In Nimba: MoE Begins Recruitment Of Teachers

The DEO Office in Ganta is one of the recruitment centers

The Ministry of Education has begun recruitment of over 600 classroom teachers in Nimba County to help replace teachers who for some reasons are no longer in the classroom.

The office of Nimba County Education Officer told the Daily Observer that the Ministry of Education authorized the local office in Nimba to screen and recruit qualified teachers to replace teachers and school administrators who have retired.

Mr. Stanley Tozay, Administrative Assistant to the CEO, said the recruitment is considering those with Bachelor and Associate Degrees, and Grades ‘B’ and ‘C’ Certificates.

He said preference will be given to those with the requisite credentials and are in the classroom but not on salary.

Mr. Tozay, however, clarified that anyone with the requisite documents, especially degrees, will also be recruited because there is an acute shortage of qualified high school teachers in the county.

Since last February, over 300 teachers and school administrators have been retired creating vacuum in the county school system, something Mr. Tozay said the MoE is going to replace them upon the recruitment.

When the Daily Observer visited one of the interview centers, it was crowded with both young and old people seeking employment opportunities.

According to local Education authorities, Nimba has been facing acute shortage of qualified classroom teachers especially at the senior high school level, making most of the senior high schools to perform very poorly in major public examinations such as the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

Nimba School System contains 13 school districts with Ganta and its surroundings being areas with highest population. There are about 10 senior high schools and several other junior and semi senior high schools.

The schools according to students lack Mathematics and Science teachers—especially courses such as Chemistry and Physics.

With this need, Mr. Tozay said nearly all those coming for recruitment were grades ‘C’ and ‘B’ certificate holders with a few ‘AA’, adding, “We are not getting content teachers, something we really want in the county.”


  1. Why is my country Liberia downplaying the bedrock or foundation of our development? Why do we relegate education and uphold mediocrity and ineptitude? Do you think Liberia is going to be magically developed, like in a dream? Or do we expect the other people to come and develop our country for our children to later come and claim it?

    Let’s stop playing with education!
    Our senators and representatives should be boisterous here, not only when it comes to dividing brown envelops.

    The success and industrial development of Liberia depends on sound education, take heed!

  2. Since 1847 to today, nearly everyone elected or appointed in Government, from the President of Liberia to the Least official in Government, thinks and believes that the Republic of Liberia is there to steal from and get rich quick with impunity.

    Just take a look at the countless General Auditing Reports and the budgets of Liberia and you will agree that Liberia and its residents are robbed and left behind because the Presidents of Liberia and many of its officials, to include many officials in the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branch of Government, think and believe that Liberia is their pet project which they may fund and not fund. Since 1847 today, Liberia is not FIRST.

    And so the Republic of Liberia and its citizens and residents are never put FIRST in the National Budgets of Liberia. Had the Presidents of Liberia, and key officials put Liberia First, the 15 counties of Liberia would have by now been connected by roads and Liberians traveling to the 14 counties outside of Montserrado County, would not have to spent nearly two weeks to a months on the bad roads or no roads.

    Liberia has so many problems. Liberia has no reliable and dependable:
    1. Healthcare System
    2. Coordinated Education System
    3. Safe Drinking Water
    4. Reliable Light
    5. Liberia cannot feed herself
    6. And Liberia PUT LAST in everything

    In Liberia, the Laws are not evenhandedly applied to Liberia’s Big-Boys-1 and Big-Boys-2 in and out of Government in Liberia.

    Unless this reckless behavior is challenged and changed, Liberia is going nowhere.

    WE ARE GLAD THE PEOPLE OF LIBERIA spoke loud and clear on December 8, 2020.

    • Frederick Jayweh, in as much as corruption retards the growth and progress of any nation, there is actually no fundamental difference between citizens who carry out corruption and dullards like you who come out here with the posturing of having the epistemological wherewithal in such a straddling profession or academic discipline as law when you are as dumb as anyone who has never stepped in any classroom of law.

