Importers to Soon Clear Goods within 5 Hours, 3 Days Max.

“Customs duties and taxes that would have otherwise been collected by the government to make development and public welfare interventions, are undercut by a party or parties to an international trade transactions,” said Saa Saamoi, Liberia Customs Commissioner.

As LRA launches paperless customs declaration

As part of efforts to ease customs transactions and enhance transparent payment processing, the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) will on Friday, March 16, 2018 lunch the Centralized Customs Declaration Processing System.

The new system, when switched on, will become assessable to the public to declare and process goods declarations in a paperless environment and reduce clearing periods, an LRA press release said over the weekend.

“The aim of the LRA is to enable importers clear goods from customs ports with in at least five hours to a maximum three days,” Customs Commissioner Saa Saamoi said.

The structure will enable the Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA) to be available online through the internet while payment notices to declarants and releases to terminal operators will be automated.

The Centralized Customs Declaration Processing System is intended to eliminate all supporting customs clearing activities and promote electronic transmission through the use of the “Query and Amendment” portal in ASYCUDA for declaration of all queries pertaining to goods declarations.

LRA Compliance Officers (previously Assessors) will now operate the system from to the LRA Headquarters in Paynesville as there will no longer exist human interface between Customs Brokers and the officers during customs related transactions.

Customs Commissioner Saamoi said as the LRA gradually moves into a modern customs administration, there will be a significant reduction in challenges and the paperwork importers go through to clear their goods.

According to the release, the LRA has already and continues to provide awareness through workshops with stakeholders, public service announcements and talk shows, among others.



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