Inquirer Managing Editor Visits Daily Observer

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“I decided to visit the Daily Observer newspaper’s new headquarters,” Inquirer newspaper’s Managing Editor Philip N. Wesseh said when he was recently welcomed to the ELWA Junction headquarters of the Liberian Observer Corporation.

The visit and tour of the new headquarters was led by the Librarian, Ms. Satta Sonii, who has served the media entity since the 1980s.

During the tour, Atty. Wesseh was reminded of the brilliant headline stories he wrote in the early 1980s when the paper was located at Crown Hill, Broad Street in Monrovia.

Managing Editor Wesseh toured the Daily Observer’s Business Department and briefly spoke with Chief Accountant George Newton about the newspaper’s organizational structure.

At the Stanton B. Peabody Library, Mr. Wesseh was excited to see 1980 editions of the Daily Observer in perfect condition.

The Inquirer boss was more impressed when he saw a photograph of the former football team of the newspaper, with former “no nonsense defender” Kenneth Yakpawolo Best sporting a bushy beard and a full head of hair in the background.

During the tour, Mr. Wesseh commented on the property and said it was “a good accomplishment” that the Daily Observer management has made since the paper was established.

“I must admit that my former media institution has again set another unique pace worthy of emulation by young and upcoming media entities in our country,” Atty. Wesseh said.

He said as an independent media entity encouraging modern journalism in Liberia, the Daily Observer’s Managing Director Kenneth Y. Best is one of Africa’s media icons.

Atty. Wesseh recounted the hectic and dangerous challenges in the 1980s that threatened the very existence of Liberian journalists.

Since the 1980s, the Liberian Observer Corporation has trained young talented Liberian journalists who have gone on to excel at various local and international media outlets.

Atty. Wesseh said he was delighted to visit the Daily Observer where his training as a journalist started.

“I wish God’s blessings on the staff, reporters, editors and other support staff of the paper,” Atty. Wesseh prayed.

As News Editor in 1980s, he led reporters to “keep the promise” and delivered information to both Liberians and foreign residents, including the business sector and diplomatic missions, about issues that took place in the country.

During the visit, Mr. Wesseh also toured the Observer Printing Press (OPP).


  1. Good afternoon and thanks for the good work you are doing from your country.

    Could you furnish me with the name and telephone number of your editor?

    Best regards.

    F. Mackay Anim-Appiah
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