Investing in Guest Houses on the Rise in Nimba


Business people in Ganta and other parts of Nimba County, are shifting their investment from ordinary entrepreneurship to the construction of  guest houses with prices convenient to visitors. The prices are accordingly adjusted to meet the country’s present economic woes.

The increased in the number of guest houses and hotels in the commercially busy town of Ganta and other cities in the county have made Ganta the center of workshops, seminars and many other government supported conferences.

Among the newly constructed guest houses is the God Willing (GW) Guest House, adjacent the Guaranty Trust Bank, near the Monrovia parking lot, which authorities of the Federation of Road Transport Union of Liberia control.

Situated in one of Ganta’s bustling financial districts, it offers stunning views of the city’s glittering skyline; the hotel is perfectly located for both leisure and business visitors. It is one of those places where the guests can choose from a range of luxury rooms and suites to suit their requirements.

The GW Guest House, according to a local survey, is recorded as one of less expensive and affordable guest houses in Ganta, with a bar and a mini restaurant that supply electricity throughout the week.

Odashall Karnue is the chief executive officer (CEO) of the God Willing Business Incorporated in Nimba.

Karnue said construction of the many guest houses in the county has opened a floodgate for many investors and other travelers to the county, specifically to Ganta, the county’s commercial hub.

He said travelers and investors create interest in any area, depending on the type of accommodation or services provided at some of those sleeping areas.

“I am a petrol dealer with several filling stations across Nimba and in Monrovia, but now I feel that investing in guest houses will create the best accommodations for our visitors, among them are investors,” Mr. Karnue said.

Besides the GW Guest House, another guest house, the “Mountain Dew Guest House,” is among some of the newly constructed guest houses that are less expensive, but with best services. The guest houses are being branded as “places away from homes.”

Mountain Dew is located just opposite the “Peace Empire Hotel” on the Ganta/Monrovia highway. It also provides all services one would need for self comfort.

The F2 Guest House with swimming pool, the Beer Garden, Jackie Guest House, and the refurbished Alvino Hotel are among some of the best guest houses that provide all the best services their customers.

Another nice place to visit while in Ganta is the Kuku Nest, another place of relaxation and entertainment for those who would like to live in the heart of the city.

Besides Ganta, Saclepea, Sanniquellie, Bahn and Tappita, are among some of the fast growing cities with new guest houses and hotels facilities.


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