‘Inspired by God,’ PYJ Predicts Weah to Rig 2023 Elections

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Senator Prince Y. Johnson (left) said that the Administration of President George M. Weah (right) is not doing much to address the citizens' plights, especially the payment of salaries to civil servants; the issue of unemployment and rising crime rate.

The controversial Senator of Nimba County, Prince Yormie Johnson (PYJ), has “prophesied” that, in order for President George Weah to maintain his grip on power, he will have to rig the 2023 general and presidential elections.

Speaking on Thursday, October 31, when he toured his school construction project in Ganta, the commercial hub of Nimba County, Senator Johnson that the 2023 elections would be rigged by the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) or else they would fail at the polls.

The Senator, a former rebel leader of the disbanded Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia (INPFL), who is now a “minister of the Gospel,” said he sees “chaos, destruction before President Weah can reattain state power, due to may other factors.”

Though the office of the President is yet to respond to Senator Johnson’s prophecy, the Senator maintained: “My statements were inspired by God.”

Johnson further said that the Weah Administration is not doing much to address the citizens’ plights, especially the payment of salaries to civil servants; the issue of unemployment and rising crime rate.

Senator Johnson, along with several opposition politicians, endorsed the CDC in the second round of the 2017 presidential elections, which catapulted the CDC to power.

Johnson said his endorsement of Weah was in keeping with the Ganta Declaration signed in September 2016 in which then opposition leaders committed to ensure a victory for a “change” in the 2017 elections to unseat the ruling Unity Party. That year, he called on members of other opposition parties to join him to defeat then Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai, who aimed to succeed his boss, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, as President of Liberia.

Senator Johnson founded one of the country’s rebel groups, the INPFL, when he broke away from the then leader of the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL), Charles Taylor. Taylor eventually became President of Liberia in 1997 on the ticket of the National Patriotic Party (NPP) of Liberia at the “end” of the country’s first civil war between 1989 and 1997.

Johnson could be seen in a 1990 video presiding over the capture and mutilation and death of former President, Samuel K. Doe, who bled to death, but he helped to bring (now-imprisoned) former President Taylor to power after the 1997 election.

Prince Johnson has often criticized President Weah for the choice of Charles Taylor’s ex-wife, Jewel Howard Taylor, as his vice president.

Ex-President Charles Taylor is currently serving a 50-year sentence in a prison in the United Kingdom, after having been tried for aiding and abetting crimes against humanity in The Hague.

The Sermon

It can be recalled that Senator Johnson recently informed his congregation that he would be traveling to Nigeria to consult his “godfather” whether he should continue supporting President Weah or not.

Prior to the runoff election in 2017, in which President Weah won a landslide victory for the presidency, he and Senator Johnson attended a church service at T. B. Joshua’s Synagogue in Nigeria, where the Pastors Joshua and Johnson offered prayers for Weah to succeed.

In an August 2019 sermon delivered at his church in Paynesville, Senator Johnson warned, “You’re now the President, but your regime from its beginning is characterized by so many demonstrations. Are we asking ourselves why is it so? Country Giant moving, opposition give way. The people are now calling us the devil. Why?”

Johnson used his pulpit to tell President Weah to “stop witnessing Chelsea and Barcelona games, because you have been scheduled.”

He said the people who overwhelmingly supported and voted for Weah feel betrayed, because they feel he has neglected them, “even from being in the photo.”

The Nimba County lawmaker, a former warlord, who is on record for saying that if Weah is elected President, the country would return to war, did not mince his words on the pulpit when he said ‘God’ gave me a vision that if Weah is not careful, Liberia would experience the Ivory Coast’s Ouattara-Gbagbo scenario.


  1. The setting up of a War Crime and Economic Sabotage Court in Liberia will shut down Senator Johnson’s big mouth. He and God have no spiritual connections. Murderers cannot be spokesperson for God. Senator Johnson’s hands are tinted with blood of innocent people he deliberately murdered during the civil war.His so called predictions will never amount to anything. Liberia will continue to remain peaceful in the name of Jesus!!

  2. We all hope for the best for Liberia.

  3. Nobody cares to pick up the statement in that very recording circulating that the 2017 election was rigged. Senator Johnson boasted that he knew it was rigged.

    If such allegation is not investigated, there will be reoccurrence of similar malpractice in 2023. Am sure it’s from whence Senator Johnson spoke claiming he being “inspired” by God.

  4. Even a child of 10 knows the 2023 elections will be rigged. There is no need for blasphemy.
    One thing I know for certain, God will strike anyone who plays with the hard fetched peace in Liberia. My only regret is that the right leadership is not yet enthroned to begin sustainable development.

  5. Hon. Prince Yealugbay Yormie Johnson, your “prophesy” is commendable, but how can you account for your previous support, even though you warned us in 2017? How could you have supported a candidate, that you had earlier declared as incompetent, and irresponsible? Hon. Johnson, your persistent inconsistencies are scaring, and demand our immediate attention. I have observed over a period of time, that your utterances are intended to open a can of worms, that will incite violence, if care is not taken. You are hereby advised to take note, and govern yourself accordingly, before the people of Liberia run out of patience. You taking advantage of our hospitality, Mr. Senator.

