Insecurity Leaves Yarwin Mensonnoh Vulnerable


Local authority raises alarm

The authority of Yarwin Messonnoh Statutory District has raised concern over the looming insecurity in the district due to the lack of police or other state security.

Speaking to the Daily Observer via mobile phone, the Statutory District Superintendent Mr. David L. Jacobs, said they are finding it very difficult in maintaining law and order, especially during the current State of Emergency, because of the absence of security officers.

“We are vulnerable here, because we do not have the security officers to deter or make the citizens to respect the local leaders,” he said.

“If you send for one person for misbehaving, the entire community will come, demanding for his or her release,” he said.

Mr. Jacobs said the youth were the key orchestrators of unruly or disorderly behavior, with no regard for the local authority.

He explained that one  district commissioner, in person of Samuel Freeman was attacked by some youth, on his return from Tappita during this lockdown period, and one of his messengers sustained injury from the attack.

“There is no regard for the State of Emergency, neither do they have time for the lockdown,” he said.

The headquarters of Yarwin Messonnoh is Zekepa, the proposed future capital of Liberia, which borders Bong, Bassa, Rivercess counties and Tappita in the northeast.

Nearly all the citizens of the district do their commercial activities across St. John River in Zoenta, Bong County.

Zekepa is about 4 hours drive from the main road linking Saclapea and Tappita.

Around 2007 and 2009, officers of the Liberia National Police were assigned in Zekepa, but what led to their removal is yet to established.

Mr. Jacobs alluded that the insecurity in the district is hampering the function of the local government in the area, in terms of maintaining law and order.

Nimba has six statutory districts, including Sanniquellie, Gbehlay Geh, Zoe Geh, Tappita, Saclepea and Yarwin Mensonnoh statutory districts.

There are security officers assigned in the headquarters of five of these statutory districts only, with exception of Yarwin Mensonnoh.

Amid the COVID-19 and the national state of emergency, it is officers from Saclepea who sometimes patrol the district periodically upon the request of the District Superintendent, David L. Jacobs.

“We are asking the government to please send us some officers to maintain our security or we will not have the power to fully implement policy,” District Supt. Jacobs explained.

In similar development, the state of emergency and the health policy are said to not be respected by the citizens in some of the commercial cities in Nimba, where the crowding of business houses or entertainment centers, especially in Ganta, are hardly different thatn they were before the state of emergency.

Some of the entertainment centers, restaurant and even banks are usually crowded, with no regard for social distancing and wearing of nose mask.

There have reportedly  been some suspected COVID -19 related deaths reported in Ganta, one involving an old man who was suffering from pressure and an elderly woman of the same age.

This week, the County Health Team released one of the nurses of Ganta United Methodist Hospital from holding center in Ganta, after she was tested positive of Coronavirus almost a month ago.


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