      At least you have now learned that normative codes such as principles of law and knowledge constituting the four major branches of law, and or the dictates of the major schools of legal thought, can..

      (1) never ever be overridden by the diabolical and ignoramus wishful thinking of half baked journalists and stooges and chronic opportunists as Gabriel Williams, Isaac Bantu, Emmnauel Abalo, Philip Wisseh, losers of presidential election, etc. etc. nor

      (2) shall such pillars of academia and governance (normative codes etc.) ever tally with such stupidity coming from that high school drop out Darius Dillon that because he and his fellow dullards “had a meeting with that Portuguese fugitive“, the sovereign government of Liberia should become an accomplice with them in their criminal scheme in preventing the apprehension of a fugitive, or concealing or aiding a fugitive…a Portuguese fugitive Henrique Pedro Costa at that!

      • Mr. False Nationalist,
        YOU ARE NOTHING, BUT ONE OF THE MANY PAID AGENTS of Mr. George Manneh Tarpeh Weah and his disgraceful and challenged Government.

        ALL Criminal-Minds and Low-life Creatures in Liberia, need to pray hard for themselves and their criminal behaviors. One day, they will be indicted, arrested, and prosecuted in Liberia.

        You can take this to your paymasters and their male and female girlfriends. Particularly those sleeping both with our boys and girls at will.

        • Frederick Jayweh, whether one is “a paid agent“ or not “a paid agent“ is irrelevant in any intellectual expanse premised on the governance of the given sovereign nation.

          Hence, as the major burning issues in that respect are now (a) the issue of quantitative easing, (b) the Portuguese fugitive Henrique Pedro Costa wanting air time within Liberia‘s territorial jurisdiction, (c) the rights and powers of the branch of government responsible for the appointment of appointed posts within government, (d) which branch of government determines the nationality of persons, etc. etc., one expects intellectualism on these matters or issues, and not rants about “paid agents, sleeping with boys and girls, and girls friends“.

          For example, with all those gargantuan titles stripped all over you, your audience expects you to fire a rebuttal or advance a powerful argument regarding your divergent view or opposing opinion against my argument that ANY government commits the crime of official misconduct and the obstruction of justice by permitting a radio station to host any program of a fugitive.

          For such official misconduct, Frederick Jayweh, is tantamount to the intent of preventing the apprehension of a fugitive on the one hand, and on the other the obstruction viz the constitutionally and statutorily required prosecution of the fugitive.

          But poor you, with that empty palm wine calabash on those shoulders of yours thereby making it impossible for you to metabolize the epistemology and jurisprudence I try to beat into you, all you can spew out of that empty calabash on your shoulders, when I have chosen to have you intellectually trapped, is none other but such rubbish from you as paymasters, paid agents, female girlfriends, and all such rubbish.

      • I will ask the white guys to erase the word “epistemological” from the dictionary, and let’s see if some people will ever write in this space again.
        If you take 50 posts by the False Nationalist, 49 of them contain this wonderful word “epistemological”

        By the way, what is the meaning of this word, clever old man?
        I hope the meaning you will give will suit all the contexts you’ve used it.

        Un Vieux Con!

        • Petarus Dolo, when you were just an infant Ihad done studying the fundamentals of FRENCH GRAMMAR!

          So, it is your extremely dirty filthy mother with her stinking panties and your dirty filthy father with his frowsy torn draws to whom you are referring to as old jerks (Un Vieux Con!)!

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          • I hope you wash yours before coming on this blog, I also hope you wash your girlfriends’ (because I know such deranged character of your type can never wed a woman), daughters’, sons’ and grandchildren’s before spewing your insanity and demeanor in a space with good people.

            Stupid old son of a bitch with no training!
            You street punkies, we will take our country off your stupid and dirty hands, send you to concentration camps to reeducate you.

            Un vieux idiot pervers sans scrupule!

