Immigration Gives Costa ‘Ultimatum to Appear’


The Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) has issued an ultimatum to the chairman of the Council of Patriots (COP), Henry Pedro Costa, to appear no later than 9:00 a.m. today or face arrest.

The decision of LIS came from Costa’s alleged failure to appear on two different occasions at the (LIS) headquarters to answer questions pertaining his acquisition of a laissez-passer through the assistance of Sylvester T. Nah (as named by Costa) a few weeks ago, prior to his arrival into the country ahead of the 30 December 2019 protest which was postponed to January 6, 2020.

Mr. Abraham Dolley, Communications Director at the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS), told the Daily Observer yesterday via telephone that Costa’s lawyer has up to today’s 9:00 a.m. to bring him forward or else he will risk being arrested for not showing up for the continuation of the investigation into how he got the laissez-passer which is said to have been allegedly forged.

Costa arrived in Liberia on December 19, 2019 using the laissez-passer, which he presented to the LIS office at the Roberts International Airport, even though his passport is valid until 2023.

Although his laissez-passer was not an issue of concern earlier; however, after the January 6 protest, he was called for questioning a few days later on how he acquired it, especially since the Liberian Embassy in the United States, where he resides, also did not have any record of issuing the temporary traveling document to Costa while he was traveling back home to stage his mass protest against the government.

It may be recalled that on January 11, 2020, Costa was accompanied by his lawyer, Cllr. Findley Kangar to the headquarters of the LIS and there he wrote and affixed his signature to a statement, in which he said he obtained the laissez-passer through the assistance of his special assistant, Sylvester T. Nah, a resident of Monrovia.

“Sometime in November 2019, I interacted with my operations manager, Sylvester Nah, to ascertain the process of obtaining a temporary travel document, given that I planned to secure a Schengen Visa in my ordinary passport,” he said in his statement.

Costa continued: Because I was not in Liberia, he (Sylvester Nah) informed me that he met an individual at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who said he was a staffer of the Passport Section and that he could.”

He said he sent to Sylvester Nah US$20 from the US to expedite the process of getting the laissez-passer.

“A few days later, my guy collected the document and sent it to me. I therefore used the document to enter Liberia because I have submitted my passport for a Schengen Visa to visit Italy after my trip to Liberia,” he added.

Expected to have returned to the headquarters of the LIS on Monday January 13, Costa was advised by his lawyer, Cllr. Kangar to not appear at the LIS on the ground that the presence of the police and the Immigration officers in arms and riot gears posed a serious threat to his client’s life.

However, the Commissioner-General of the LIS, Robert Budy assured Cllr. Kangar that his office has no plan to arrest Costa, but he should appear so as to help in concluding the investigation on how he (Costa) acquired the laissez-passer, which is said to be questionable.

Throughout yesterday, Tuesday, January 14, Costa did not appear at the LIS headquarters, thereby leaving the LIS with no other option but to give him an ultimatum to appear, which expires after 9:00 a.m. today (January 15).

It is not clear what further action might take place should Costa be arrested after his failure to report to the LIS.

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David S. Menjor is a Liberian journalist whose work, mainly in the print media has given so much meaning to the world of balanced and credible mass communication. David is married and interestingly he is also knowledgeable in the area of education since he has received some primary teacher training from the Kakata Rural Teacher Training Institute (KRTTI). David, after leaving Radio Five, a broadcast media outlet, in 2016, he took on the challenge to venture into the print media affairs with the Dailly Observer Newspaper. Since then he has created his own enviable space. He is a student at the University of Liberia.


  1. When will a John H.T Stewart Sr-influenced Daily Observer come up with the story that Motorola mouth agent provocateur Henry Costa bolted like a rat and was nabbed in Sierra Leone? Our biased pay-to-play media outlets falsely claim right to select what news should be divulged to the people. Of course, they refused to be held under any ethical standard and hides behind freedom of expression; in other words, abrogating to themselves the authority to not be held accountable: Nonsense!

  2. The double standard of our media space makes one to be pissed enough to forgo proofreading for changing “refused” to refuse and replacing “hides” with hide.

  3. You guys are making Costa to become popular day after day. Why don’t you get down with business and leave this guy alone? He may create more problems for you with the international community, if you are not careful.

  4. Petarus Dolo, you are another stupid fool. You are a cursed fool to perceive that the international community is as stupid as you are!

