In Bomi Politics: Snowe, Johnson, Tooth for Tooth Again

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Bomi County Senator Sando Johnson's (L) incumbency is now under threat by and Bomi County District #1 Rep. Edwin Snowe who has declared his intention to ascend to the Senate in Johnson's place.

-As Rep. Snowe also doubts that his friend Lahai Lansanah died of COVID-19

The year 2020 might be the most vicious in the body politics of Bomi County as two Legislators, Representative Edwin Melvin Snowe, Jr. and Senator Sando Dazoe Johnson have vowed, each, to not leave any stone untouched in ensuring that their respective political goals ahead of December 8 are accomplished, no matter what.

Rep. Snowe extended his political tentacles in Senjeh, Bomi County District #1 in 2017 but was hugely resisted by Gayah Karmoh, the then incumbent Representative of that electoral district and Senator Sando Dazoe Johnson.

Both Karmoh and Johnson filed complaints to the National Elections Commission (NEC)’ hearing office and there were several quasi litigations, including some held in Tubmanburg, Bomi as well as those held at the headquarters of the NEC in Monrovia. But Snowe, not satisfied with the final ruling at the NEC which called for him to have been barred from contesting the election, ran to the Supreme Court and filed in an appeal.

At the Supreme Court, there were no pieces of evidence within the Constitution and the Revised Elections Law preventing Snowe from contesting in Bomi County, even though he was still a sitting Representative of Montserrado County District #6 at the time.

Snowe overwhelmingly won the election, thereby succeeding former Representative Gayah Karmoh.

At that time, Sen. Johnson’s personal interest was not directly at stake. However, there could not be a more direct threat or challenge to Sen. Johnson’s incumbency that Rep. Snowe’s decision to enter the senatorial contest for Bomi County come December 8.

In some of his talks at pre-campaign rallies, Sen. Johnson has told his supporters in Bomi that the Senate seat is not for a stranger like Rep. Snowe.

“For the Senate, we will fight. Will fight with our sweat and blood. We are not taking anything lightly,” Johnson said at one of his recent meetings with residents of Bomi.

He said now is the time to know who are or were Snowe’s parents and grandparents in Bomi.

“Don’t pawn this county, especially the tradition. We own this county. Some of them are not even a part and parcel of our tradition. Somebody wants to pawn this county. Please be careful, they are coming with money and rice. They are bringing trucks full of first time voters but you here will be in the majority, please reject Snowe,” Johnson told people in the county.

Johnson added: “I know all the Gola people. We will not accept them this time around. Senator job is not for any stranger. They don’t speak the Gola, Vai, Dey neither are they part of our culture.”

Although recently a group of elders signed a petition calling on Snowe to keep away from the December Senate election, Snowe has dismissed their plea.

“They are intimidating the chiefs and elders to sign all sorts of papers calling on me to not contest the election but they are wasting their time,” he said.

“I call on all chiefs and elders to sign whatever paper in order for them to maintain their jobs but that will not help them. I will be a part of the process, no matter what,” Rep. Snowe told the Truth FM Breakfast Show (TBS) recently.

Snowe said he is not afraid of anyone neither anything, regardless of its nature.

“I don’t want to discuss the poro or sande society (traditional schools) here. I am not here to discuss my society I’m into but what I know is that I can go to any part of this country without any fear. I am a man and I am a man, not a kid, and I can travel to any part of this country without any fear,” he boasted.

On Lahai Lansanah’s death

Rep. Snowe, while not condemning the efforts of the health authorities, has refused to accept that his friend, Lahai Lansanah, died of COVID-19.

Former Bomi Senator, Lahai Gbagba Lansanah, Wednesday, August 6, according to sources, came down with a cold and was late that evening driven to Monrovia by his friend, Rep. Snowe, for proper medical treatment. However, after all efforts at both SOS Clinic and the St. Joseph Catholic Hospital in Congo Town, Lansanah expired within a matter of hours.

According to Snowe, after his senatorial campaign chairman’s death, his body was moved to St. Moses Funeral parlor. However, in a few hours, health authorities visited the funeral parlors and conducted a COVID-19 test on the remains of Lansanah, reporting that he died of the virus, although he Lansanah was not tested positive of the virus disease while undergoing treatment at the hospital.

“In 22 hours they produced a result stating that my friend died of COVID-19 but over a week now they are yet to test his wife, children and all other associates of the fallen Statesman. I did mine, although the official result has not come out yet, but a trusted health worker told me in private that my result is negative. Why delay with his wife’s test? She has been with him in bed and all through his sickness time,” Snowe said.

The deceased former Senator of Bomi earlier announced plans to return to the Senate through the December 8, 2020 Senatorial election, but later yielded his come-back to Snowe and committed himself to campaign for Snowe all throughout Bomi in order to get him elected to the Senate.

Death, however, took hold of his life and his burial is yet to take place.

With Snowe’s own assertions and accounts from other sources, there is a belief in Bomi that Lahai Lansanah did not die of COVID-19 as health workers report, instead, that he died a “political death”, although there is no evidence to authenticate said assertion for now.


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