  3. Cllr Jayweh,
    If you feel so sad about your beloved country, why haven’t you been able to announce your intention to run for the presidency? What on earth are you waiting for? From my outlook, you’ve dug yourself a pit. You’re aligned with a body of political operatives who have settled on three potential candidates, namely, Urey, Boakai and Cummings.

    Please note that I am not advocating to run your campaign. But I am not opposed to your political ambitions. The sooner you make clear your intentions, the better it gets. I do believe that lots of voices need to be heard during upcoming presidential election. It is very possible for the above named individuals to become unpopular in 2023. If I were you, I’d make myself known immediately.

    Hang in there gentleman.

    • You see “Uncle Hney,” these are some of the examples of the prejudices that go on around here and based in pure partisanship, which sometimes provoke the animus or revulsion that result thereby.

      Suffice it to say how interesting that you chose to emphasize the minutiae or trivial aspect of Frederick’s comments, but conveniently played blind to the expletive-laden post from your partisan, Dortu-Siboe Doe, AKA “True Nationalist.”

      I raise this issue not so much in expectation of anything better from the waif or ragamuffin involved, but simply because I have been a victim of your pious retribution in the recent past, because of my use of certain descriptive terminology (unprincipled), to estimate a glaring contradiction I felt was exemplified in your duplicitous stance on certain social issues, of similar magnitude. Your censureship or chastisement of me in the premise, was that such choice of words was debased and degenerate for a discourse.

      As much as this exchange was not with you or directed at you, notwithstanding, the least one expected of you about this level of unwarranted vulgarism here, was the same advisory or chastisement of the perpetrator for that uncouth display of peevishness.

      Imagine I was chastised by you for the use of the word, “unprincipled,” and this imp goes all out ballastic on another poster here, and that skips your pedantic radar? Of course, you will say because the insults were not directed at you, so you could care less. Well, remember the time-tested caveat which is, “what goes around, comes around.” Today it is Petarus Dolo, and tomorrow, who knows for whom that proverbial bell will toll next? TWT!

      • Mr. GBOYO,

        The False Nationalist claimed to have been around with VP Joseph Boakai. He claimed to have interacted with many prominent names in Liberia.
        Let’s assume all that he spewed were true and is probably an octogenarian (in his 80s). if such person can always come out this low by abusing his own girlfriends, children and grandchildren, then I think we should bring him up to his world, paste it on his offspring’s social media platform and show them the kind of chimpanzee that brought them forth.

        Never mind, I will get at this old monkey called False Nationalist.
        He is not the only one, really. Like their standard bearer Weah, CDCians NEVER hold an intellectual discourse with discordant voices. They have nothing to prove and so nothing to defend. Be it woman or man, young or old, half educated or not, they never indulge in intellectual exchanges. They always resort to ma or pa ‘causes’, don’t worry about them and DO NOT FOLLOW THEM!

  4. On the matter at hand, this is another classic example of the shortsightededness of this administration, as with its predecessor. Why would any entity be retiring its trained personnel in the absence of a replacement set of personnel? Does that make any sense?

    The rationale for the retirement spree going on all over Liberia, according to the proponents of that stupidity, “is for the older people to make way for younger people with new and advanced tgrainings” compared to the older workers.

    Granted that myopia holds water anywhere for 30 minutes, wouldn’t such plans or anticipated actions suggest the government or whichever the entity, has a ready workforce in the wings for that transition?

    As in this case, the GOL has no replacement teachers but still goes at ahead with an impractical retirement policy by retiring teachers simply because they have worked with the schools or in the system for 25 years?

    Imagine a treacher who graduated from KRTTI or ZRTTI, or LU at age 23, and has worked with the educational system for 25 years, that teacher is forceably retired at age 48, or even 50? What sense does that make when such teachers are now well seasoned and at their “prime” in the teaching field?

    Apparently this is the system all over Liberia today! A great loss to the country in so many ways than could be enumerated. But guess what, at that rate of retiring people, no sooner than later the payroll for retirees will surpass that of the active labor force.

