In Paynesville, Voting Held Amid Piles of Nasty Garbage

Mountains of garbage in Red Light

An eight week old rotten and rodent infested pile of garbage at the Gobachop Market in the Red-Light commercial continues to cause grave concern among traders who told this reporter that they are now simply tired of venting, to no avail, their anger and frustration through the media.

Residents and business people in the area observed that during the crucial national elections last Tuesday, voting took place at polling stations  in garbage infested communities in Paynesville and its environs.

The terrible odor from the rotten garbage at the Gobachop Market, where thousands of our people buy their food daily, has become so grave that traders selling in the midst of the stench and squalor now show little concern for the environmental degradation. They ask themselves “What can we do now? We have complained so many times and nobody has listened.”

In an hour-long tour of Red Light commercial district, the nation’s largest food market, swarms of flies and malaria-carrying mosquitoes were seen on prepared foodstuffs being sold not far from the rotten garbage pile in the middle of the market.

Mrs. Martha K. Washington, head of the Gobachop Women’s Plantain Association, noted that their concern and anger have been channeled through the media on many occasions and no positive results have come from the PCC administration.

“I must admit that we are tired venting our grievances through the media, because authorities of the PCC and sanitation companies continue to pay deaf ears,” Mrs. Washington lamented.

According to Liberia Marketing Association (LMA) officials, the Gobachop Market is one of the most vital for food commodities, such as plantain, potato and cassava as well as a variety of fruits and vegetables.

The leadership of the PCC headed by Madam Cyvette Gibson and the authorities of the LMA have on several occasions blamed each other for the filthy condition of the Red Light Market and its environs in Paynesville.

Meanwhile, starting from the Bob Taylor Junction in Red Light Market and leading to Duport Road and GSA Road junctions, piles of garbage continue to spread every day in Paynesville.

Yet, contracts continue to be granted to the same sanitation companies that have woefully under performed in the business of garbage collection and disposal in Paynesville and its environs.

The Daily Observer has on numerous occasions appealed to the Paynesville City administration to clean up the city, but to no avail.  When last year the First Lady of the United States, Madam Michelle Obama, was scheduled to visit Kakata, Liberia, the Daily Observer appealed to Paynesville City Hall to clean up the garbage in the city.

We argued that the First Lady of the country that did so much to help us combat the deadly Ebola virus should not return and tell her husband she saw all this garbage in our city. The American President and people would wonder whether we had learned nothing from Ebola. Alas, the same garbage we complained about, and much more, is still there, right in the middle of Paynesville’s main avenue.


  1. Wow! It’s a shame; especially so, when this “PILED OF GARBAGE” is a major food distribution location. It doesn’t make anyone proud of their home land. One of the major foundations for our development is good SANITATION. It must be a top priority.


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