Inmates Tourney Kickoff at South Beach

Minister Trawally (with the ball) pose for photos with the inmates

-Assistant Justice Minister says recreation is essential to rehabilitation

In an effort to increase recreational activities at the Monrovia Central Prison, (South Beach), the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) on Tuesday started a soccer tournament among the inmates to improve their physical condition at the corrections center.

The exercise is organized into blocs-where the different facilities are grouped together to form teams.

Assistant Minister for Corrections and Rehabilitation at the Ministry of Justice, Eddie S. Trawally, on Tuesday, performed the official kick-off for the tournament that will last for a week and a half.

He described recreation as an essential aspect of correction and rehabilitation. “Recreational activities at the prisons are important to corrections. It will help put the inmates in physical shape and by this well-being is ensured,” he said.

Minister Trawally said such interaction among prisoners will help reduce their stress level and make them feel a part of society despite their present situation.

“We think it is important to reintroduce the process where the young people at various prisons will have such a program” he indicated.

He added that as part of the prison management’s recreational activities those who have been placed in prison due to ill habits in society will realize the true meaning of corrections.

“We will ensure that such a positive activity is frequently held in all of the prison facilities in Liberia,” he said. “Over a period of time, it has been speculated that people who are inmates are also considered social dropouts and as a result, society has stigmatized them but we have come to demystify that,” Minister Tarawali said.

“When you leave from here, you need to leave with skills in you so that you can contribute to the development of Liberia and form part of Liberia’s generation of leaders,” he said.

Speaking earlier, the Superintendent of the South Beach Prison, Varney Lake said the league forms part of their work to see how they can have unity among their workforce and the inmates. He said that male inmates and correction officers will play among themselves while female correction officers and female inmates will have a showdown as well.

According to Mr. Lake, they are expected to extend the league to other prisons in Liberia, something he said is in the best interest of the work they do as correction officers.


  1. How many times the inmates are fed daily? Do they have any energy to play soccer for 30 minuets or more? The government will have to modernize the south beach prison. It is a delabilated structure to be housing inmates. Prisoners deserve to take a shower and have a good meal
    as well. At the same time prisoners should not be sorted out by crimes committed in the prison. Muderder be placed in a separate jail cell, thieves be placed in a separate jail cell, armed robber be placed in a separate cell and those that commit misdemeanor be placed in a general population cell. Our criminal justice system requires total rehabilitation comparing to other third world criminal justice system.

  2. Recreational activities are a good start, but there are other variables we need to consider in these prision facilities, human welfare where prisioners still deserve to be treated humanly, training skills to make them important members of socities when they get release and those in there for life or long years should also get skill trained to make a difference ,while they are in prision and can even contribute to changes in prison.Imates need rehabilitation, because some are in there due to peer pressure and they need counseling because they are lost and they don’t need to loose focus because of their mistakes.

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