Is Gov’t Really Collecting It’s Revenue ?

Warehouses like these store all types of goods, especially from neighboring Guinea on a daily basis, but nothing is known about tax compliance.

‘Unmarked’ business centers in Ganta raise suspicions of tax non-compliance 

Many citizens are wondering whether the government is really collecting the required revenues across the country, because many business centers are believed to be running without any trademark or service name.

During a tour of Ganta, one of the leading commercial hubs of Nimba County recently, it was established that some business centers are running without any service name and, in some cases it takes long for some business centers to print their trademark or service names.

Some of the business include gas stations, warehouses, and garages, among others.

Dormah Field is situated in the center of Ganta, where several warehouses are situated, but none of these commercial warehouses have service names, causing many to wonder whether those operating warehouses are exempted from paying taxes.

These warehouses store all types of goods, especially from neighboring Guinea on a daily basis, but nothing is known about tax compliance.

“We wondered whether these warehouses that are storing goods are duly registered and paying tax,” said Mamie Moore, a petty trader.

“These warehouses do not have service names. What happens if our goods go missing or someone sends something to any of them, how can we locate the goods?” another lady identified as Norah Kollie, added.

Nearly all auto-mechanic garages in Ganta and other towns do have service names, as do wood shops and places of apprentice.

When contacted, the Liberia Revenue Authority said all commercial warehouses (where people keep their goods and pay money daily) are supposed to pay government revenue, except for warehouses attached to stores or shops and are only for use for the store or shop attached to it.

“The collection of taxes from these warehouses or garages can be done collectively, with Ministry of Commerce responsible to register the business, then the revenue authority can go after the rest of the collection”, said a revenue agent.

“If the place is not registered and businesses are running, is the responsibility of Commerce authorities to close for compliance” said another agent.

When contacted to inquire why some of businesses do not have service names, the Commerce authority in Nimba could not respond.

One of the owners of the warehouses claims that he doing legal business, but his warehouse does not have a service name and could not show any business registration documents to substantiate his claim.

The Daily Observer established a high level of exports of petroleum products, cement and rice to Guinea, sometimes creating shortage of these items in Ganta.

However, movement of goods and services have begun in the wake of Christmas celebration in Nimba, but the question is, how vigilant are the authorities concerning these trends in the economy?

“The security are too many on the field, the same offices we passed through at the border would follow us to the warehouse to extort money from us,” a petty trader from Bong County alleged.

With high present of men believed to security officers behind the business people, many are wandering whether the government was actually the require revenues.


  1. Computerize the system, simple solution.
    Cummings and “apologists” are impatiently waiting to improve every sector of the Liberian economy. We need you on board in 2023.
    Your votes count!

  2. It’s not able Cummings, it’s about Liberia. Liberia is losting revenue. You have started soon hailing Cummings for 2023, next you will start to hate him in few yrs.
    We need to think about Liberia and Liberians, not an individual. That is why weah is failing.
    People thought about him not Liberia. They saw him as the best due to his football career now he is the worst even than Ellen and Taylor.
    Stop thinking that Cummings is the best or people who want to be president are the best. See Liberia. This issue is about our country not Cummings. I don’t hate Cummings nor weah but until we see that the money collected is for Liberia, mush be use for the people and punish those even me or you for missing it from the level of the president to the the last Liberian for the seek of Liberia, the next president will be the same.
    Now if you or I am send to collect revenue, after sometime, we will see it as our eating spot to take extra money that we are not ask to take becuz we feel no one watching, not provide the service to the people.
    It’s the people(that include you and I) honesty that build a nation not the president.

    • Thank you, Sir.
      I understand everything you have said. But you know in life, not everything is easy for everyone. When I see you playing football, I will think it’s easy to dribble or kick the ball with strength until you put me on the field to play.

      We are talking about the same thing here. Some of the problems we are facing in Liberia have hands-click solutions. Vote a good manager. Cummings is a good manager. Listen, leadership is not football field oh!!

      Join the train. You guys made great mistake by voting Weah. We told you over and over and you could not listen. He’s left with 4 more years to go, let’s tighten our belts.

      Don’t worry, be happy!

  3. Government is not really collecting its revenues like it should. This situation is due to several reasons.
    Liberia is a failed state. And in a failed state, the breakdown of law and order and the existence of impunity often prevail over everything else. Weah and his corrupt junta know that the Liberian people are quite aware they are not paying taxes like they should.

    In other words, they are not leading by examples. Consequently, their actions have built a kind of mutual bargaining between them on one end and the business houses, the struggling citizens and the tax collectors on the other.

    While this arrangement is implied, one cannot dismiss the fact that its effects is visible, and it has led to a devastating, social dysfunction in that the Weah’s government cannot raise cane against the revenue collectors much because they instead will begin to point their fingers at Weah too. Moreover, it has worsened the national development paralysis, which the country faces.

    Face with this dilemma, Weah’s action appears like he is telling the country he is okay with this status quo so long as the Liberian Revenues Agency (LRA) does not expose the corrupt deeds of his government. And that is, he would let the tax collectors do what they got to do in order to survive while they in turn would accept his actions as gestures of compromise.

    This is an optimum solution for Weah because weighing the entire scheme, he is the biggest winner; as long as both sides remain quiet the game will continue.

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