‘Inter-Party Collaboration Can Produce Better Results in 2017’


“Having met and deliberated at its quarterly National Executive Committee Meeting after the Ganta Declaration, the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) firmly believes that with more than 20 registered parties courting a voting population of less than 2 million, interparty collaboration has the potential to produce a better outcome for the 2017 elections.”

Those were the words of MOVEE Chairman D. Maxwell Kemayah when he spoke to journalists yesterday at the party’s headquarters on the Old Road.

He said the party remains resolute that governing the country is a collective responsibility as proffered in the Ganta Declaration, for which MOVEE is prepared to lead ‘a coalition of like minds’ to put the country on a new course for transformation.

“Our purpose for fielding candidates in the ensuing presidential and legislative elections is to bring about meaningful changes the country desires; changes that seem to always be one step ahead of us for the past 169 years. This has led us to the bottom of the development ladder to the extent that the majority of our population is stuck in perpetual poverty,” he added.

Kemayah said political parties are not investing time, energy and resources in the collaboration process to simply remove a particular party from the highest office.

“All of them are interested to put the greed for power over the moral imperative of the people first,” he added.

He said MOVEE is not interested in political power for personal aggrandizement, but rather to economically empower Liberians, create better opportunities for jobs and sustained economic growth and development to build a better justice system.

“To achieve this, we will fight to defeat the Unity Party as a necessary condition. This, we believe, is the view of the majority of Liberians,’ said Kemayah.

But while the defeat of the Unity Party is a necessary condition to transform the country for the better, we need a leader that is prepared to be the nation’s chief servant that confronts changes of our new destiny with courage and innovation, he added.

“Collaboration among political parties for us must focus on the question of leadership, because we have always said leadership matters; and in Liberia, we have had a leadership letdown over an extended period of time in various forms. This is not a yesterday problem.”

This is why MOVEE, according to him, speaks directly, “not out of both sides of its mouth, but we owe it to the Liberian people to put in place a government that can deliver the change that they are yearning for.”

He assured voters that MOVEE does not want a country in which a small minority is well off while the larger majority lives in abject poverty, adding, “This is why MOVEE wants a government of change that will restore the hope of the Liberian people, which calls for the replacement of the Unity Party from the focal point of leadership come 2017.”


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