In Nimba, Dr. Vanyanbah Discloses Increase in “Hepatitis B”

Dr. Saygbeb Vanyanbah, Acting CEO, JFD Hospital

Dr. Saygbeb Vayanbah, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Jackson Fiah Doe (JFD) Referral Hospital in Tappita, Nimba County, has disclosed that the disease known as “Hepatitis B,” which causes liver disease is said to be on the rise across Liberia.

Dr. Vanyanbah, who made the disclosure recently in an interview with the Daily Observer, said the hospital receives lots of cases, some complicated, including people with the hepatitis disease, but he attributed the increase of the case load through body contact with affected persons, and also by sexual intercourse with any of the affected persons.

He added that the disease spread through drug abuse, and sometimes blood transfusion.

Dr. Vanyanbah said that people, who are affected do not like to seek medical checkup immediately, rather they would decide to take herbs, which further deteriorate the condition by damaging the liver.

He explained that the disease is rapidly increasing at an alarming rate, calling on the residents to seek medical checkup, whenever they are sick or unit.

According to Dr. Vanyanbah, some of the common symptoms of the disease are the yellowing color of the eyes, fever, weakness and loss of appetite.

“Many of those who come down with some of these symptoms consider themselves to be infected with malaria, but it is not so,” he said.

This newspaper also established that any expatriate that enters this country will first get their hepatitis vaccine as precaution, something has left many wondering why the government is not making the vaccine available to the public as prevention.

Dr. Vanyanbah said as precautionary measures, the hospital has procured some hepatitis vaccine for workers and it is being administered free-of-charge, compelling every worker to take the required three dosages.

In a similar development, Dr. Vanyanbah said the diabetes clinic at the hospital “is absolutely free and he called on residents to take advantage of the services by visiting the clinic for checkup and treatment.

Recently, the local radio station announced that the hospital is at the brink of closure due to bad roads and shortage of essential medical drugs, something Vanyanbah denied, saying, “the hospital will not be closed to the public, despite the many challenges.”


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