IPAL to Empower Communities Nationwide


    The Chief Executive Officer of the 175 member strong youth group, Intellectual Progressive Association of Liberia, (IPAL), Christopher Porte has appealed to humanitarian and non-governmental organizations to help IPAL empower communities nationwide.
    In an interview with the Daily Observer last Wednesday, Porte said IPAL has put together a huge number of young people who are determined to showcase their support to communities nationwide.
    “We are presently based in Paynesville, Monrovia,” Porte said, “but we have members in communities throughout the country that are prepared to make a difference.”
    Porte attended the interview with IPAL’s records and documentation officer, James Duma, Jr., public relations officer Selekie Kamara and his assistant Korbee Keller.
    Porte said IPAL is considering a massive clean-up campaign in Paynesville to ensure a clean society as well as participate in solid waste disposal in the same community.
    “That is why we are hoping that we can work with organizations that are interested to make use of our manpower to make our community better,” Porte said.
    Organized in 2013, Porte said IPAL’s membership drive has increased tremendously as young people from all persuasions see the need to bond together for the common good of society.
    He noted that IPAL has some ambitious future projects including organizing workshops to help young people build healthy lifestyles; organizing workshops to provide professional counseling to those who are disturbed and need a sense of direction for their lives; build research centers in communities around the country to help make Liberian youth computer literate.
    “We cannot achieve our various objectives if we don’t get support from the government or line agencies, the private sector and non-governmental organizations,” Porte said.
    IPAL’s headquarters in Paynesville operates three days a week — Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays — where, among other things, new members are registered and helped to appreciate the spirit of voluntarism that IPAL encourages.
    Since its founding IPAL has conducted an Ebola Awareness Campaign and a workshop on healthy lifestyles that benefitted over 50 young people, mostly students.
    The organization is presently run by the contribution of its members and will appreciate financial and material support from businesses that share IPAL’s vision.


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