure of President Weah to make public his assets declaration as required by law.

Meanwhile, the probe into the alleged missing billions continues with no end yet in sight. The Liberian Senate had, on November 20, invited to public hearings, Central Bank of Liberia Executive Governor, Nathaniel Patray, Deputy Executive Governor Charles Sirleaf and the co-chairman of the Technical Economic Management Team(TEMT) to provide explanations on the missing billions, the US$25m infusion into the economy and the general sate of the economy.

The hearings were however cancelled as presiding officer Senator Albert Chie informed the TEMT that Senators would instead submit written questions to them for their response.

“We expect that you will give written answers to whatever the senators present to you, plus a written presentation that we expect you will also give in return. Because of that, we will not entertain a discussion with you today, but we will postpone this hearing to a later date to be decided by plenary, during which you will come up with a written report on the questions we give you.

“This will include issues that may be on your mind, and in addressing the state of the economy; the alleged missing Liberian dollars and the infusion of approximately US$25 million in the economy. So that is the decision of plenary, and you are hereby discharged, but we will call upon you another day,” Pro Tempore Chie told the CBL Executives.

Whether the matter will be laid to rest soon remains a matter of conjecture. And although the President’s men appear to be fast losing the support and confidence of the public, President Weah, however surprisingly enjoys the trust of over half of Liberians (55%) according to the recent Afrobarometer survey.

But judging from preliminary polling results from the just concluded by-elections President Weah’s appealing image could soon lose its appeal and luster.


  1. How much did the President worth, $85 million(by international sources earned from his soccer activities) prior to January inauguration was nothing to hide, is also a key issue to consider to see whether this President has any reason to default Government’s revenue in the collection. How much does this Representative think or have to proof that the President has spent on his personal investments is what the public should know from this lawmaker and his partners in the claim on the President. To build a solid investment for a few one or two million U.S. dollars looks so big in the eyes of past lusty Officials and journalists who have never seen such personal improvements of Liberians who got money is a pity. There were many Liberians in and out of Liberian who had and have more money than this Liberian President in and out of the nation right now, bu t made no real personal or infrastructural improvements to benefit the standard of the nation. So to capitalize on the President personal finance to justify his involvement in the missing is superfluous in the investigation. This does not mean that a one does not have the right to know but to conclude and accuse some proof should be presented. Any Liberian President, when in power during his administration, is the head of the security officers investigating missing Liberian finances and has access to handling any of the amount found until placed in the national coffer. As head also of the Executive branch, in the process of executing the laws, has the right to handle any FOC which should be confidential as evidence in the making until revealed to the public. When the media tries to get ahead of the executive function with some officials of Government conniving others to conclude non-functional bars, they have to present evidence for connecting statements. Show the public that the executive has corrupted his function by proof that he has personally misused the missing Liberian dollars. The Chief Executive gives an annual message once a year; the time for the President to reveal all security matters, including this missing Liberian Billions, to the Liberian people. One of the minor causes to our conflict in Liberian past is lack of trust in security operations in the Executive among agents themselves which caused the news to be leaked out to journals before the findings were resolved. Securities checking on securities and forgetting their areas of assignments missing the actual targets, because each wanted a share of the corrupted cash to become corrupt too. This should never happen again. We one accuses a Liberian leader of an act contrary to his function, you must show some evidence that warrants impeachment or dismissal. If not proven, this should be grounds for the Representative resignation or impeachment buy his colleagues in the house. Do you think those making allegations want some of this collection too or is they have the facts? The Liberian people will be told and waiting to see for themselves. Do not answer me.
    The silent majority is in silence.

  2. In short, in Liberian language, show the public some proof of this President’s actions in the finding of the missing billions. Otherwise your journal might be dismissed while your county’s people might vote you out for lies.
    Answer the Liberian people. Not me.