    All over or in most parts of the world, the retirement age is simply a labor standard but the decision to retire a matter of choice left with the individual, except for some underlying or mitigating factors like health, for example, that may prompt that decision.

    Imagine the huge population of trained individuals that were once languishing in Liberia for lack of employment opportunities after being furloughed or laid off from places like Firestone, Bong Mines, LAMCO, NIOC, etc., when those companies shut down. Well trained personnel in various fields that could have augmented our much wanting labor foce. But nope, those people were left to retire to their villages, many of them, to await their final earthly sojourns.

    This time around, the situation is even quadruple and worst!

  5. Look you little dog Petarus Dolo, there is no national language of the P5 which fundamentals of the given grammar I True Nationalist do not master! And on top of that, I just do not give credence to aggressors, not to talk about succumbing or appeasing them, no matter the age!

    So, you little son of dogs, just know that whenever or however you insult me, I shall multiply the worst of insults at your dirty and filthy mother whose butt and backside is the shameless old perverted idiot (Un vieux idiot pervers sans scrupule!) to which and to whom you are referring!

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  6. I hope you were able to at least get some tap water to clean your mouth and old rusty beards this morning, stupid old man with untrained offspring!

  7. If the father and grandfather can be this uncouth, just imagine the bunch of heathens he has urinated in our dear society.
    These are the germs we need to pulverize in our society to make it safer for humanity.

    Darn stupid rusty old ass with no pride and respect for himself!

  8. Gboyo,
    I have been a little lethargic in recent days because the pain in my knee continues to pin me down. Because of the persistence of the pain, I do not read as many posts or comments as I once did. In November of 2020, I was jammed in the rear of my car with a devastating effect. My car was totaled! I may take a knee surgery, but I pray to the Almighty God for that not to happen.

    I didn’t see the exchange of of words between Mr. True Nationalist and Mon Petit Frere, Petarus (Peta) Dolo until this morning.

    My Peace Plan For:

    (1) Mr. True Nationalist,

    (2) The Defender &

    (3) Cllr. Jayweh

    Please desist from negative name-calling! Cool off for a while. Stop being antagonistic, but be convivial. The insults are too many. Insults do not serve a useful purpose. Your better Angels should prevail. Peace.

    Please note that Mr. True Nationalist is not a fake, a False Nationalist but rather a genuine True Liberian patriot. You can agree to disagree. Forget about words he uses.

    Mr. True Nationalist….
    Please note that Petarus Dolo is not a loafer or a wastrel. The difference between you guys is that Dolo is a “Grand Apologist”! The similarity between you guys is the patriotism you cherish. C’on guys. Let’s move on honorably. Shame the devil.

    Cllr Jayweh….
    Please note that Mr. True Nationalist is not a praise-singer or even a False Nationalist. Although his views are different than yours, the gentleman wishes to be called the name he prefers.

    Mr. True Nationalist….
    Please note that Jayweh is not a sleaze or a ne’er-do-well. Both of you are lawyers, but more importantly, you’re Liberians.

    Gentlemen, please do not break the ceasefire. Chill.

    Gboyo, please take note. Mr. True Nationalist and I are not partisans. In the states, I am a Registered Independent. In essence, I am not a member of any party. I have never asked my buddy, Mr. True Nationalist whether he is a Republican or whether he’s Democratic. I am not a affiliated with any party in Liberia.

    • Okay, Mr. Hney, I hear you and will certainly follow your Peace Plan. But, you will need to first and foremost reach out to Mr. False Nationalist, AKA, Un Vieux Con, and then later we can talk peace. To Mr. False Nationalist (Un Vieux Con), have a good day and good luck!

      • Very Stupid, foolish, and very dull, Frederick Jayweh when you attribute such nonsense to as as “Un Vieux Con“, of course we take that for what we refer to in diplomatic jargon as TIT FOR TAT! And that is, because there is hardly a rebuttal from us against your stupidities around here where we do not snap at you in such expletives.

