‘Instill Good Values in Children’


Liberian parents have been urged to impart education, honesty and hard work in the lives of their children, who are the future leaders.

Mr. Patrick Yattoh, program manager for the Farmer to Farmer Program of ACDI VOCA, made the assertion Sunday, June 15, at the closing program of the Doors of Hope School System in Sinkor, Monrovia.

“As parents the secret of your children’s future is hidden in what they see you do while growing up. If you practice honesty and hard work, they will learn from such values to impart the society,” he asserted.

He said that there is a need that parents remain loving to their neighbors, by doing this, their children can emulate those good examples.

“It is by examples that you parents must guild your children if the youths are going to be law abiding and patriotic citizens,” he added.

Mr. Yattoh said the child’s education should not only in the schools alone, but parents should play major role.

According to him, education does not imply only to read and write, it requires the whole process of the individual’s interaction with the environment.

“Education is a holistic and a comprehensive learning process that a person goes through with the help of the homes and society,” he said.

He further mentioned the need for parents not to allow their children associate with wrong compatriots, adding it will not make them successful people.

“Success consists of series of little daily efforts, so guild your children in to choosing friends that will not instill bad values on them because a person’s values determine his or success,” he stressed.

The Doors of Hope School System founded September 12, 2009 to address the educational needs of students in the Sinkor, Fiama Community this year graduated 17 students from grand six and kindergarten section.


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