Legislators’ Support for Boakai Presidential Bid Reaches 51

Representative of Lofa County District # 2, Julie F. Wiah

As of July 4, the total number of legislators who have given public recognition and endorsement of the presidential bid of Vice President Joseph N. Boakai stands at 51, with the latest support from Independent Representative Julie F. Wiah.

A few days ago, 19 Senators and 31 Representatives, comprising 50 members of the Legislature, openly endorsed Vice President Boakai in his bid to become President of Liberia.

In a press conference yesterday at the Legislature, the Representative of Lofa County District #2, Madam Wiah, joined the “the like-minded members of the House of Representatives,” and pledged her support for the Vice President.

Rep. Wiah said she and the people in her district believe, “like hundreds of other Liberians,” that Vice President Boakai possesses the moral and technical leadership abilities to lead the country.

The Lofa County lawmaker said Bokai’s 40 plus years of civil service experience demonstrates his commitment, dedication, and passion for the country.
“The chiefs, elders, and youth of all social and economic organizations in District #2 of Lofa County have asked me to inform you that they will be supporting Ambassador Joseph Boakai, standard bearer of the Unity Party for President in October,” Madam Wiah said.

“Again, I hereby officially, in obedience to my people and by my own passion, endorse the presidential bid of Ambassador Boakai. We are convinced that he is an honest man. He has worked for everything he owned today. We believe that honesty is the main characteristic we should look for in our next leader and this is something Ambassador Boakai has demonstrated over the years he has faithfully served this country.”

Rep. Wiah is the co-chair on the House’s Committee on State Enterprises, Public Autonomous & Agencies and a member on the Ways, Means, and Finance & Development Planning committee.

The Lofa County District #2 Representative also announced that she will be seeking re-election, again as an independent candidate. Rep. Wiah ran and won as an independent candidate during the 2015 by-election.

“Before my election in 2015, I built a relationship with the people of the district that crossed all political, religious and social boundaries. I am so blessed now, having been in office for one year seven months, I still enjoy the trust and confidence of my people. This has led to overwhelming endorsements from all parts of the district last year,” she said.

She was accompanied by the Unity Party’s National Chairman for Mobilization, Mr. Wilmot Ziamah, and Lofa County Electoral District #1 Representative Francis S. Nyumalin, Sr.
Meanwhile, during Tuesday’s session, Rep. Wiah sought the indulgence of the House of Representatives to invite before plenary the Minister of Public Works to give reasons why the completion of the bridge which links Vahun to Wanhansa in Lofa County is yet to be completed.


  1. The endorsement of this representative don’t come as a surprised to me. Rep. Wiah has been elected to the national assembly by a by election. Like she stated, she had tasted power, n would like to retained it. More besides, the people who elected has instructed her to support Joe.

  2. The Legislators’ endorsements of Mr. Joseph N. Boakai are very astonishing, upsetting and corrupt. These moves are calculated as desperate on part of the Vice President to be given the Presidency as an AWARD. This AWARD will be paid back to the Legislators at the expense of the Liberian people. The repeated Corruptions with many blind sided investigationtos have been the signature ideas and public policies of the Boakai/ Sirleaf’s ADMINISTRATION. It is base on these practices, the Liberians useless LAWMAKERS are excited to award VP Boakai the Presidency. Will the ELECTION be fair? The answer is, NO. The Vice President maybe appointed with less VOTERS participation because he is depending on the Liberian Officials’ endorsements as the AWARD or MANDATE for the Presidency. This Election will be a repeat of the Charles D.B king’s Election. Thanks Liberians, the decision is yours. I am V. Gee Gbenie, Editorial Writer. Gorblee Native.

  3. It’s not just Lawmakers. A vast majority of Liberians want to see J.Nyumah Boakai, President Republic of Liberia; come October 10th–2017. Join “A Winner, JNB for A Better Liberia.on


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