In Johnsonville, Suspected Criminal Strikes


A number of alleged weapons-wielding criminals over the weekend struck a residential area in Logan Town, Upper Johnsonville in Montserrado County, where they wounded a long time business man of the community.

 The robbers at dawn entered the home of Emmanuel T. Cole, a community businessman. One of the robbers, identified as Abel Vor, attacked him with his teeth and a heavy piece of rock, which he reportedly used to inflict wounds on Mr. Cole’s head.

 “In their effort to enter the house, the robbers, who were led by Abel Vor, slashed the right ear of Mr. Cole and wounded him on his fore head, while they were attempting to force their way into his house,” an eyewitness told the Daily Observer on the crime scene last Saturday.

 Mr. Cole has meanwhile been admitted at a local hospital where he has been given 12 stitches for the wounds and treated for various degrees of injuries that he allegedly suffered at the hands of the robbers.

 Already, Police assigned at Zone Nine, depot three, on Pipeline Road in Paynesvile, have confirmed arresting the ring leader of the suspected robbers, Abel Vor.

Police in Pipeline told our reporter over the weekend that suspect Vor has already been charged with ‘aggravated assault resulting in grievous bodily harm to the victim.’ Vor has been detained.

 The case will be investigated pending the full recovery of the victim from the clinic; a police source told our reporter.

 Before going to the treatment center, Mr. Cole, who was observed to be bleeding profusely from his chopped ear and wounded forehead, told this newspaper in an interview that the robbers, whose  number he could not remember, were led by Abel Vor.  They approached his house and violently banged at the back door, while they tried to force their way in the house.

The incident, he said, occurred as early as 6 a.m. Saturday morning, while other residents were just waking up from bed.

 According to him, while they  bolted and kicked the door from all directions, he decided to inquire, but in a short while, he recognized Abel Vor, who quickly pounced upon him, while he (Abel) chewed his right ear and at the same time, gashed him on the fore head.

 Mr. Cole narrated rather sorrowfully that he was rescued from the hands of the robbers through the help of his spouse, Jemah Cole.

 He said, his wife came to his defense and removed the teeth of suspect Abel from his ear, before she could cry for help.

 “Before other community members could come from bed to come to the crime scene, the suspected robbers had all fled, leaving the alleged ring leader Abel, who was arrested by other community members as he tried to flee by a help of a motorcyclist.

 Police have meanwhile promised to send the case to court, but the commander told this newspaper that the transfer of the case will depend on the full recovery of the victim.


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