  3. The Office of the President of the Republic of Liberia is the head of the Executive Branch of the Liberian Government, The Commander-in-Chief of the armed Forces of the nation, and displays personality as regards. Even though, each branch of the Liberian Government has equal powers on par with the other 2, their functions are separately not the same. When the President’s Office is becoming reduced to a low level by accused activities irrespective his renegades and comrades, it is the duty of every Liberian to become concerned about upholding the power and prestige of the Executive and his Office until proof is presented to the people by his accusers of undesirable actions against the provisions of the constitution to dutifully relieve him. Notwithstanding, reason for the entire nation to reprimand, if found guilty by legislation in the case impeachment of prefix thus affixed. Every Liberian under the code of conduct is protected, even the President, equally under the law to repeal reprisal. Therefore, if a legislator charged with sustaining the law is corroborating with insiders or outsiders, attempts falsely to remove the nation’s leader with an accused allegation, such lawmaker should be suddenly removed from the legislative branch by impeachment just as much. Tell Liberians.
    Register voters are majority in silence.
    Any X-mas yet?
    Happy New Year.

  4. John Stewart, a fraud like you who FEW MONTHS AGO swore that President Weah would have never won the presidential election, WOULD OF COURSE, give credence or even promote anyone making the irresponsible and foolish utterances made By Yekeh Kolubah.

    The fact is that the people are aware our president is not corrupt at all. And he is doing very fine to make the lives of the Liberian people better. At least, I any many other elderly Liberians are now sure that our children and grand children can achieve any degree in education they desire as is the case with any child of the rich or powerful.

    No body who is so corrupt would ever do for his country what I read on FPA through a link what George Weah did for his country when he was not even a politician.

  5. Weah didn’t worth no 85 millions, if so he would have long renovated his house on the rehab road before becoming president. This is where we draw our conclusion . This government is self defeating and its beginning to manifest.

  6. Robert Stevens, your conclusion is illogical and makes no sense. George Weah built a very big and baautiful mansion in Gardnersville, and you people burnt it down. So if you would be that unreasonable to hastily build another house for people to burnt down, George Weah is not stupid as you . Now that the man is certain he cannot build another house which would be burnt down, especially, when he is the commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Liberia, he has made a very sound judgement to build at this time. So your premise and conclusions are as poor, weak, flawed, and very wrong as is your reasoning so wrong.

    • if he was so rich then WHY DID GEORGE WEAH TELL THE NEWTON COUNTY JUDGE THAT HE ONLY MAKES $1000 A MONTH WHEN HE HAD TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT? HIS INCOME AS A SENATOR WAS $15,000 A MONTH. WHAT KIND OF MAN DOES NOT PAY CHILD SUPPORT? How can you build a mansion if you telling a judge under oath in court that you only make $1000. Matilda do your research


  8. Okay, let’s say the President made about $85 Million during his professional soccer career. Where is the money now? The idiot is broke like a Church House rat. During the 2005 elections when he last declared his income and assets, he was worth about $1.5 Million. Hmmmmm, what happened to the $85 Million. As a Senator for Monsterrado, he earned up to $540,000 in three years. That’s $180,000 a year and $15,000 a month. When he was sued in the US by one of his many girlfriends, he lied and said he was only earning $1,000 a month as a senator.

    As a senator, why didn’t he renovate or rebuild the houses he’s constructing now? I am sure he could have done that if he wanted to, but he had to spend most of what he earned in the senate to finance his extravagant lifestyle. His businesses in the US state of Florida went bankrupt. He did not sponsor the elections he ran in as he made lot of his supporters to believe, rather it was CDCIANS who through their dues supported the elections financially.

    If the dude was this rich as he’s making people to believe, why is he not declaring his income and assets to the Liberian public if there’s nothing to hide? I agreed he was generous during his playing days, but he did not use his money wisely and was broke and had every intention to loot the coffers of the Liberian Treasury, hence he tried so hard to get elected by fooling the masses. But the Chickens are coming home to roast, and it is time our idiotic president is exposed for his day light thievery and robbery.