    So according to your doomed imbecilic and foolish self, “government getting down with business” is allowing violators and offenders of immigration laws who are also on record of been plotters of treason and sedition believe they are immune from prosecution; hence government should let such culprits fly with impunity!

    You better shut up your stupid mouth when you have only in your mouth your pupu.

  5. Dear God,
    Weah and supporters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh my God!!!!!

    So to you, what I have said, does it warrant what you have written here?
    Or you have been looking to insult me for nothing?

    I am speaking good for the CDC my brother. Control your temper, you hear me?
    Calm down.

    • Shut up lucifer Dolo and leave God’s name alone. You are a condescending, hypocritical, deceitful bitch and you are not been insulted for nothing because you are in the constant habit of insulting others, who the fuck you think you are ?

      You deserve everything that will come your way Asshole. Go back and read all the shit you have said about President Weah and everyone that works for the government, take your stupid advice to your ANC, Asshole.

  6. Honorable Petarus Dolo,
    With all due respect, you’re dead wrong to suggest that Costa should be left alone. Let’s take a look at some of the things Costa has done recently in Liberia:

    1. He organized a protest march on January 6, 2020, that ended up achieving nothing of significance. Fact!

    2. Prior to the protest march, Costa did the stupidest of all. He instructed his protesters to cook and sleep on the campus of the Executive Mansion. But, he did not bother to provide garbage bags for the protesters in order to dispose their garbage. (Does it make sense to you and Cummings for protesters to sleep and litter on the campus of the Executive Mansion?)

    3. Costa is being investigated by the Liberian Immigration Authorities because it looks as if he forged his travel documents to enter Liberia as he traveled from the US. (Does it make sense to you and Cummings for travel documents to be forged?) Does that make sense to you? Why then do you want all charges to be dropped? Costa is popular already? How else can his profile be raised?

    Mr. Petarus Dolo, are you really serious? Get a life my friend! Be awakened to the smell of a good brewed decaffeinated coffee! By doing so, your nerves will be calmed. If Costa is left alone as you suggest, what happens if three or more Costas spring up in Liberia? Will there be any law and order after all? By the way, is that how you and your idol Cummings intend to run Liberia “if” you ever come close to the presidency?

    Mr. Petarus Dolo, why do you constantly tell people what to do and what shouldn’t be done? Quit doing that! It makes you look autocratic when you make an outburst like that. It also
    demeans your significance when you expose yourself like that.

    It is known that Costa is pro-CoP. Logically, your idol Cummings is inseparable from CoP because he, Costa, Kolubah Boakai and others are the founders and bossom buddies of the opposition. So in reality, (whether you agree or not) you’re a bonafide member of the CoP. You may not have been present when the organization was formed. However your close association with Cummings makes you a bonafide member of the CoP. The point that I am getting at is this… because of your close association with the CoP, you feel that Costa has done nothing wrong and therefore, Costa should be left alone. That feeling (Costa has done no evil) is held by all the CoP people, including you. No wonder why you want all charges dropped against Costa.

    Your answer: It will not work. No one of sound mind will heed your demand. Thanks for listening.


    • Even hney, I expect better, not an insult bro. Though am not afriad to tell u if you supporting bad.
      How can a sound man run after a mad man, though Costa is not mad?
      But it’s truth that the more weah listen to Costa negativity, he will get hurt and do things out of the way. Why can’t we tell weah to forget Costa if he doesn’t want to listen to him, stop allowing people speak for as president, not one speak in social media for a govt anywhere in the world like Eugene does, stop letting people go free when they are accused in an act affecting the country like the missing billion, remove his wife from the county budget and give to money to organization to do the job, stop building his houses with the people money houses he never had as the world best footballer, stop suppressing and threatening people when they speak against his govt, they did the same to Ellen, and more.
      The more weah go after Costa, the more he exposed himself to the world and may do something that he and all CDC will regret all their lives.
      How can an ant worry to killed an elephant when can move away and do bigger things to make the forest a better place.
      Jesus was put to death even though he had not sin. Who is weah that people don’t speak truth to.

