In Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, 2 Suspected Armed Robbers ‘Mobbed’ to Death


Two suspected armed robbers, one of them, a notorious Lewis Kennedy, with one of his accomplices in crime, only identifid as Daniel, otherwise known as ‘Baby D,’ were early yesterday reportedly mobbed to death by some residents of the port city of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

 Lewis, notorious in the commission of various degrees of crimes across the country,  and his  accomplice, were reportedly mobbed to death Sunday morning when they stormed a residential area in their early hour raid in Buchanan, County Police Commander, Frederick D. Neppy has said.

 The pesstles-raided bodies of the two alleged robbers were accompanied to Monrovia on board a police double cabin pickup by Chief Inspector Neppy, and put on displayed at the headquarters of the LNP on Capitol Hill, before being taken to their final resting place at an un named cemetery.

 The lifeless bodies of the two suspected robbers beared various degrees of wounds, which Police said were marks of objects used by local residents to contain them when they attempted to rob peaceful residents under the cover of darkness.

 LNP Assistant Director for Operations, Gregery Coleman, told reporters that he and his men had on a number of occasions launched several manhaunts for Kennedy and his accomplices, who have broken jails so many times.

 However, Coleman said on Sunday the police in Buchanan received a tip off that some “wanted robbers” had shot at “peaceful residents” and reported wounded eight others, when the residents encourntered them in their bid to rob a house.

 During a melee that ensued, Assistant Direcotor Coleman said that the robbers reportedly fired two rounds of a pistol-like single-barrel gun into the crowd, but the gun shortly developed a fault and did not function further.

 Following that, he said, the enraged crowd mobbed the two suspects to death before police arrived and susbsequently contained the situation.

 “Prior to the swift intervention of the police, the two suspected robbers  had suffered at the hands of the crowd and therefore, we were left with no alternative, but to retrive their lifeless bodies from the angry crowd,” Colemand indicated.  

Although the deaths of the two robbers was regretable,  Mr. Coleman said, it was an indication that the police is not just sleeping.

 He decribed the late Kennedy and Baby ‘D’ as jail birds who have all along been at large since they last broke loose from the Zwedru Correction Palace in Grand Geded County in 2012.

 “These men you see lying dead and few others that are behind bars helping police with information, have terrrorized, killed and devastated good homes, but they they do those things with a lady who sometimes acts as though she is insane,” Police Deputy Director for Operaitons, Abraham Kromah, remarked as he referred to the deceased.

  On last Tuesday, September 9, seven suspected armed robbers, who were said to be specialized in robbing peaceful residents in police uniforms and military outfits, were arrested by the LNP in Monrovia.

During the police early morning raid, ammunitions, DVDs, cell phones and other materials were also retrieved by the police force.

 The arrest of the seven and the subsequent alleged mobbing of the two deceased suspected robbers yesterday comes in the wake of an earlier warning the police authorities had issued.  The police warned robbers and their suspected collaborators, including foreign nationals, to report themselves or blame themselves when police return “fire for fire” whenever they encounter them in their commission of any crime. 


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