‘Insincerity Breaks Society’

Rep. Roger Domah (centered) delivered the keynote address to the 6th Commencement Convocation of LICC

Rep Roger SWY Domah tells LICC graduates

Representative Roger SWY Domah has cautioned the 6th graduating class of the Liberia International Christian College to do away with insincerity and develop a mindset of development.

Speaking at the 6th Convocation Ceremony of the college on December 15, 2018 in Ganta, Representative Domah said insincerity breaks down society and also seeks for self interest, instead of improving the ministry or entity you work for.

He outlined that an insincere person will seek to use the entity or ministry to build a decent house for themselves or purchase houses elsewhere around the world.

Representative Domah, who spoke on the topic “Serving God’s Purpose in Your Own Generation and with sub – topic Education with developmental mindsets” said an education with a mindset for development will seek to improve on the economic, environment, human capacity building, infrastructural, agricultural and among others.

He told the graduates to use their education in making a positive impact on the environment, community and the country at large.

“You should have the mindset to be part and parcel of the development around you,” he said.

Representative Domah also defined mindset as fix mental attitude or disposition that pre–determines a person’s response to an interpretation of a given situation.

He explained that the way one would react to the situation is determined by the way one thinks about the situation. “So if your mindset is negative, you will always be insincere in every activity you do, because want to get all for yourself,” he said.

He added, “You are graduating at a crossroad, where thousands [who] graduated before you [are] not doing anything meaningful in the country, but if your mindset will improve one day, you will positively conduct yourselves. But, on the contrary, you will get into the streets for prostitution or any other unlawful behaviors.

Partial view of the Liberia International Christian College Class of 2018.

He urged the graduates to have a good mindset and think constructively, with sincerity as they move on to serve the country.

He observed that many are living above their needs and so they are doing everything possible to satisfy those needs.

“Because of insincerity in the country, our international partners do not trust us to put their cash in our hands to do our own development,” he said.

The Liberia International Christian College is one of the faith based institutions in Nimba established by the United Liberia Inland Church.  The institution offered an “AA” degree in Theology, Education, business and agriculture.

About 51 students walked out of the walls of the school during the 6th Commencement Convocation, held last week, almost 10 years, since its establishment.

However, the President Dr. Nuwoe James Kiamu is calling on the National Commission on Higher Education to elevate the institution to a full-fleged degree-granting institution, boasting that the school had possesses every facility and the manpower.

“I ask the National Commission on Higher Education, being that arm of government that regulates our operations, to work with us closely and accredit our programs so that this institution offers courses leading to the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees, beginning academic year 2019,” said Dr. Kiamu.

“The LICC has presented a strong case for fulfilling educational deliverables already that form the basis of our hope and appeal for accreditation,” he concluded.


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