‘Refrain from Hate Messages’


-INCHR Acting Chair  

Attorney Bartholomew B. Colley, acting chairman of the Independent National Commission on Human Rights (INCHR), yesterday appealed to Liberians irrespective of where they hail from to refrain from the use of inflammatory language or making hate speeches that tend to create chaos during and after the upcoming October polls.

“Today, we re-echo our call on all stakeholders especially eligible voters, to reflect on inclusion, equitable use of public resources and facilities, access to polling places, guarding against any acts of violence, and to rather choose peace as our electoral hallmark where free and balanced press and impartial security will remain supreme during and after the elections,” Atty. Colley told reporters at his Sinkor office yesterday.

Colley also called for peaceful resolutions to election-related disputes, and that the government, political party representatives, and the citizenry should consider factors leading to peace as this election is “historic because it is the first that will see power transition from one democratically elected government to another since 1944.”

Atty. Colley expressed the hope that during the campaign period, July 31-October 8, political actors will try as much as possible to do all it takes to get the requisite support to conduct peaceful elections.

“The INCHR is therefore appealing to all actors including party executives and workers especially the youth to be reflective of our past and conduct themselves in a manner that promotes peace, development, rule of law and civility. We are imploring the conscience of our young people, who due to their population have the average age of registered voters, to refuse to be used by politicians as harbingers of violence, destruction and setback,” Colley said.

Election is not necessarily the panacea for social or national problems, but rather a process that leads to identifying and solving problems, he said noting, “our problems will persist if we let our eyes off the essence of this election.”


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