  6. With the dum dum drumbeats of war crimes court coming closer, a PYJ boastful of his body counts during our bloody war is one angry and worried warlord. As for his prediction, I won’t lose any sleep over it if NEC decides to sanitize the voters’ roll and carry out relevant reforms toward getting ready for 2023. After all, PYJ is notorious for making nonsensical allegations when things not going his way.

    For instance, when two legislators of his own party disagreed with him in the Nimba County caucus, he accused them of losing the 2011 election. So, incredibly, with no thought of consequence claimed that had he not intervened with EJS’s sister Jennie Bernard, they wouldn’t have been in the group. The duo had since crossed over to ANC .Our mercurial Senator is his own worst enemy; just review his weighty words over the years.

    Not to mention that for a pastor, PYJ needed to be contrite for innocent lives he snuffed out. Even in the podcast where he made this peevish prediction, unbelievably, the Senator confessed to cold-bloodedly murdering singing sensation Tecumseh Robert because of his alleged bisexuality. PYJ is among few US embassy-controlled cutouts that have been an albatross around the neck of stability for some time; apparently, as the saying goes – “We lek it like dat”!

  7. What prince is trying to say I assume everyone already are aware of it, those political party that help bring the CDC to power will no longer be supporting the CDC in the 2023 presidential election including his ( prince Johnson party) and the current vice president party , ( the CDC will be on its own) due to the fact that it is well known that this government is extremely incompetent , corrupt and they fail to look out for majority of thier supporters including other political parties that supported them , now that prince Johnson is aware his days are number due to the fact that the war crime court is about to be established he is putting out his last bait to tell George weah to keep his promise on not going forward with the process of establishing the war crime court but unfortunately there is lot of pressure from the population and other international organizations and governments around the world on the CDC government on establishing the war crime court

  8. All Weah needs to do is transfer Prince Johnson’s and others names to the War Crime Court for persecution.Prince Johnson killed the following civilians: 1. Michael Doe, 2. Tilmon Gardiner 3.Tecumsy Roberts 4. Edwin Vaye 5. Phillip Bowen 6.Old man Sackie 7. The LEC Engineer who periodically repaired the lights at Johnson’s Caldwell Base whenever there was a blackout. After killing the Engineer the previous day for giving Johnson’s mullattress girlfriend a lift from the Caldwell base enroute to the city. The killing took place when Johnson met them(the girlfriend and the Engineer) at the bridge. Johnson asked his girlfriend(mullatress) ‘who gave you permission to leave the base?”. Thereupon Johnson, in a drunken stupor, withdrew his white pistol and shot the mullatress( a civilian) and then shot the LEC Engineer(also a civilian) who was giving the Mullatress lift to town in his vehicle. The next day there was a blackout at Johnson’s Caldwell base. He told his soldiers to go and “get the Engineer to come and restore the light.” His soldiers replied to him “chief yesterday you killed the Engineer oh.” Johnson then told them “why your didn’t stop me?” And that’s the story of how this wicked man killed a lot of civilians. Weah needs to turn him over so that he accounts for the death of these civilians and many others that he killed.8. Johnson also killed Salvice(former mayor of Monrovia, also a civilian).

  9. This murderer is a con artist. he needs to be in jail. Only in Liberia you can have a murderer talking about God speaks to him. This useless man is crazy and deranged. he and his con artist T B Joshua said God put Weah as president, so what God telling him now? We really got patience in this country.

  10. F. Mitchell or whomsoever, let’s just say such speculation is misleading; how does anyone know that CDC will go into the 2023 election alone.

    Furthermore, you should be embarrassed to say “this government is extremely incompetent, corrupt…”. More so, not after a government of our best and brightest got donor countries aid of reportedly USD $10 billions; paid themselves more than their US counterparts; oversaw 68 concessionary agreements of which 68 were “bogus”; bankrupted a thriving NOCAL; condemned the vast majority to pervasive poverty; and bequeathed a collapsed economy along with public safety distress.

    The patronizing propaganda sometimes get on my freaking nerves. Do you guys think everyone buys that choreographed disinformation put out there before the January 2018 Inauguration? President Bio graduated from High school, but his country passed the MCC scorecard. Although the government inherited worsening economy, too, he didn’t have to deal with arrogant self-entitled elites, a partisan rabble-rousing media space, and endless protests calculated on deepening economic stagnation: Nonsense!

  11. I hope Weah and his bunch of idiots and sycophants think twice before rigging the 2023 elections. Because me, as a peaceful citizen would mobilize my brothers and sisters for war against Weah and his people.

  12. Sylvester Moses, the international community will help IF ur government is credible. Why did the CDC government refuse to audit the past government upon taking over despite being practically dared to do so by Madam Sirleaf. Then we would have facts instead of your propaganda? This “Animal Farm ” government is still blaming Snowball even though Snowball left the farm almost two years ago?

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