      1) Costa protest had nothing to do with imagration,
      2) there is not where people are told when and how to do protest in the world. Cooking had nothing to cause the police to put water in them. The police would have gone to eat some of the food cause they may not have eaten for days till the protest. Besides, if they want to sleep outside, why trouble them. While worry if it make sense or not. You don’t get to decide how people protest it’s dictitorship. Not becuz people didn’t sleep in front the white house so people can’t sleep in front our mission. They white house and president listen when people speaks, not weah and his guys.
      3) while waste time with Costa and give him time to show up? If they knew they were right they were to take the matter to court, it’s the court to issue time for one to appear not immigration. If s crime is not criminal or death related, police or and other person should take the any matter to the court who will issue arrest for the doer.
      Now weah and LIS has made Costa big again by not using the court to arrest and investigate him.
      Maybe they wanted to killed him as the man is claiming. Even if they knew, they would have issue arrest before the protest for Costa nor when he is about to leave though anytime a man can be arrested.
      Please hney look at the facts, we all need to speak against these things. Stop telling people they are wrong when they speak facts for weah to do the president job and speak in issue, and leave Costa alone.

    • Weah and LIS should have left Costa alone long ago. Or send the man to court. It was the court that would have issue arrest and stop him from traveling not LIS. Since the LIS notice the man document were not right they would have had him arrested before the protest or gone to the court to detain him from traveling knowing who the man is.

      Please for God seek leave Costa alone, speak and work for us, do the right things. That was why your people voted u for. You were not voted to go after Costa or opposition. Remember u did the same The pass.

      Please please please leave the boy alone or you will get big trouble.

      A hint to the wise is enough.

    • Dear Hney,

      First and foremost, I DO NOT speak here for the ANC neither for Cummings. I am not yet a registered member of ANC. Cummings DOES NOT even know me. Speak to me, insult me but leave Cummings out of it, please. He is innocent here. He doesn’t care what I write or think. I speak for myself and defend what I say. PLEASE LEAVE CUMMINGS OUT OF EVERTHING I DO OR SAY HERE!

      Having said the above, let me underscore here that I do NOT impose my will on anyone or refute anyone’s ideals. I criticize what I think is wrong. Engage me on my criticism objectively.

      Well, why am I telling the Weah’s government to stop paying too much attention to Costa. He may become their focal point of governance and allow the people to continue suffering. Costa may appear to be a hero for many in Liberia.
      By the way, did you visualize the images of the protest from Liberia? The guy is hailed and protected like a president. Do you know what is spinning in his head? You have been out of Liberia for years. You may not understand the philosophy and psychology of Liberians nowadays.

      By the way, do you know that the Weah’s government was convened in a security meeting attended by Costa, Kolubah and Dillion where they were warned to protect the trio and respect their freedom of speech?
      Weah should continue bothering himself with Costa.

      No harms, peace Sir!

  7. Hey, dolo while afriad, that’s how a typical Liberian who don’t accept facts behave. MOSTLY a CDC person. They insult when you tell them the truth. Whoever insulting you needs to be follow and reported to the law and persecuted. Don’t be afriad. People who don’t have anything to say do insult others to hurt them.

    My point is as yours, Mr. President weah need to take control of his govt, speak to issue if possible every wk, stop allowing Eugene and others to speak, and listen to Costa some of what Costa is saying is truth. I don’t like all that Costa says but most of them are truth. When will weah start speaking, and doing the real job as a president?
    No one spoke for Ellen not Taylor, weah and the person who insulting you with all cdcian need to know that we are suffering. They should stop using the country money for their self and wives in the name of humanitarian work. Why can’t they open org to do the job where others will be employed?
    You are right dolo, they will always silence the voices of people like u. Forgetting they are once in that same position yesterday and crying Ellen must step down, wolf wolf wolf.
    Now it’s their term, and they want to fight and killed anyone who speak against them

    • Kae,

      You have spoken enough. Uncle Hney has understood you.
      You have best. Leave it now.
      Remember, he is your uncle. Leave him now.

  8. Those cursing Dolo, ask yourself, how long will the govt go after Costa, when will they do the people job. Half of 2018, All 2019, and now 2020, it’s going after opposition saying that are the Costa and want weah out.
    Liberia need people to work, the president needs to speak and work. Not go after people who against him. It’s a waste.
    Other countries people are working and developing. Who told you they don’t have opposition. Even in the USA Trump has opposition but he is working had to better Americans lives.
    Leave Costa alone mr. Weah. Leave the man alone. Speak to issues affecting Liberia and do the job for the people who elected u. We all are paying you to work and not to go after people.

