Injured Waitress Sues Hotel for US$827K Damages

Ailing Jenneh Dee and her lawyers leaving the courtroom

Jenneh Dee, a former employee of Mamba Point Hotel who in September 2015 filed a lawsuit against her employer for spinal injuries sustained as a result of the hotel’s negligence, yesterday testified in her US$827,125 lawsuit for damages at the Civil Law Court in Monrovia. Dee’s lawsuit is requesting that compensation of US$825,000 be paid for physical pain and US$2,125 for mental agony experienced by her as a direct result of the accident, which totaled US$827,125. According to Dee, she was serving customers, but had to use the bathroom in the upper part of the building. While there she fell on her back as a result of the wet floor, which was the result of water that continuously flowed from underneath the floor tiles. She said she subsequently injured her spine from the fall.

In the injured worker’s testimony, she alleged that she was not just suffering from her injuries, but was subjected “to incontinence, shame, disgrace, embarrassment and mental anguish for the injury, pain, and discomfort and, as such, my lawsuit claims US$825,000 in general damages and US$2,125 special damages as the injury may decide.” She accused her employer of asking her to sign a general release for her to get some money for her medical treatment, because they were using the money as her nine (9) months pay, from April to December 2015, which she had worked for.

“I refused to sign the document and the management told me that they were not going to give me any salary for my medical treatment,” Dee told the court. Before that, she alleged that her employer on January 15, 2016, invited her to a meeting where they requested her to bring all receipts and medical documents to verify the kinds of treatment she had been taking since September 2015. Dee also explained that after the accident, she was rushed to the John F. Kennedy Memorial Center where the nurses advised her to do an X-ray to determine the extent of her injury. At the hospital, the injured witness claimed she was put on medication by nurses there and since then she has being surviving on that medication. “As the result of my continuous pain, it is impossible to move my body or even walk,” Dee said weeping.

She also claimed that she had informed her employer, through telephone, and her workmates about her worsening health condition. She alleged that after her employer realized that her condition had worsened, they requested her to remain home until she was well again. “My monthly salary was paid to me without any form of medical assistance, which salary I used to treat myself,” she told the court.

Dee alleged that her employer asked her to go for further treatment at Medlink Clinic downtown, where foreign employees of the entity received medical treatment. “At Medlink, I met Dr, Robert Kpoto, who recommended an X-ray at SOS Clinic in Congo Town to determine the cause of my severe pains,” the witness alleged. The witness alleged that Kpoto, who is a bone specialist, requested her to undergo another test because of the extent of her spinal injury based on the X-ray.

Dr. Kpoto, she claimed, also recommended that she should seek advanced treatment out of the country since her case could not be handled in the country. “To my great surprise, after the medical report was made available to my employer, they stopped paying my monthly salary, which I was using to treat myself,” the witness claimed. “This situation has created complete suffering and hardship for me since I am unable to move around by myself to obtain medication or provide for the family,” she claimed in her testimony.

Dee said after that incident, she has been constrained to visit many hospitals for examination, for which she has spent over US$2,125. “When the general manager fell from the same steps they quickly flew him to Lebanon for treatment which made me to feel that that they were not concerned about my health, rather to see to it that I die or become paralyzed,” the witness said in tears.
The case continues.


  1. According to the young lady , water continuously coming from underneath the floor tiles , meaning that she was aware of the danger and refused to be careful . The incident did not just occurred . Judgement for the lady , but not the amount she is requesting . Like they say over there , some thing is better than nothing .

    • James Davis, sorry to say my man but you are very illiterate and irrational .. How can you make such remarks knowing that the company didn’t provide safe work environment for their employees. She also claim that one of the manager fell due to the exact same conditions of wish she fall from and was taken abroad for treatment, isn’t he or she not aware of the condition?

  2. So if there was water under the tiles, she must have known and should have exercised care. Furthermore, from her own explanation, she used other bathrooms but that day she used the upper bathroom. Did other employees use that bathroom as well or was there another bathroom open to them? Of course if the boss gets hurt, he is flown elsewhere. Have you ever seen a Senator or Ma Ellen at JFK for treatment? if you have the money, you go elsewhere. She is an employee, not the boss. How did she and her lawyer derive this amount?

  3. This woman is entitle to some kind of compensation. The management of that hotel are responsible for safety. Who know, the management knew about the safety concern about that place but, they try to close their eye on it. It would also be a customer like anyone who fell.

  4. I’m so much disturbed by the comments from James and Amos. Did this lady intentional choose to injure herself for her to stay away from job to be catered to like a baby; is that what you’re alluding to?
    If indeed it’s true that the hotel bathroom has this problem is the management now aware of it? And how long has the problem of the bathroom lasted without resolving it? Most importantly, does the hotel have “occupational health and safety team” that is responsible for keeping staff members informed about their safety and the safety of the property routinely? And if the hotel does have search team, what has the team done about the problem since it started? Do they have any sign to show that the bathroom is not in good condition, therefore should not be used by staff members?
    Note: If as a company you fail to prioritize the safety and health of your employees and anything goes wrong you are 100% responsible for any accidents/incidents on the job.

    • This woman deserves everything that she is claiming from the management of the Mamba Point hotel. I am surprised to see the reaction of James and Amos speaking like this. What is wrong with you guys? Do you know what workers in this country go through everyday? Most working environments are not safe for our brothers and sisters, including health care centers, manufacturing plants, plantations, etc. and these situations continued to undermine the industrious peace and put workers at risk. The hotel knew about that hazard and didn’t care to do anything about it, so they need to be held accountable for the injury that the lady had sustained on the job. They need to pay some money as compensation to the lady to serve as deterrent to other companies. Our people are not slaves that you can use as animals, they too deserve the right to be treated like any other so-call expatriate or foreign worker.

  5. Something is pathologically wrong with James Davis and Amos. The workers worked under a dangerous condition because they had to have a job. So was the General Manager not careful too? Management failed in its responsibility. They should pay for the injury sustained by this woman


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