Is Nimba’s Sporting Activities Politicized?

Adonis Menlor, last steering committee head speaking at the close of this year's districts league

‘County Meet’ preparation in limbo

Nimba County sporting activities, especially the preparation for the upcoming (2019/2020) National County Meet, has come to a standstill due to what many described as “political reasons.”

Up to now, the county has not recruited any player in terms of selection of players for all the sports, including football (men’s), kickball (women’s), volleyball and basketball, since the end of the recently held district league.

According to some members of the steering committee, Superintendent David Dorr Cooper, who is charged with the responsibility to appoint committee members, including the chairperson and others, is hesitant to make the selection, because it is being speculated that many of the former committee members are “friends” of Representative Jeremiah Koung. Koung is a political rival to Supt. Cooper for the county’s lone senatorial seat that is up for grabs in 2020.

Supt. Cooper, who is yet to openly declare his bid for the coming senatorial election, is being referred to by his supporters as the “incoming senator”.

In 2018, the superintendent set up the county meet steering committee as early as September, paving the way for recruitment of new players and, at the same time, lobbying for funds to support the teams.

The steering committee chairman is chosen based on his/her financial capability so as to pre–finance the entire sporting activities before authorities at the Ministry of Youth and Sports or the County Authorities can release the official allotments.

2018 – 2019 Nimba Squad

In the last year encounter, Adonis Menlor headed the committee, but this year’s committee is yet to be announced, thereby leaving the entire sporting activities for Nimba’s preparation for the upcoming National County Sports Meet in limbo.

Nimba County head coach, Ambra G. Dahn, said the delay in organizing the county players for the upcoming event will certainly hamper the county’s preparation and performance.

Dahn said that he did not know when the county authorities will be setting up the steering committee, and who will be the next coach, with just over a month to the start of the event.

However, he said as head of the technical team, he has begun vetting of players, and putting some mechanisms into place so as not to lose sight of any of the county’s good players.


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