    You are heading to a big failure if you keep going after opposition.

    • Kae,

      Please don’t involved when this Insane character call Dolo is been insulted here. You are an adult and you can choose to do otherwise but you might just get caught up in the cross fire. This has nothing to do with been a CDCian.

      This Fool and Ass hole had insulted relatives of ours on here, insulted the President of Liberia on here, So who the hell is he that the favor cannot be returned to him. Please don’t fool him that anyone that insult him should be reported and prosecuted. HAHAHA. If that was the case his dirty Ass should be in jail.

      Kae, this is a dirty Snake you are not aware of, We will continue to go after his Ass personally and insult him anytime we want to and shit will happen. We are not in hiding, we await his lawsuit in the US, unlike Liberia, where his Ass will most likely be the one behind bars.

  9. Mr. Kae,
    Did you wake up on the wrong side of your bed this morning? I see no reason why you have attacked me so negatively. Additionally, you introduced your own spin, or to the same thing another way, you deliberately propagandized your accusation.

    As an example of what I mean, you stated that because the cops (police) had not eaten for some time, they decided to drive the protesters off the Executive Mansion grounds in order to eat the protesters’ food. That’s a spin Kae. No one has made such a charge before, Kae. Were you there during the march on January 6? If not, how do you know?

    Second Point:
    You’ve accused me of insulting Dolo. That’s not true. I do agree with Dolo sometimes, but not always! I did not insult him. I promise I will never insult him. Please don’t put bad blood between us.

    Kae, it’s good for people to protest if they seek permission to protest. It’s an act of democracy when people protest legitimately. The problem here is that some insiders within the CoP are demanding Weah’s ouster. That’s wrong! Just tell those CoP insiders that democracy is the order of the day.

    Come on Kae. Don’t twist my words. I come with a clean heart. Usually when I am attacked negatively, God inspires someone to defend me. I’m very grateful for that. I wish I knew some of my recent defenders. All I can say is bravo. Be blessed! I do settle disputes, but I do not engage in name-calling.


  10. Dolo,
    If you feel slighted based on my writings, I sincerely apologise. I do come here to insult any fellow compatriot of mine. Rather, I hypothesize and state the truth and my opinions. Sometimes, I say something that others may construe as an infringement. But the real truth is that I am not in the business of attacking people who happen to disagree with me.

    You’ve said over and over again that you have never seen, talked with or to Cummings. But somehow, you’re such a diehard fan. It’s hard to believe. Sometimes, you tell your readers what Cummings what will do as a president and things he will not do while a president. Which brings me to this point….are you a mind reader or a kind of a prophet? Or do you practice voodoo? Okay brother Dolo. I will be careful with you henceforth. But please buckle this under your belt….I apologise if you and Kae feel that I woke up this morning to insult people. No, that’s not my style. God usually sends people to defend me when I am attacked. It would be counterproductive if I do wrong.

    Have a great day.

  11. I thought Costa he and his fellow bandits were to “stay on the street as the President negotiates his EXIT (the President’s exit) out of the country and out of power”! But instead of the President been forced out of power and out of the country, it is Henry Costa we see RUNNING AWAY out of the country as a WANTED FUGITIVE.

  12. Brother Garsuah,
    According to a VOA video that I listened to this morning, Costa is being detained in Freetown, Sierra Leone. In the video, Costa tells James Butty, a VOA personnel that he’s not under arrest, but rather a detention while going to the US, via Turkey.

  13. Why is Weah running after this boy like this? So this thing can hurt and you were doing it to Ellen?
    Be mindful! Sierra Leone will not extradite Costa, the Liberian people will still demand improved living conditions, regular salary payments and accountability.

    Beware, the ides of March!

    • Just shut the hell up, what is the contribution you have made to Liberia. Just sit in the Ivory Coast and talk shit,

      The Ides of march. If you think that bullshit war your pull out on the Liberian people will happen again in that manner, you must be out of your mind, War monger, the Liberian people are prepared this time to his or her own.

      We will continue to come after you personally, you Alexander Cummings slave and puppet.

  14. Mr. Dolo,
    Costa is a grown young guy. Whether you are older than him or not, I think it is unprofessional for you to refer to him as “boy”.

    Personally, I wish him well. But, as you know, Costa did his part.


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