        But when one whom we do not and have no business to use such expletives on come here and UNPROVOKINGLY attempts such insanity or rudeness against us, he cannot be forgiven! Its as simple as that!

        • “…….UNPROVOKINGLY attempts such insanity ”

          What does he want to say again?
          Always writing foolishness with no magnitude in what he says.
          How can you say UNPROVOKINGLY and then attack with insults?

          See how retard your old rusty brain has become?
          You better get out of this space before you die from alzeimer disease.

          Vieux Con!

          • You little rude kid, it seems the THE STENCH from your mother’s asshole is sending your little backside crazy. What is meant there is that you were NOT PROVOKED into exhibiting your rudeness against one who never offended you in anyway! And you know it! Anyway, we understand you are familiar with the elementary. I told you that when I am done with you, even the mortuary shall reject your corpus corporis (your body)!

    • Fair enough. At least for the variety of characters involved, that’s the least one could do. After all, we are all products of different environments and up bringing. And those extracted from boorish and amoral stocks will always exemplify the most discordant of behaviors, no matter the social norm or prohibition.

      And except it may impose extra burden on the hosts or owners of this medium, but perhaps they should delete any comments so debased and degenerate, not worthy of this site. Even facebook and other platforms have started doing just that. Not every little fuss and fight between posters, no. But the obvious morally obtuse kinds. Just a thought.

      • Yes, ”fair enough” Dempster Yallah AKA Peter Gboyo. But not actually ”fair enough” until you point out or at least you are reminded that when you were insulting Mr. Hney ”fuck you, fuck you” because according to you he was partial, you were proving yourself Dempster Yallah AKA Peter Gboyo to be the one with an ”upbringing from boorish and amoral stocks always exemplifying the most discordant of behaviors, no matter the social norm or prohibition.”

        Such insults as ”fuck you, fuck you” used by you against Mr. Hney are specifically and particularly also of the ”morally obtuse kinds”, and not any ”little fuss and fight” between you and Mr. Hney, since Mr. Hney was in no ”fuss or fight” with you as you are attempting to imply. Just a reminder.

  9. Old and stupid Rusty False Nationalist,

    Have you started? Or you are yet to start? When are you going to start dealing with me? I only see you running away by changing your tone sometimes.
    I know you did not receive any motherly love and also did not receive real love from a woman, and so you can permit yourself to abuse even your own mother, girlfriends, daughters and grandchildren in such public space.

    Let’s get down to your mediocrity. your incoherence and foolish verbosity with no logical countenance. Attack me on such, if you want to hurt me.

    Stupid dull son of a bitch!
    You are as stupid as an ass!

    • “Changing tone“? Little rude and silly swine, I say your mother’s BUTT and TWAT HOLES are dirty smelly, and wide as those government toilet when she was fucked in HER ANUS now and then by dogs, goats,and drunks, until she gave birth to your dirty, insane, and sick dogself….a way of living she carried on while pregnant with you. A genetic, psychological, and biological sickness which have negatively affected you to this day that you practically worship a butt boy and a gay rapist.

  10. Mr. Petrarus Dolo, please have mercy on Mr. False Nationalist, AKA, Un Vieux Con, cause he is expressly 85-88 years old and he could literally die in your hand. Don’t allow this old man’s death to be attributed to you and in your name. Let this old man die in his own volution.

  11. Cllr. Jayweh,

    This old rusty old asshole called False Nationalist doesn’t know that. As an octogenarian, he should be tactfully bringing us on the right track by helping us to moderate our tune in a republican debate for our country Liberia.
    Instead, he keeps abusing his own mother, girlfriends, daughters and granddaughters, thinking he in instating discipline in someone. Is this how you disciplined your offspring, stupid old man False Nationalist?

    You better leave this forum or else I will insult you until you get your rusty buttocks out of here.
    We have good people on this forum who come to read our contribution.

    False Nationalist, quit this forum, or receive the worst abuses from me!

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