International Partners Concur with MoJ on Change of Protest Date

Foreign diplomatic missions near Monrovia now want the CoP's planned protest postponed to January 5, 2020 and moved to away from Capitol Hill. (Above: flashback to June 7 peaceful protest on Capitol Hill)

Following the Ministry of Justice’s December 29 press release, the Ambassadors of the United States, the European Union, ECOWAS, and the UN Resident Coordinator in Liberia have said they agree with the Government of Liberia to call on the Council of Patriots to consider moving their protest date to January 5, 2020, at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium, instead of Capitol Hill.

“As representatives of the United Nations, ECOWAS, the European Union, and the United States,” the joint statement from the diplomatic missions said, “we are among the many international partners who have invested heavily in Liberia’s peace and development. We have watched with pride as the Liberian people have passed important democratic milestones of hosting peaceful elections, debates, dialogues, and demonstrations. These are all important elements that strengthen the country’s core institutions.

“We note the Government of Liberia’s statements on December 28 and 29 regarding the exercise and protection of key constitutional rights of freedom of expression, assembly and petition for the redress of grievances. We also note the Council of Patriots’ press conference December 29 that assured all Liberians of their commitment to peaceful assembly and conformity with Liberian law and the sharing of details for their assembly. In light of these recent communications, we strongly encourage the Council of Patriots to shift their demonstration to this Sunday January 5, and various counter-protestors to shift their demonstrations to Sunday, January 12, at the large venues offered by the government, in order to ensure that the rights of all Liberia’s citizens are equally respected. We, your partners, strongly endorse this plan and look forward to those successful and peaceful gatherings, supported and protected by your government.

“We and many other international partners of Liberia will continue to stand by Liberia, her citizens, and her government as they work together to strengthen core institutions, protect essential human rights, and endeavour to create opportunities for all Liberians to provide a better life for their families and communities.”

The Council of Patriots has not yet responded to this latest development. In its press conference, on December 29, 2019, the CoP, organizers of the December 30 protest, insisted that the protest is “well on course”.


  1. While it’s true that Mr. Costa’s individual pronouncements, if proven, might constitute a violation of laws under certain provisions; the COP cannot be culpable and held liable for views expressed by an individual member, especially if that member clearly indicated that he spoke in his own interest, due to threat to his person as a Liberian citizen, and not in the collective interest of the COP. And therefore, Mr. Weah’s social media legal advisors and advocates must understand that the constitution of Liberia is crystal clear on the rights and responsibilities of the Liberian people to openly and freely assemble, in an effort to petition their Government.

    Additionally, there’s no provision of the Liberian Constitution that requires obtaining permission prior to public assemble. The request for security is intended for the protection of citizens and properties, especially during a large movement of citizens in an organized manner. Article 2 clearly states that the Constitution of Liberia is supreme and any law to the contrary is inconsistent and unconstitutional. And therefore, no provision of law inconsistent and unconstitutional can be used to intimidate and abrogate the Constitution of Liberia. Please review the constitutional provisions cited below. Source: 1986 Constitution of Liberia.

    Chapter I: Structure of the State

    Article 1
    All power is inherent in the people. All free governments are instituted by their
    authority and for their benefit and they have the right to alter and reform the same
    when their safety and happiness so require. In order to ensure democratic
    government which responds to the wishes of the governed, the people shall have the
    right at such period, and in such manner as provided for under this Constitution, to
    cause their public servants to leave office and to fill vacancies by regular elections
    and appointments.

    Article 2
    1. This Constitution is the supreme and fundamental law of Liberia and its
    provisions shall have binding force and effect on all authorities and persons
    throughout the Republic.

    2. Any laws, treaties, statutes, decrees, customs and regulations found to be
    inconsistent with it shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be void and of no
    legal effect. The Supreme Court, pursuant to its power of judicial review, is
    empowered to declare any inconsistent laws unconstitutional.

    Please note that I’m not a member of COP, neither a member of any political entity at this time. However, I’m concerned about any attempt to abrogate the Liberian Constitution, simply to fit the narrative of the sitting government, which might be in conflict with provisions cited above. Regardless of which side of the argument we find ourselves, we must always strive to be good citizens, uphold and protect the Constitution of Liberia as a patriotic duty. Liberia is our common patrimony and therefore, we are obligated as good and patriotic citizens to preserve and protect its organic document called, “The Constitution.”

    • Tony Leewaye, you better stop disgracing yourself by spewing rubbish into matters you know essentially nothing about.

