Induction Officer Warns Against Split in Nimba


Deputy Minister for Planning and Research at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Teah Nagbe, who recently inducted into office the Nimba County Assistant Superintendent for Development, has sternly warned Nimbaians not to allow their county to be divided.

Minister Nagbe stressed in a statement during the induction ceremony that “It will be a big mistake on the part of Nimbaians to allow their county to be split because other counties that did it are not developing as fast as Nimba.”

According to Minister Nagbe, there are more large towns and cities in Nimba than in most counties in Liberia, and this is the result of allowing people of diverse backgrounds to congregate in huge numbers.

He observed that those counties created from the original nine counties are struggling because they are sparsely populated, making rapid development difficult.

Minister Nagbe indicated that the concentration of large populations in Nimba is also beneficial to Liberia because development of those areas accrue to more Liberians.

He suggested to the Nimba Legislative Caucus and the county administration to persevere and erect junior high schools in all the major towns to encourage the young people dwelling there to go to school.

He said residents will see reason to send their children to school since if the schools are within their communities and students will not have to travel elsewhere to receive higher education.

Minister Nagbe cautioned the elders and youths to be careful about those politicians who will only advocate for positions that allow them receive the respect without having any regard for others.

“When some are in position, they only want respect to go to them and not others, and as you administer the affairs of the county, be careful not to allow such people to divide you,” he admonished.

He urged the Legislative Caucus of Nimba and the county administration to work together for the benefit of the county because the development potential of the county is highly visible.

Even though Minister Nagbe made it clear that his warning was not predicated upon any rumor of divide in the county, Nimba County is beginning to see serious tribal division since the Unity Party led government came into existence in 2006.

Senator Prince Johnson’s influence in the 2011 election led four Representatives and two Senators, all Gio to the Legislature from Nimba with three Representatives exclusively of the Mano tribe.

On that basis, some members of the Mano ethnic group have proposed a division of the county into the Gio, the majority tribe, on one side, and the Manos on the other.

For the purpose of maintaining and retaining legislative power in the county, independent sources have discovered that the Gios being in the majority have resolved to establish the “Gio Union” that promotes the political interest of any member of the tribe whether qualified for public office or not.

Amid these unfolding events in the county, a Statutory District Superintendent of Nimba, Bartua Bartuah, has opposed the division of the county and called on compatriots to join him in opposing such a division.

On local radio stations in Nimba, many residents have registered their distaste for ethnic division in the county and have strongly condemned such a political idea.


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