INTOFAWOR Cooperative Seeks Loans

- To buy crops from Lofa farmers

Part of the 50,000 cocoa seeds at an INTOFAWOR Farmers’ Cooperative Society nursery in Foya District, Lofa County

With the challenge of finding buyers for their harvests facing farmers in Lofa County, the Intofawor Farmers’ Cooperative Society (IFCS) in Foya District is asking the Government for financial assistance in the form of loans to buy stockpiles of rice and cocoa from farmers languishing in warehouses.

The IFCS general manager, Saah R. James, told the Daily observer recently that it would cost the cooperative US$25,000 to buy paddy rice and other crops from farmers.

Part of the 50K cocoa seeds at an INTOFAWOR Farmers’ Cooperative Society nursery in Foya District, Lofa County

“Our cocoa, coffee and rice farmers have harvested and processed most of their produce with the intent of selling them to our cooperative. But due to financial limitations, we cannot buy all of these commodities and so we are appealing to the government for loans,” he pleaded.

Mr. James disclosed that his cooperative has received 50,000 cocoa seeds from Trade Link Corporation (TLC) to rehabilitate its 25,000-acre cocoa plantation.

“The cocoa seeds are currently being nursed and when transplanted will produce cocoa pods in 18 months, which will boost farmers’ cocoa harvests and incomes,” he added.

Mr. Thomas Saah Nyumah, a farmer in the same district, underscored the need for government and its partners to make substantial investments in his district for farmers engaged in the cultivation of lowland rice.


  1. I don’t know how government to government or government to private companies work, but when it comes to cocoa and similar produce, I think the Liberian government should seek a partnership with another government or other companies to gain industrial skills which she would use to create consumable or other useful goods and services. That is, if you can save some billions of dollars to give to some companies of interest to acquire this valuable skills and be able to implement it, I think this would have been all you need. All of these could have equal to big savings and investments and job creation. As for the rice, the government should pay and give money to business people to buy rice from farmers and sell to people within the country and different countries until the farmers can build their capacity to do this for themselves. It is as simple as these solutions…….


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