In Ebola Crisis, Clergyman Warns against Abandonment of Social Responsibility

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A Baptist clergyman has stressed that in spite of danger posed by Ebola, people need to still be conscious of their social and spiritual responsibilities to families and compatriots.

Rev. J. Larque Vaye’s comments, contained in his Sunday message, come at a time when people are abandoning their responsibilities of love and being their brothers’ keepers because of fear of coming in contact with the Ebola virus.

Awareness about Ebola goes that the person suspected of the virus must not be closely contacted except the safe person is well protected, and that anyone ignorantly coming in contact with an affected person should be quarantined for 21 days or more to avoid further spread of the virus.

Rev. Vaye, in his message themed: “Faith under Pressure,” asserted that many people are holding just one side of the awareness and leaving especially their children to die.

“When the task force is called and they do not come on time, there is an alternative way to cater for the person to reach him/her to the hospital, but contrary to that alternative many people are leaving their children to die,” Rev. Vaye noted.

The Baptist clergyman observes that besides the preventive measures, include avoiding affected persons, the other advice is that relatives or parents wear sweater with plastic on their hands to cater to the sick person.

He noted that while Ebola is raging, it is also certain that not all deaths are caused by Ebola but other common diseases as a result of abandonment.

Rev. Vaye, whose emphasis was mainly on innocent children, intoned that abandonment and abortion were playing key roles in destroying children lives.

Referencing his concern from the Bible book of Exodus Chapter 1, he stressed that despite warning by the king of Egypt at the time to kill all male children in that ancient kingdom, the mother of Moses, having faith in God, hid her baby, realizing that the baby had a future and exposing him to destruction was inhumane.

“Remember that all children need to live. Those involved in abortion are committing the worst sin, and avoiding your child to die in the name of Ebola is not the right thing.  Consider all children because you do not know which one of them would be a blessing to the family, and as the case is, the one hated sometimes becomes the backbone for the family,” he acknowledged.

The clergyman emphasized that many people were also forgetting or intentionally behaving unethically because of fear; which he said should not be the case with humanity.

He said many nurses because of fear of contact do abandon patients and they (patients) die whereby some are not even to die.

In the same text of Exodus, Rev. Vaye noted therein that when the king ordered the midwives to kill all male children because the Israelites were growing in number, they (midwives) under their ethical guidance refused to do.

He stressed that while it is true most doctors and nurses have died as a result of contracting the virus during time of care, it is also expedient that government provides the needed protective equipment so they can attend to patients as required by their ethics.

Meanwhile, the Ebola outbreak in Liberia has claimed more lives despite adherence to pieces of advice from health authorities.


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