India Boosts Liberia’s COVID-19 Drugs Supply

Indian Honorary Consul General in Liberia Upjit S. Sachdeva (2nd from left), stands near a sample of the donated drugs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs alongside Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Henry B. Fahnbulleh, Health Minister Dr. Wilhemina Jallah and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Francis Kateh.

…as Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Henry Fahnbulleh, describes the gesture as ‘gracious and touching’

Liberia’s COVID-19 response has received another timely boost after India donated its first batch of medicines comprising of a total 450,000 tablets, 20,000 infusions and 10,000 injections.

It includes Chloroquine tablets, Montelukast (10mg); Metronidazole (5mg/ml infusions); Ceftriaxone (1mg Injections); Ceftriaxone (500mg Injections); Levocetrizine (5mg); Ibuprofen (400mg tab); and Paracetamol (500mg tablets).

The donation, according to Upjit S. Sachdeva, Indian Honorary Consul General in Liberia, is part of a package of essential medicines that his county has marked for Liberia for the fight against COVID-19 and other ailments.

“The donation is intended to support and augment the government of Liberia’s efforts in combating the deadly coronavirus pandemic, which is having a heavy toll on millions of precious lives around the globe, as well as devastating many economies, both developed and under-developed.

“Although India itself is affected by this Pandemic, it has been extending the hands of friendship and coorperation to friendly countries to combat this virus,” Sachdeva said. “So far, India has supplied medicines to 150 countries including Liberia in an effort to strengthen their capacities to fight and over the pandemic.”

Sachdeva, who is popularly known in Liberia as Jeety, added that in a week or two from now, a second consignment of medical supplies of essential medicines from the government of India will again be delivered to help the Liberian government against the pandemic.

India and Liberia enjoy longstanding, multifaceted, and friendly relations since establishing bilateral relationship, the most recent commitment being the pending construction of a Mahatma Gandhi convention center and a US$2 million dollar assistance to the country that helped towards the development of the 14 military hospital.

And in recent times, Indian nationals living in Liberia have been heavily involved in Liberia’s fight against COVID-19 with several donations including medicines, rice, and oxygen to the government coronavirus treatment units.

The oxygen donated by Indians has been one of the major reasons Liberia’s recovery rates are more than triple times higher than death. Medical oxygen is a primary treatment for many patients who are suffering severe COVID-19 symptoms.

In remarks at the presentation of the medical supplies, the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Henry B. Fahnbulleh described the Indian gesture as gracious and touching since India is one of the world’s worst-affected countries; yet it tried to find the resources to donate to the country this valuable item.

“India remains one of our very good friends and, with this drug donation, it underscores the special and unique ties between India and Liberia.

“For us, we take interest in the fact that even though India is afflicted with the deadly coronavirus disease, the country is still in the position to assist another country including Liberia. We are grateful,” Min. Fahnbulleh said.

According to him, the donation from India is not a strange phenomenon as India has been a trusted development partner to Liberia for years.

“This donation is very timely and comes at a time when all hands are on deck in the fight the coronavirus disease,” he said. “This, for us, is laudable and commendable and shows that you are not only a trusted friend not only in good times but challenging times as well.”

Meanwhile, Min. Fahnbulleh has praised the Indian Consul General for being a successful go-between for Liberia and his country by working tirelessly to elevate the two countries’ relationships.

“On behalf of the President, we want to say thank you. And when the history of the end of coronavirus is written, your name will be engraved in the history of our health archives for the good work you have been doing to assist the government in the fight against the pandemic,” Min. Fahnbulleh said.


  1. stupidity at the highest order. There are more than 50000 deaths in India from Covid19 and less than 100 deaths in Liberia. Yet we are running to India to find a solution for a virus that has overwhelmed them so far. If that’s not using Liberians as Guinea pigs then I don’t what it is.

  2. With all the humanitarian gifts going to West Africa (no country named) in order to boost the fight against the pandemic, Liberians please be ware! Either with money paid under the table or through sheer trickery, some foreign frogmen could fly into an African country under a false pretense to test the corvid-19 vaccine secretly on Africans. I am afraid it is possible.


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