INCHR Wants Gov’t Erect Health Center In Memory of Shaki Kamara


    The Independent National Commission on Human Rights (INCHR), has launched the long awaited investigation report on Shaki Kamara who died of gunshot wounds, and others, including Titus Nuah and Sylvester Kromah in the Township community of WestPoint on August 20, 2014.

    The INCHR, strongly recommended to the Government of Liberia to erect a health center in West Point in memory of the late Shaki to be called ‘The Shaki Kamara Memorial Health Center.’

    Speaking on Wednesday, November 5 at the launch of the report at the office of the commission, the chairperson of the commission, Cllr. Gladys Johnson, said the 15-year-old, Shaki Kamara was shot in the legs, which shattered his leg resulting in profuse bleeding and his death.

    The INCHR also strongly recommends that the President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf provide monetary compensation to the family, the precise amount to be determined by the government in collaboration with the Interreligious Council of Liberia.

    The commission recommended to the Government of Liberia that Titus Nuah be flown to a renowned hospital in Accra Ghana for further treatment and evaluation accompanied by a family member and the physician who operated on him at the SDA Cooper Hospital in Monrovia.

    “The cost of the treatment of Titus Nuah in Ghana will be underwritten through the office of the President of Liberia. The Government of Liberia provides financial compensation for Titus Nuah to restart his life if he makes a full recovery, if not that, Government provides his support for the rest of his life,” the Cllr. Johnson said.

    The commission said, Sylvester Kromah who sustained serious lacerations while attempting to get away from the life-threatening atmosphere that obtained at that moment, ‘the shooting and angry mob’ ran into barbwires, Government should compensate him for the pain and suffering, amount to be determined by the President of Liberia.

    The commission also recommends that Alfred Nagbe who was falsely accused of stealing a generator, publically humiliated and punished without due process of law be issue public apology by authority of Liberia National Police.

    “Let the Liberia National Police LNP authority issue a public apology to Alfred Nagbe for a violation of his human right to be treated with dignity as a human being. The President of Liberia [may] determine a certain amount of money to be paid to the victim for the violation of his human right.”

    The commission disclosed that, with the issue of the eyewitnesses, the commission lacks the required resources such as funds, expertise, and logistics support to address these concerns, adding that, the Government makes appropriate intervention in the interest of justice in the country.

    The commission said, the police and Armed Forces have received training since Liberia’s return to civilian rule but for that fact, the West Point incident would have been more horrendous.

    There are indicators that there is still need for more training especially those whose behavior were portrayed in the videos on August 20,2014 in West Point.


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