International Justice Group Links President Weah to “Gangster’s Paradise”

The IJG says it has discovered that the CDC Government of Mr. Weah has got the country awash with arms in the hands of mostly untrained and indisciplined supporters of President Weah outside the structures of the national security apparatuses and police.

The International Justice Group (IJG), a non-governmental organization based in the United States, says the wave of criminal activities and attacks on peaceful citizens by people believed to be members of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) is taking place with the acquiescence of President George Weah and, by his silence on the prevailing violent activities, he is suspected to be supporting it without realizing that he is President for all Liberians.

In a statement issued over the weekend, the IJG referenced recent attacks on defeated Montserrado County District #15 Representative candidate Teila Urey, and Jestina Taylor. Ms. Taylor who came under attack by unidentified men after voicing allegations of Monrovia Acting City Mayor, Jefferson Koijee’s involvement in atrocities during the Liberian civil war. Urey was attacked by supporters of Abu Kamara who are also members of the ruling party, CDC, who destroyed her vehicle and nearly set ablaze the building in which she took refuge from the attack.

Some of Urey’s supporters were also injured in the violence. Live video footage on social media show members of the Liberia National Police (LNP), in full readiness to bring the situation under control. Instead, the video footage shows, the police stood at a distance, watching the violence going on without any intervention in line with its principle to “Serve and Protect”.

“The IJG condemns the brutal attacks on fellow politician Teila Urey as an act of thuggery, political intimidation and attempted murder, much like the alleged rape, assault and attempted murder of Ms. Jestina Taylor,” the statement said.

According to the IJG, its investigation has established that Acting City Mayor Jefferson Koijee in concert with the CDC party leadership and the entire top and middle level staff of the National Security Agency (NSA) are coordinating serial attacks against innocent civilians and are encouraging President George Weah to purchase armored tanks for use against his own people.

Under the watch of President Weah, the IJG release further indicates, Koijee has recruited Wolubah Kesselie, an inmate who was at the Monrovia Central Prison for armed robbery, and he is being used along with some agents of the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) who “viciously assaulted, raped and brutalized Jestina Taylor and left her to die from her physical and psychological wounds in that hapless, helpless state,” an act the IJG considers to be Attempted Murder for which such alleged perpetrators must be prosecuted and convicted if found guilty.

The US-based group monitoring activities in Liberia also alleges that the Government of President George Weah has instituted an “Ignoble” body to supervise Jefferson Koijee and a gangster group referred to as “Strike Force” that he is allegedly leading to intimidate, harass and perpetrate violence against Liberian citizens.  The group, the IJG said, comprises members of the CDC and government stalwarts, and they include the following:   Mulbah Morlu, CDC Party Chairman, Peso SaydeeTarr, Minister for Gender; Acarious Gray, Montserrado District #8 Representative;  Jefferson Koijee, Acting Mayor, Monrovia City Government; Marcus Zehyoue Deputy Director for Administration, DEA; Lorenzo Pelham, Deputy Director for Operations, DEA; Gerald F. Smith, Deputy Director for Administration, NSA; and  Jones Blamo, Deputy Director,VIP Affairs, NSA.  Others are Sam Saryon, Deputy Director/Special Operations, NSA; Edward Sharpe, Deputy Director, Planning, Research, Analysis, NSA; Todd Garlo, Asst. Director for Administration, NSA; Nige Appleton, Asst. Director VIP Affairs, NSA; Emmanuel Jackson, Asst. Director Planning, Research & Analysis; Stephen Dolo, Director for Field Operations, NSA;  Oforie Diah, Director for Leward Counties; Augustine Nagbe (General Power) Leading Operatives of the NSA; and Sampson Nieger and others under his control, leading operatives of the NSA.

The IJG says it has discovered that the CDC Government of Mr. Weah has got the country awash with arms in the hands of mostly untrained and indisciplined supporters of President Weah outside the structures of the national security apparatuses and police.

The intent, the IJG, says is to create a private militia to propagate and protect the long-term “power grip” agenda of Mr. Weah to remain in power till death.

When the Executive Mansion was contacted yesterday about the staggering revelation, Deputy Presidential Press Secretary, Smith Toby, said “We cannot respond to such a statement that we have not seen and read ourselves.  We will find the statement, read and later respond.”

Inquiries made via phone call and a text message to Mayor Koijee went unanswered.


  1. Very damning if true. Jestina Taylor was right about weapons illegally being used in Liberia; the IJG is the second source on these reports.

    CDC is more concerned about entrenching itself than improving Liberia. Every Liberian should be angered by these reports and force international actors who have invested in Liberia to prevent the worst from happening.

  2. Some smart seven grade high school students know about the 5 W’s of composition, and journalism – who, what, when, where, and why – thus, the relevant questions that come to mind are: What is the International Justice Group (IJG); who are the members; where in the US did the group register; when organized and registered; and how can it be reached?

    Well, these are basic questions Daily Observer asked and got answers for before not only coming up with a seething sensational slammer such as “International Justice Group Links President Weah to Gangster’s Paradise”, but also accusing second tier principals of NSA with grave charges of undermining public safety and homeland security. Freedom of expression has limitaions and responsibilities worldwide, especially regarding stability of individual states.

    I don’t know what’s happening, anyway, if a US newspaper had made that accusation against senior officers of any Federal Security agency without verifying the authenticity of the IJG’s claims, the Justice Department would’ve been involved. However, in Liberia, we’re all one family therefore it’s a taboo to carry out enforcement of anything. Little wonder, then, it was the UN, AU, and ECOWAS which in February warned against “media messages that promote violence”, and now partisan journalists are finding scapegoats for mob violence they helped to stoke.

  3. Hah. politics.. people just jump up with this rubbish and think that everyone should believe what is in print..

    Investigate Liberians. Not everything in print is believable….People lie to sell their papers .

    Ask questions who is this IJG? Where does it operate…?

    Instead of jumping into conclusion..

    George Weah to be President for life… Isn’t this laughable?


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