  9. How much have we accomplished financially in our own lives is a question for those who have become personal auditors for others. While some were fighting some were earning money to be wealthy. Some were stealing away from the war too. It is a European source,,,read some more, that this President achieved his U.S. 85 while in active soccer. However, discoveries can be made. Some Liberians discovered their additional out springs when their children become men or women not noticing that they had the wrong fraternal names all years. You should know Liberian women, if you are a Liberian. Liberian women when pregnant for a Liberian man out of marriage, will not tell you the belly is for you especially when they or their parents are rich. As soon as they put the baby down to be left to their parents if the relationship was not loving only and move on with family plans with school as the excuse for not giving the child’s fatherly origin. Not like us fortunate who have our actual names today, many Officials today carry their grandparents names instead their parents. How much child support have you paid in Liberia for all the children you have made from random sex? We will not allow concupiscence to confiscate the office of the Presidential suite of Liberia since all owners of this parcel of land should protect the Executive seat to secure for generations now and ahead. Blind connoisseurs will not pretend to better than others right to safety or most selective just to return again to gain power without the appropriate election and appointed system. All Liberians, regardless status, owns the right to acquire personal livelihood, which is not similar to public property, under the law. From past experiences, pallet chickens can no longer be served at the Executive dinning room table. We should wait until after the New Year’s annual message to the nation to complete the required Presidential interrogation dinner. Tell the Liberian people.
    The registered silent majority still has 57+ percent of the votes.

  10. All these aguements will matter not, I think we should go on the drawing board to diagnose the wrongs. Obviously once the process was not properly followed doubt steps in and distrust also becomes an hallmark.
    I think disrespect for the laws will naturally hurt all those trying to play games with the Liberian people. Enough is really enough.

  11. An angry, arrogant and adversarial press masquerading as independent and impartial impatiently took off the mask in this pivot to 19th century fake news: Yellow journalism. That desperation isn’t only evident in the accusatory tone, but from the choice of cause to advocate for – unfounded allegations from a former notorious rebel in the Bong Mine area believed to have gone off his rocker. Well, as they say “Politics makes strange bedfellows”, so, strangely, we have a strong voice for war crime court partnering with a potential war crime suspect.

    • Sylvester Moses did you not work for the NSA under President Doe. remember the killings, torture and rape? You were there in power. dont get on this internet before i expose you. My father knew you very well. I was discussing with him about sylvester moses and dortue siboe doe when he told me about your role in the murderous Doe government. How dare you say sh&t about anyone

    • Sylvester Moses did you not work for the NSA under President Doe. remember the killings, torture and rape? You were there in power. dont get on this internet before i expose you. My father knew you very well. I was discussing with him about sylvester moses and dortue siboe doe when he told me about your role in the murderous Doe government. How dare you say sh&t about anyone

  12. This is the next line of attack from the arsenal of those determined to see the CDC Government out of the door before it gets a chance to sit down. It is tragic and sad but not surprising to see people who are (or should have been) of sound mind and decency of character, allow themselves to be roped into the razor sharp depth of hatred; hatred so profound that even an accusation from someone with near cognitive impairment, is believed. We are, however, comforted by the checkered track history of these people purporting to be personal, integrity auditors; individuals who have allowed themselves to be abused, used and dumped, and now unable by reason of age to restore those decades of lost opportunities. Mr. Weah is an accomplished Liberian, whose level and sources of earnings have never been in dispute except to the arrogant, consumed by hatred, and markedly but unknowingly suffering from a relative disease of the Stockholm syndrome – condition in which victims of crime empathize with those inflicting the hurt. In the case of our country, people are so accustomed to abuse, plundering,stealing, and the like that they become antagonists even when someone comes along, as the case is with Mr. Weah, to change the paradigm to make things better. Even in the face of compelling evidence that this someone is making steady gains in the midst of inherited difficulties, these people are determined to agitate because Mr. Weah is not from the ‘proper stock’. Instead of accepting that the 171 years of our national existence produced matched poverty in the land of plenty, and the fact that the poverty stricken people of this country, who make up at least 80 percent of the population, have elected one of their kind as President of this country; instead finding ways that we can help these young people to channel their exuberant energies to productive endeavors; instead of accepting that this country is not what it was just 28 years ago; instead of realizing that these young people are eager and hungry for change but must be properly guided, these people choose to abide in a state of denial and harbor hatred so sharp and resentment so unreasonable and unfounded that they will do anything and everything to cause confusion even it means exposing this country to another civil conflict. Well, for Mr. Weah and those he has assembled to assist hims in the Government, we will work to assist these young people along the way to a better future despite the unmerited hurdles. He will continue to do what is right, just and in the interest of the country an its people. Mr. Weah will build the roads, bridges, and connect our people and unlock the economic potentials of our country; we will pay the tuition and fees of our underprivileged people; provide affordable health care; restore the fullest potential of our agricultural sector, and build a fully reconciled nation where peace and stability reigns under the canopy of the rule of law. This is the MISSION, from which there will be no retreat and no surrender. And as they say in the military; LEAD, FOLLOW OR GET OUT OF THE WAY.

