Inauguration Slated for January 22

Partial view of Guests during a previous Inauguration on Capitol Hill.

What to expect on Inauguration Day

The inauguration of President-elect, George M. Weah, and the Vice President-elect, Jewel Howard Taylor, should have been on Monday, January 15, but ahead of the date, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf issued a rather surprising proclamation making January 1, 2018 a holiday for the first time in 12 years. The presidential proclamation has now made Monday, January 22, the third working Monday, which becomes the day for the inauguration.

The inauguration is expected to be witnessed by distinguished personalities to include presidents, football icons, international business leaders, politicians and diplomats.

The upcoming relatively peaceful transfer of power is the first in more than 70 years.

Since the 1997 inauguration of President Charles Taylor at the Centennial Pavilion, the ceremony has been held at the front of the Capitol Building, the seat of the Legislature, facing the Executive Mansion. For this year’s inauguration, however, the annexes funded by the People’s Republic of China, are still under construction making the site unready for that occasion.

In 2006 and 2012, the swearing-in ceremonies were held on a platform at front view of the Legislature and conducted by the Chief Justice.

SKD Complex or Capitol Building?

According to Senator Blamo Nelson of Grand Kru County, the presidential oath should be administered at the Capitol Building, thereby making the 25th scheduled public inaugurations in three locations – the Providence Baptist Church, the Centennial Pavilion and the Capitol Building. Nelson argues that law was amended for inaugurations to be held at the Capitol Building.

However, rumors persist that the presidential oath will take place at the S. K. Doe Sports Complex, but is yet to be confirmed by any member of the Joint Presidential Transitional Team (JPTT), headed by President Sirleaf and co-chaired by President-elect Weah.


Joint Session of the 54th Legislature

In accordance with Article 53 of the Constitution, there will be a Joint Session of the Legislature, with the Speaker serving as the presiding officer to call to order a Special Session for the President and the Vice-President before entering the execution of the duties of their respective offices, take a solemn oath or affirmation.

There are seven main events, at different locations and by invitation. They include a morning worship service; procession to the swearing-in venue; Vice President-elect’s swearing-in ceremony; President-elect’s swearing in ceremony; Inaugural address; inaugural parade; and inaugural ball.


  1. It will be wise that we have this year inauguration at the open air stadium, where every eyes behold own elected leader be sworn as 24th president. This to tell the world that we are growing in democracy. We want celebrate our decisions that we made at the poll. Kindly respect our comments from public.

  2. Our government has the audacity to procrastinate when it comes to preparing for major events: holding international conferences; international soccer matches; welcoming heads-of-states; and now the upcoming presidential inauguration of President-elect and his vice president barely three weeks away!

    It was pitiful to watch President Sirleaf’s last two inaugurations (2006 &2012) held under make-shift palm-thatched coverings to shield foreign dignitaries from the tropical sun. When will our government come up with contingency plans to build large modern auditorium like a civic center, or a large indoor public arena that is capable of accommodating more than five thousand people?

    Samuel Kanyon Doe Stadium is large enough but it lies at the out-sketch of Monrovia: unless government provides public transportation for the common people to witness this special inauguration. Also, the unpredictable Monrovia weather could be a determining factor for outdoor activities.

    When I was growing up in Monrovia in the sixties, Tubman had only three major places for large events: The Monrovia City Hall; The Executive Pavilion, and the Old Executive Mansion. Next, Tolbert built the OAU Conference Center in Virginia in 1979. Since then, not a single indoor large public building has been built to hold large conferences in Liberia. No wonder why hotel industries are making all the profits to host large government conferences in Liberia.

    Before I forget, where will the New Seat of government be since President Sirleaf ran away from the Executive Mansion to use the Foreign Ministry as her office? This is a national disgrace to have a new government installed without a functioning Executive Mansion……as the seat of Liberia’s government.
    Well, I guess George Weah’s inauguration will be held in front of the Temple of Justice/Capitol Building under a hurriedly make-shift palm-thatched roof with the usual white plastic chairs as it was done for President Sirleaf’s inauguration.

    We can to better to upgrade our facilities just in case of increment weather and the proper accommodation of foreign dignitaries on inauguration day.

    Not to be so critical, I give President a good grade for setting up a joint transitional team to have a smooth transfer of power which is uncommon in Liberia since 70 years ago.

    May God bless President Sirleaf and her staff for keeping the peace; bless the incoming administration, and bless my fellow Liberians in maintaining our newfound Democracy!

    Happy New Year Liberia!!!!


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