Is “After School” Study Program Impacting Knowledge For 12th Graders?

A teacher administering a trial exam to "after school study program" in wake of WASSCE

An “After School Study Program,” intended to impart knowledge to 12th Graders in readiness for the West African Senior School Certificate Exams (WASSCE), is said to be gaining momentum among the student populace and parents.

The program, under the banner “Reaching Academic Excellence,” was organized last year by Dr. Sei Buor, the former president of Liberia International Christian College, in Ganta, to help prepare 12th Graders for the state exams.

The program started with less than 10 high schools last year, but has since increased to include about 11 schools.

According to the sponsor, Dr. Sei Buor, the program is intended to help the young people make a successful pass in their state-run exams, which will give them the opportunity to enroll in college.

“To succeed in getting into college, they need to successfully pass their state-run examination and then be able to choose any college or university they want to go to,” Dr. Buor said.

“I am interested in their success and wanted to make sure that I can do this to help them out,” he added.

Last year, students’ enrollment for this special study class was about 300 to 400, but the number increased this year to over 600 students. The special study class included in its courses Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Biology, Literature and English.

Dr. Buor explained that 13 teachers were recruited or hired to conduct this special study class in the above stipulated disciplines.

There is no fee attached to the study class, according to Dr. Buor. But he said he is responsible to pay all the teachers, while the participating schools provided all the supplies, in terms of stationery, chalk, among others.

He said during the trial period last year they enrolled about 529 students, out of which 446 made a successful pass.

“It is based on last year’s record that we are getting this number of students, and they are showing enthusiasm in the lessons,” he said.

Design of the proposed pre-college study class campus in Ganta

The program was hosted at the United Methodist School in Ganta, however due to space constraints, some schools could not be included despite their desire to participate in the program.

However, Dr. Buor told the Daily Observer that a groundbreaking ceremony is in the works for a bigger campus that will accommodate all schools in Ganta and also be able to accommodate 9th Graders.

“We have already acquired a piece of land, where we are going to build 35 to 40 classrooms, primarily for this kind of program,” he said.

“We are going to have what is called ‘college preparatory high school’ on the same campus and a discipleship for young Christian leaders,” he concluded.


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