“Injustice, Corruption are Impeding the Liberian Society”

Rep. Rustonlyn Suacoco Dennis

Says Rep. Dennis

By Jefferson Tenge (Intern)

Representative Rustonlyn Suacoco Dennis of District #4 has said that injustices and corruption are seriously impeding the progress of the Liberian society.

“Liberia is the only country that established the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), where hearings was held, but did nothing to implement its recommendations as contained in the report,” Representative Dennis said.

Rep. Dennis made the observation on Monday when she appeared on the Truth F.M. Breakfast Show in Monrovia. She said that corruption is the main factor impeding Liberia’s forward development, because from time immemorial government workers have believed that being in public institutions is all about enjoyment rather than serving the people.

“This is the time for this government with Pro-poor agenda to seek the needs of citizens, not individual and self-benefits. Therefore, the government should set up a system that will stop its employees from exercising corrupt practices in any sector, be they private or government.

At the same time, Rep. Dennis has stressed the need to revamp the country’s justice system, to meet its citizens’ quest for a vibrant judicial system.

“Some people are being caught in corrupt acts and wrongful behavior in the public sector, but walk in the streets of Monrovia with impunity,” Dennis said.

The TRC was borne out of the Accra Comprehensive Peace Agreement and was established in May 2005, under the Transitional Government, then headed by the Late Charles Gyude Bryant. The body was, however, not commissioned until 2006, following the elections of President Sirleaf in 2005. The Commission completed its work in 2009, during the first term of former President Ellen-Johnson Sirleaf but its recommendations are yet to be implemented.

“The TRC established the facts of some of the major root causes of the conflict, wherein all factions are alleged to have engaged in armed conflict, violated and/or perpetrated human rights and other forms of  abuses including sexual and gender-based violence, etc. that caused the victims limited access to education, economic, social and political inequalities,” Representative Dennis said.


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