Infinity Shuttle, Brussels Airlines Sign Partnership Agreement

General Manager of Infinity Shuttle Service, Mrs. Adadevoh and Brussels Airlines Country Manager, William Racinne.

By David A. Yates and Gloria T. Tamba

A 100 percent Liberian owned transportation company, Infinity Shuttle Service on Thursday, December 20, signed a partnership agreement with Brussels Airlines in Monrovia.

Under the agreement, the management of Infinity Shuttle Service will offer passengers using the city check-in a special, low-cost fare to and from the Roberts International Airport. The partnership will have some environmental impact by reducing traffic and carbon emissions when the number of vehicles plying the route to Roberts International Airport (RIA) daily will be significantly reduced.

Owner of Infinity Shuttle Service, Patricia Adadevoh thanked Brussels Airlines management for proposing the partnership.  She said, “None of us like sitting in heavy traffic. The fewer cars we have on our roads, the lighter the traffic will be. If 20 passengers traveling on the same Brussels Airlines flight are heading to the same destination which is RIA, then it makes sense to have one shuttle bus take them there, instead of putting 20 cars on the road.  We all complain about traffic, this opportunity is to start doing something about it.”

She added, “Now that Brussels Airlines office is located just one block from our office in Sinkor, it will be easy for passengers to get to the airport after using the city check-in.

Mrs. Adadevoh said since launching the airport shuttle service in April of this year, “We have proven beyond any measure our ability to provide quality, on-time service to passengers. In signing this agreement with us, the Brussels Airlines management team trusts our ability to continue to deliver high-quality service and we will not let them down.”

She said under the partnership agreement, the special airport shuttle rate for Brussels Airlines city check-in passengers is US$50 round trip, or U$30 one-way to get to the airport. The special rate goes into effect January 1, 2019, and is for city check-in passengers only.

Brussels Airlines Country Manager, William Racinne, said, “A lot of our passengers are still discovering our city check-in service. It’s a unique service in Africa to help people to commute stress-free to the airport without the weight of their heavy luggage.”

This service, according to him, has been designed especially for the countries where the airport is more than 30 miles away from the capital.

Mr. Racinne said, “Today, we are happy to partner with Infinity Shuttle Service – a dedicated team that offers a reliable shared-commuting bus ride to the airport. We believe that our new office located in Boulevard Palace Hotel on Tubman Boulevard will bring more passengers to use our city-check in and also, will invite them to share their journey to the airport.”


  1. Wonderful idea, this shuttle service to RIA. However, a factor that may not have been considered/calculated in this arrangement is that most people departing Liberia, are often accompanied by a large entourage of well wishers including family, friends, coworkers, etc. going to see their loved one off. This service could not accommodate all of those persons, or any fraction of that number of persons at the price tag advertised here per person. And if only the traveler(s) will be accommodated in this arrangement thus leaving the entourage to fend for themselves, that makes the trip to RIA for the family even prohibitive. This is just an observation for consideration in making this idea work, not intended to undermine or discount it as it is very innovative. I too, have thought of this very idea in the past, but simply as a shuttle service for all and sundry to and from RIA instead of the usual two, three or more vehicles per traveler.


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