Int’l Rural Women’s Day Celebration Goes to Bong

Participants celebrate the Int'l Rural Women's Day with the banner shortly after the close of the two days events.

— They seek empowerment in agriculture

The Liberia National Rural Women, in collaboration with ActionAid, celebrated the International Day of Rural Women and World Food Day from Tuesday, October 15-17, 2019 in Gbarnga, Bong County.

The rural women have a membership of 77,100 across the 15 counties.

This year’s celebration was held under the global theme, “Sustainable Infrastructure, Services and Social Protection for Gender Equality, and the Empowerment of Rural Women and Girls,” with the national theme, “Empowering Rural Women to Lead Agriculture for Liberia’s Sustainable Development.”

The events brought together over 80 participants from across the country.

The program was characterized by success stories of some of the women, who exhibited their respective agriculture products from their farms; traditional clothes and bags; bath soap and air fresheners, which they produced.

The women then honored Bomi County District #3 Representative Haja Fata Siryon, who was a member of the association, and has continued to contribute to the rural women.

Rep. Siryon, a third term serving female lawmaker, was honored for being one woman, who has championed the cause for the empowerment of other women in rural communities; economic opportunities to earn a livelihood, financial independence, and stability in healthcare services.

The United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) and ActionAid-Liberia were also honored for their work with children through the rural women initiative.

Honorees in a picture with Rural Women leadership

Ma Kebbeh Monger, Rural Women President, said this year’s celebration focuses on women’s empowerment in agriculture, because it provides a livelihood for their families.

Ma Kebbeh said the rural women need more knowledge; equipment and empowerment to make their own money, through which they can and educate their children.

She said if rural women are empowered, they will be able to help improve many lives because of the creative mind in making things happen.

Ma. Kebbeh called for more support for rural women in agriculture through budgetary allotment, NGOs and INGOs to help them sustain their families and the nation. She said “Women can make many positive changes if their capacities are built.”

Gloria Barloum, ActionAid Program Accountant, promised the organization support, rural women, to make them a food basket for Liberia.

She said inasmuch that the women were able to go beyond the bound with the little support that indicates that when they are heavily supported, they will be able to achieve the goal.

About the World Rural Women’s Day

The World Rural Women’s Day celebration is been held on October 15, of each year. The program is an international way to recognize and support the multiple roles of rural women, particularly highlighting their roles as farmers and small entrepreneurs.  The idea for the annual celebration developed from the UN Conference for women in Beijing of September 1995, with the International Federation of Agriculture Producers (IFAP), Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW), Network African Rural Women Association (NARWA) and the Women’s World Summit Foundation (WWSF) as the day’s major proponents.


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