Infinity Millennials Trains 2,000 Youth in Network Marketing, Entrepreneurship

Garvin Ansu Sheriff, Head of the Liberia market, said the training will help people to fully understand how network marketing operates.

A team of ‘Independent Representatives’ from QNet Liberia referred to as “Infinity millennials” has completed training for about 2,000 young people in network marketing, entrepreneurship, and business ethic to fully understand the QNET business timeline, products and services and, at the same time, clarified the role of QNet to avoid misunderstanding that caused protest against the organization in the recent past.

QNET is a world-leading direct selling company that can help people start their own businesses with the best products.

Garvin Ansu Sheriff, Head of the Liberia market, said the training will help people to fully understand how network marketing operates. “If people fully understand how QNET operates, then, there will be no misinformation in the public.”   

Recently, there was a protest held at QNET’s office in Duport Road, where the protesters were holding placards and singing slogans, “Operation ban QNET, QNET is a Scam; justice for QNET victims, operation scatter QNET.” The protesters at the time called on the Government of Liberia to ban the company.

“We are not faked; we are network marketers and entrepreneurs,” Sheriff clarified.

According to him, those who were protesting are people who do not understand how the business works, and as such QNet thought to have the training enlighten the people associated with it. “People think that QNET is a quick money making business, whereas there are procedures and a timeline for the individual to start earning money,” Sheriff added.

Sheriff further clarified that QNET is not a scam company as it has been perceived by Liberians. “Citizens in other countries are benefiting from the company and they are getting richer day by day. Let Liberians change their mindset and change their lives.”

 He said: “The objective of this training is for our people to understand the business because when they understand it, they will be able to provide clear information to the public about the business and the products. We have five categories of products and services; health and wellbeing, jewelry and watches, personal care and beauty, and hotel reservation.”

Rally Sikie, Liberia Former Central Bank (CBL) Governor now Professor at the Cuttington Graduate School, said: “I am so excited to see young people trooping in to fight poverty.”

Sikie said as a millennials representative, it is my paramount responsibility to train and encouraged young people about the business. “As a former Governor of the CBL, I am fully engaged in network marketing,” said Sikie.


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