      If what you are spewing here is not mere stupidity, neither the foreign missions of the great and major powers, nor the UN or ECOWAS Representatives would have emphasized that :

      “Constitutional rights must be exercised responsibly, in conformity with relevant provisions of law, without jeopardizing the peace, security, and stability of Liberia.

      And these major and great powers went further to remind CoP and semi illiterates as you that …..

      We understand the Liberian Government has made proposals regarding demonstration venues, and we urge the COP expeditiously to supply logistical information necessary for ISSUANCE OF APPROPRIATE PERMITS! .”

      These warnings were not made by the Liberian Government, Mr. Fool! Now get educated again…

      “Constitutional rights must be exercised responsibly, in conformity with relevant provisions of law, without jeopardizing the peace, security, and stability of Liberia.


      • Tony, You are a disgrace and you continue to come on here to show your ignorance and stupidity.

        You are not a lawyer but you can go ahead and play one for those terrorists. Yes, I said terrorists. Anyone that says he would order his group to burn down the airport and destroy government facilities is a terrorist along with his group and you expect the government to sit and watch that happen.

        You are irrelevant and seeking attention. If you think you can spew rubbish for your selfish reasons while innocent lives are at stake just for you and your terrorists friends to run to a conference in Accra or Ivory Coast to divide government jobs amongst yourselves, you must be fooling yourself, good luck. REMEMBER, This time around, We have a say in who lead Liberia and you better believe Mr. Terrorist advocate, it won’t be a de facto selectorate regime, because the people will also rise up against that government and it won’t survive to see the light of day either.

        There is a saying ‘ What an old man can see sitting, a child cannot see standing’ Here We have the international community that have spent millions, sent foreign soldiers to Liberia, some of who lost their lives, got injured, decided to reassess the tensions and situation in Liberia at the 11th hour concur with the MOJ. Who are you that have contributed not a red cent nor sacrifice a damn thing towards the peace to Liberia ?

        It’s about time you stop been a Coward and put some actions in your words. Leave the comfort of your home and get in the streets of Monrovia per you quotations of the Law, you are double dare.

        The government of Liberia will defend itself against any threat of terror. If you have nothing good to say to help deescalate the tension these terrorists have brought to bear on the Liberian people, You need to shut the hell up.

  2. This should mean and as protracted from the constitution of 1848, that the 3 branches of Government have their separate responsible functions. For example, if some businesses in Liberia are closed by the Executive for some reasons based upon judicial concern or unjust jurisprudence imposed on a culprit with claimed false verdicts by any of these branches, the last legal decision after the court of appeals rest in the Supreme Court of the Republic of Liberia. The President of Liberia has no such function of interpreting the Law. Why than should the head of government be held responsible for consequential evidence of the making and breaking? The Executive is the head, protects and sets to execute such decision up to the last decision of the Supreme Law of the Land. As regards, direct protest, mandate by any few, group or individual to the Presidential office is unconstitutional. We give too much power to the commander in chief when we protest directly without a legislation or legitimate litigation. Thus, such redress should be the responsibility of the Court to tell whether the law was broken by the accused or plaintiff.
    You have the right to sue the Government of Liberia if you feel its governance was against good governance, your personal rights or even if was not self governed in the interest of the nation. There are procedures and the constitution gives us either of the three places {branches} to go for specific types of complaints. However the accusation must be constitutionally proven in court. Marching in or outside with riot, whether proven or not yet proven is an insult to the constitution given by the people of this glorious land for the sick of liberty and blood wasted to keep the peace, prosperity and stability we now have for our own freedom. If it makes sense or not, you make your own analogy to the Liberian people. Do not call me in it. Not preaching.
    Gone to pray in silence.

  3. Tony Leewaye, this is why kids, immature individuals, or people who have no actual access to competent legal advisers do not head political entities. Henry Costa is not just a mere member of CoP.. He is THE LEADER of CoP. Accordingly, within such an authoritative and powerful province or jurisdiction as THE LEADER of CoP, when he makes such pronouncements in such times, he speaks on behalf of CoP. Hence, in terms of culpability both him and his organisation must be held individually, collectively, jointly, and severally.

    • That terrorist advocate have no clue, he’s irrelevant and seeking attention from his terrorist friends.

  4. Where on Earth you tell people to protest on Sunday on a football field as if it is a footballing matter? When CDC were in opposition, did they wait for protest permit to be given to them before protesting? Did they ever protested on a holiday?

    • Jalloh

      The answer to your first question is LIBERIA and other governments that have the authority to designate a specific area and route especially so when it is determined that the intentions of that group when assemble pose a security threat to the nation.

      The answer to your second question is YES.

      The answer to your third question is Jan. 5th is NOT a holiday in LIBERIA.


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