‘Imposter’ Magistrate Faces Imprisonment


A man who was posing as a Justice of the Peace (J.P./Magistrate) and successfully securing bonds and compelling courts throughout the country to free alleged criminals may likely go to prison this Friday, January 6.

B.S. Tamba, who is famously known for presiding over ‘Tamba’s Court’ in the 1990s, sees himself as a Justice of the Peace, although that position was dissolved during the judicial reform exercise.

He is expected to appear before Criminal Court ‘C’ to show sufficient reasons why his signature as J.P. was seen on a bond at the center of a controversy.

Announcing Tamba’s appearance yesterday, Judge Yamie Quiqui Gbeisay said he expects Tamba to appear before him by Friday, January 6.

On June 13 last year, Tamba filed a criminal appearance bond in favor of defendant Charles Coker, accused of robbing Counselor Musa F. Dean of over US$9,800 under the pretext that Coker would sell two and half lots of land in Monrovia to Dean.

Coker failed to honor the arrangement and was arrested on May 12; he was subsequently indicted by the Grand Jury of Montserrado County in the crimes of theft of property and criminal conveyance of land.

Since the charges qualified the accused for bail, Tamba with the intent of doing his normal bond business quickly met with Coker’s family and successfully raised over US$10,000 as bond for Coker’s immediate release.

Moreover, Tamba managed to convince Judge Emery Paye of that same court to approve his bond, even though the bond was defective.

Discovering that the bond was defective, the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) through the Dean and Associates Law Firm on June 16, 2016 challenged the bail, but Judge Paye did not get to hear that case as he was replaced with Gbeisay.

Meanwhile, Judge Gbeisay in his decision yesterday said, “The bond clearly showed it is defective because it lacks affidavit of surety which is a mandatory requirement of the criminal appearance bond.”

In addition, Judge Gbeisay said, “The said bond was verified by B.S. Tamba in 2016, when he knows that he is no longer Justice of the Peace for the Judiciary.”

The Judge immediately set the bond aside and ordered the immediate arrest of defendant Charles Coker, who has failed to appear for trial on four occasions.


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