INCHR Raises Electoral Red Flag

Mr. Bartholomew Colley wants increment in the Commission's budget.

Cautions CDC against violence

The acting chairperson of the Independent National Commission on Human Rights (INCHR), Mr. Bartholomew B. Colley, says the recent allegation of an assassination attempt by three prominent Liberians against the standard-bearer of the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change, Senator George Weah, should be thoroughly investigated.

In a press conference yesterday in Monrovia, he called on the Liberian National Police (LNP) and the court to treat the allegation with the highest degree of importance in order to lay the matter to rest in a peaceful manner by establishing the truth.
The allegation, he said, is troubling and should not be taken lightly as it borders on the life and integrity of prominent political figures as well as the country’s peace.

Mr. Colley said: “We also call on the CDC to exercise patience, restraint and refrain from making egregious comments that could undermine the elections.”

Recently, the CDC through its Youth League chair, Jefferson Koijee, claimed that the only outcome of the upcoming elections is a CDC’s victory, and the contrary is only possible as a result of fraud.

The INCHR said Koijee’s statement is “purely reductionist without careful thought and troubling, therefore the commission encourages the CDC to remain within the limits of the electoral laws and campaign for victory.”

“We take these comments as potentially dangerous and therefore should not be given space in any civilized society; a society and democracy like Liberia is one that needs pampering and cuddling as the slightest mistake could ruin all the efforts being made to sustain a peaceful Liberia,” he said.

“We are calling on all those reportedly involved to desist. Our call has been reinforced by the fluidity of the process and the recent Kenyan situation.”

With reference to the forthcoming elections, the commission calls on political parties, candidates and their supporters to refrain from making statements that would jeopardize the peace that Liberians now enjoy and the unfolding electoral process.

The commission called on all candidates to make the campaign issues based rather than personal attacks or personality contest.

“We commend all political actors for the violence-free campaign they have conducted since the National Elections Commission declared the exercise open about four weeks ago. Having gone four weeks with no clear sign of violence and peace disrupting incidents, this is welcoming news,” Mr. Colley said.

It may be recalled that the LNP announced it is investigating an alleged assassination plot on the life of Montserrado County Senator George M. Weah.

The CDC had earlier indicated that an “alleged” assassination plot on the life of Sen. Weah is not just a threat on the life of the party’s political leader, but also a threat to national security and as such, the party called on the government to launch an immediate investigation to ascertain the facts surrounding such “an unwarranted situation.”

Koijee alleged that they were contacted by Defense Minister Brownie J. Samukai, Jr. and businessman George Kailondo to disrupt the CDC’s official campaign launched on Saturday, August 19. The men alleged that the disruptions were planned to start with Weah during the CDC procession on the day the party launched its 2017 campaign.

All the accused have denied any involvement in anything that has to do with the ‘so-called assassination attempt on anyone, be it Weah or anyone.”


  1. The Liberian public should not panic in this election process just because an individual, party or formulated organization thinks it can diffuse this election my word of mouth or gimmicks written to predict its win against the actual figures set forth before and after the ballot box. What proof do you or your party have to show that you have won the Presidency right now when even the time to vote or abstain is not now or has not come? The only way anyone gets to know the winner is through factual count whether votes or abstinence after constitutional scheduled time. The silent majority is the only source of protection of this process because it has the strength, instruments, and power to protect the people from violence. This majority is watching all your movements. If you have any disagreement with this process or if you have evidence of physical threat, you have enough time to resolve these through Liberian’s constitutional institutions still active (the three branches of Government). This is the peace we have right now given by our founders, why we have for ” Liberia” today still standing. We warn you who are planning to cause riots, that you will handle appropriately without any peaceful person getting heart in and out of the Liberian nation. We need perfect peace during this count and We mean it!… by God’s command.
    Gone to 57% in silence. Let the Liberian people know.


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