Indian School Joins Ebola Awareness Campaign


Aware International School, an Indian-run institution, has joined the awareness and prevention campaign of Ebola as part of efforts to prevent the spread of the Virus in schools across the country.

The campaign, according to Mustapha M. M. Kanneh, is aimed at empowering the children to teach their families and peers about the Ebola virus and the possible ways of preventing its spread.

Aware is situated on the GSA Road in Paynesville, outside of Monrovia.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily Observer, Kanneh who serves as vice principal for administration of the school said, “We deemed it necessary to join the campaign to sensitize people about the deadly virus in the country. It is part of the school’s responsibility   to pass the information to the community about the disease.”

Sanitizers and other education materials are placed around the school campus every morning, giving people the information about danger of the Ebola virus. 

According to him, they were educating the children on what he considers as “Behavior change on hand washing.”

“Hand washing is the most simple and important method to prevent the spread of Ebola,” he noted. 

He described hand washing as a cardinal point in the prevention of the Ebola virus.

Kanneh said hand washing is important in the campaign because it helps prevent not only Ebola but keeps one healthy.

The Vice Principal was quick to point out that “We were working with the Ministry of Health to take the campaign forward.

He went on to say that his students were not only given the knowledge about Ebola, but they are instructed to serve as “Ambassadors” to ensure practical Ebola sensitization and prevention.

Like other concerned Liberians, Mr. Kanneh said the issue of the Ebola virus is a national concern that must be taken seriously.

He stressed regret that some people still reject the existence of the Ebola virus in Liberia, and urged them to join the awareness campaign against the spread of Ebola.

Mr. Kanneh said “Ebola issue in Liberia is serious and I want to advise everyone to stop doubting the existence of the deadly virus.”

He described the issue of denial by many about the existence of Ebola in Liberia as a “serious challenge.”

Meanwhile, Aware is currently operating a three- month vocation school.

The vocation school focused on Science, English, Mathematics and Computer.

Other includes developing students’ reading and writing skills, special coaching for sports and games, personality development section, amongst others.

 The vocation school is meant to give students and non-students of the school extra skills.


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