  13. There is something called “absence of a duty of care” by public servants and journalists. From all indications, President George Weah, has no doubt, fallen into this category. The absence of a duty of care by public servants amounts to accusation of negligence. First, why didnt this President declare his fortune of wealth? Why he slammed presidential debate? Why starts constriction of huge personal infrastructures soon after his oath of office? Many folks in Liberia think our country should have a President on the basis of love and popularity. No! We need and needed a President who is and was competent, not a President who thinks his popularity matters than the rule of law and pledges he made to benefit our nation. Can we imagine how other sub-regional countries are making funs of Liberia? Think about it, and blame yourselves for the present state of Liberia.

  14. What a bloody lie that “other sub-regional countries make ‘funs’ of Liberia”; no they aren’t, hateful sore losers reduce themselves to silly fools by 24/7 frenetic attacks against a President whose heart and mind are in the right place about National Development and taking the country to Higher Heights. This self-absorbed and self-entitled group seem to lack capacity for open mind or objective assessment of political leaderships that don’t feed their bellies or egos. No wonder, then, they and Uncle Sam felt more comfortable with arrogant spendthrifts, flatterers, and narcissists such as Tubman and EJS. Truth be told, it is the attitude of fanatically putting personal and parochial interests above that of the nation which makes a resliently backward, underdeveloped, fragile, and contentiously polarized 171 years old Liberia the butt of jokes among ECOWAS states: Go fact-check!

  15. Those on this platform that hate George Weah so much and want to ridicule him with highest level of false hood, need to exert some due diligence. George Weah became a multimillionaire in 1988 from playing soccer as you all know though some of you have poor mathematical IQ. From 1988 up to the time he retired from soccer, he was still a multimillionaire. More, his wealth increased over the years due to numerous endorsements. Weah has not been living a lavish life, though as a millionaire, he built properties from his hard earned money. How did he get broke? How do you derive the conclusion that George Weah went broke? Weah came back home and invested some money in infrastructural, human resource and sporting development. The amount George spent was such small amount irrespective of what he earned as a millionaire so George Weah did not and was not broke. I can recall vividly that it during the elections for Ellen second term that the UP partisans began to disseminate the false information that George Weah was broke. Remember that during the 2005 general and presidential elections, George Weah registered many member of his party, CDC, who were running for senatorial and representative elections. Can a broke man do such thing? Now lets look at the person who is accusing Weah of corruption, Yekeh Kolubah who has now become District #10 Representative base on the level of ignorance that has emanated that sector of the society. Representative Yekeh has been a rebel who purely lived on blood money. He was seen looting during every warring events. Also this Yekeh guy is so poorly educated till I cannot even rank him among a band of neurotics, lest they be considered of sound intellect that him. For such caliber of man who has thrived on killing and looting, now has the audacity to come out and accuse a multimillionaire of corruption simply because he decided to engage in numerous housing projects, it’s despicable. But anyway it’s the folks in District #10 to be blamed because of all the highly educated, career minded and decent people that could have been elected, they majority of voters chose a rebel and bandit to lead the district instead of submitting the fellow for rehabilitation because he’s still traumatic from all the killing he did.

