‘Invest More in Primary Education’

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The Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister for International Cooperation, Economic and Integration has stressed that significant investment needs to be made in Primary Education, if the country wants quality education.

Deputy Minister Elias Shoaiyin said, if primary education was taken very seriously in the country, the nation would have avoided recent mass failure in both the University of Liberia (UL) entrance and the West African Senior Certificate Examination (WASCE).

Minister Shoaiyin made the assertion Sunday, May 25 when he served as keynote speaker at the first Annual Day Program  of AWARE International School.

AWARE is a Indian-run International institution situated on the GSA road, outside Monrovia.

He stated that the future of Liberia’s children can be shifted by the commitment and support of the community and family members.

For her part, the principal of the school said a nation that develops and improves the skills and abilities of its young people, would expect to see a change in its human resource capacity, economic and social performance in years ahead.

Principal Beena Gopinah promised that the school will maintain a sustain policy of good partnership and collaborate with parents and the government through the Ministry of Education and other line ministries.


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