Is Gov’t Importing Gasoline by Land?

A fuel tanker entering Liberia from Guinea at the Ganta border.

On March 25, 2020 about five tankers filled with gasoline entered the country through the Ganta Port of Entry in Nimba County, allegedly imported by government.

The coming of these gas tankers has raised concern among the citizens, making them to wonder “why the government is importing gasoline by land from Guinea.”

“Is it because there is gas shortage in the market or there is pending gas shortage?” many are asking.

Those who escorted the gasoline told this reporter on the condition of anonymity that the arrangement for the gas was reached by the two governments, Guinea and Liberia.

“If you want to know more about the gasoline, ask the Managing Director of LPRC, because I am not clothed with the authority to speak,” said one of the agents escorting the tankers.

The prices of gasoline is soaring again in Nimba, with two gas stations, Total and Aminata selling for a reasonable price, while the rest are selling a gallon of gas L$800 and above.

In another development, there is slow movement of goods and services at Ganta border over alleged political tension in the Guinean provincial city of N’zérékoré.

Some travelers told the Daily Observer that since the last week Friday, what appears to be ethnic tension with intermittent clashes going on in N’zérékoré, leaving several dead, though this is yet to be independently confirmed.

“Since Friday, cars have stopped coming from Guinea, like before because of tension in Nzerekore, which lies not too far from Liberia,” one of the custom agents told this paper.

Ganta Port of Entry is among the leading points of revenue collection and it was once ranked 4th in term of revenue collection in Liberia during the regime of former President Sirleaf.


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