  16. Yekeh kolubah is a former killer, and have no knowledge about what he speaks. I want the CDC to sue this so-called representative to show prove of his accusations against the president. These idiomatic individuals accusing the President without proof, need to appear in court to prove their accusations. This is fake political agenda, intended to create confusion in the country. Mr. President you have the right to sued, as you can be sued as well.

  17. If you have nothing to say… it’s best to be silent. Liberia needs people who are able to think! A parent who see a child go astray and refuuses to correct that child is as guilty as the child.
    There is nothing wrong with showing solidarity to someone you love but you don’t help him by doing it blindly.

    It is the responsibility of every Liberian to ask questions to the Government they elected.

    I am not a fan of Representative Kolubah due to a personal encounter I had with him during the days of President Taylor where he got into a physical fight with me and had me locked up at the Center Street Depot because he could. He committed many atrocities during the civil conflict but the same people he committed these atrocities against, elected him to public office.

    Reading his comments, one can only walk away with some very logical conclusions.

    You do not win an argument because you scream louder than others or you use more profanity than others. It is the facts that wins an argument.

    The projects that President Weah is undertaking currently are very premature and unwise. For the sake of argument, let us for a minute assume that the moneys used to undertaking these projects are legitimately his. Is it wise that after less than a year of becoming leader of a nation that, according to the CDC and other political parties, was mismanaged, you would invest in projects you did not invest in as a senator? Even if it is your money, what do you think will be the logical assumption? This is not rocket science.

    If Persistent Weah had made a public declaration before his Presidency, that would have alleviate all suspicion of any foul play. These facts are glaring and can not be disputed.

    Better still, the allegations are levelled against President Weah by a Liberian citizen! If these accusations are wrong, President Weah doesn’t need fans to answer them. He is capable of speaking for himself. The ball is in his court.
    But let’s stop all this foolishness of attacking people’s characters because they have opinions that are different from ours.

    George Weah is not a CDC President. He is the President of the Republic of Liberia and thus he is answerable to the Liberian people and does not need loyalists to speak for him.

    Thank you

  18. Liberians, we need to be very wise and not allow personal interest or sentiment to destroy this country! If the president in question had money to invest in Liberia, why he didn’t do those investments in Liberia before ascending to the presidency. Just before a year serving as President, he is carrying on all those private constructions.

    In fact, that’s is even a very bad leadership to see Liberians suffering around the country and than you are constructing private mansions. What will those mansions benefit the women and children that spend the day digging sand before eating. What will it benefit the youth that overwhelming voted him because they felt he would have provided the with opportunity for jobs and school.
    What is it going to benefit the go by Chop women that sleep on the street just to put food on the table for their kids.

    There is absolutely nothing to justify when it comes to the bad leadership that is being exhibited by George Weah and his greedy and selfish government officials.

  19. Here is what nobody has been able to do in Liberia. Everyone is talking about President Weah building mansions all over Liberia but no single person can provide documentary evidence either on facebook so we can use that to convict the president. Where are the mansions? Let us see the pictures at least

  20. Instead of wasting our time, simply admonish the President Weah, to present his Asset Declaration, since he has nothing, to hide. Weah’s noncompliant posture, has created a volume of suspicions. How can we easily trust a wayward kid, who practically grew up on his own, in a dangerous slum environment? A millionaire, who lies to a judge, about his income, in an effort to deprive his biological child, of the needed support, should not be trusted. Meanwhile, his tough upbringing, coupled with growing up, without a father, we can safely say that this fellow lacks integrity. As we are all products of the environment, in which, we grew up, Weah can be considered as a victim of a bad environment. However, classifying him, as a victim, does not justify his poor demeanor. Our suspicion is justifiable.


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