Internal Rivalry at NCHE

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Internal rivalry has engulfed the operations of the National Commission on Higher Education (NCHE), an entity responsible to regulate all higher institutions of learning in the country.

This rivalry points to two prominent people of the entity, Director General Dr. Michael Slawon and Deputy Dr. Kadiker Rex Dahn, who both have the blessing of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to serve and regulate all universities and colleges functioning here.

Dr. Slawon in a document issued Monday in Monrovia accused Dr. Dahn of being behind media reports that stand to denigrate the Commission before the eyes of the public.

Dr. Dahn was said to be behind statement such as: “Dr. Slawon served the Commission for over six year with no proven record of performance in improving the higher education system of the country" and "Dr. Slawon is running the Commission singlehandedly, making all decisions to the extent of using the entity money for his private visit under the guise of a loan.”

In response Dr. Slawon dispelled the news, terming it as mere propaganda intended to blackmail him.

He noted that the writer’s publication is intended to undermine the strides made to improve the sector. But “we are not deterred,” he asserted.

“I’m surprised that the writer doesn’t understand how the Commission works including its functions and politics.”

Dr. Slawon: “[From the onset of our] administration, access to higher education has been a major boost to the country’s higher education sub-sector [as evidenced by the more than] 65,000 students across the country. The decentralization of higher education, including the establishment of community colleges, are all major achievements of the NCHE.”

He maintained that his entity will continue to promote and support every initiative intended to strengthen quality education in Liberia. 


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